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Ford Focus: MPG-Real World Numbers



  • sobsbocsobsboc Posts: 4
    Please post real world MPG figures here and state whether you have the "SFE" package or which power train, driving conditions, etc.
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    I have a 2012 SEL sedan with the dual clutch auto. I get about 32 mpg in mixed city / suburban road driving (no expressway). The car has 1700 miles on it so far so that should improve over time. The computer displayed 42 mpg once after a 30-mile easy country road drive.
  • I am getting 27-28 miles mpg with 80% of my driving on flat/straight road with few traffic light stops. My rpm runs at 27000 at 70 mph. I have a 2011 ford fusion with the I4 engine and it runs at 17000 rpm at 70 mph. Any ideas on why the focus is underperforming per their rating of 27-37 mpg? I ahve a 2012 Ford Focus SE Sport Hatchback with automatic transmission.
  • markus5markus5 Posts: 102
    edited March 2012
    Suggesting to you that something is not right here. The RPM's should be lower. I do not have any direct experience with these cars, but your 4 cylinder Focus with 6 speed auto transmission should allow the engine to turn about the same speed as your 6 speed Fusion. The Fusion engine may have a bit more torque than the Focus, based mainly on its larger displacement., but it is also pushing around considerably more weight.

    In my '04 Focus with the 2.3 engine, I do about 2750 rpm, at 70mph, about 3100 rpm at 80. It has 118,000 miles which I have had since new.
    It is returning about the same mileage now as new. It really depends on how aggressive I am driving. I will tell you that I am easily getting 27-28 in mixed driving if I drive reasonably. Some thing is not right with your tranny. Have it checked.
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    edited March 2012
    2700 rpm @ 70 mph is a little high. Should be more like 2500-2550. Have you had the latest transmission software update done? Others have reported that that has moved the shift points a little and resulted in lower highway rpm's.

    These new Focus's are known for fuel economy dropping off much quicker with increased speed than usual. They also seem to be more sensitive to fuel. On the other hand if you can manage to keep the speed under 60 on a highway trip you should see over 40 mpg...
  • erzeszuterzeszut Posts: 16
    Under 60mph on a highway trip? On many (perhaps even most) US highways, that speed is well out of the norm of the traffic flow and could be dangerous.
  • My service manager is supposed to check out the software update at my request. That was my thoughts too in cking performance issue. I have to agree that i would probably cause traffic issues traveling at 60 or below on the fourlane hjghways i travel and still feel
    mpg perflrmance should not be compromised going 65-70 mph in todays world.there are no indications of such in the Ford commercial boasting of 40 mpg vehicles. Holefully updating software will help my mpg performance issue. Thanks for your input.
  • joegiantjoegiant Posts: 90
    Approaching 3500 miles on our new 5spd Focus SE. With about a 90% highway usage (fun driving commuter car btw) just hit 36.0 on the mpg meter. Just what the window sticker suggested. Satisfied. And as mentioned in a previous post, this engine does run high on the tach at 70mph but I really don't care. 36 mpg hwy is 36 mpg hwy. :D
  • gkachmargkachmar Posts: 2
    edited April 2012
    I just returned from a three week trip to Italy where we rented a base level 2011 Focus hatchback with 45K kilometers on the odometer, a TDI Diesel, six speed manual and 15" wheels. It rode comfortably, handled well, did not lack for acceleration or passing power, held two 24" suitcases and two 21" carry-ons easily in the covered trunk, felt safe and secure at 100+ mph on autostradas and averaged 43 mpg (5.5 liters per 100 KM) over 900+ miles. Most of the driving was in congested traffic and about half on twisty mountain roads in Campania and the Abruzzo.

    We were so impressed that I looked into buying a similar car to replace an aging SAAB wagon.

    But, here in the USA:

    - no Diesel
    - five speed gearbox
    - harsh riding 18" wheels/tires if you want upscale features and a nicer interior
    - also, no station wagon

    I'll believe the "One Ford" slogan when they start selling Focus and Fusion (Mondeo) Diesel station wagons with six speed manuals. Until then it's just marketing B.S.
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    "- harsh riding 18" wheels/tires if you want upscale features and a nicer interior "

    Not true. The 18" wheels are only in the optional Handling package on the Titanium trim. The Titanium normally comes with 17" wheels. You can also get most of the Titanium features in a fully loaded SEL which also has 17" wheels.

    "I'll believe the "One Ford" slogan when they start selling Focus and Fusion (Mondeo) Diesel station wagons with six speed manuals. Until then it's just marketing B.S."

    When diesels and wagons start selling well here I'm sure more companies will bring them here.
  • gkachmargkachmar Posts: 2
    You're right about the 18" wheels, but I think even 17" wheels are too big for a car this size, unless you are after handling above considerations such as ride comfort and not getting blowouts when hitting a pot hole.

    "One Ford" is open to interpretation. To me it means selling basically the same cars here and in Europe, not selling two or three similar models in each area. Compare the vehicles offered by Ford UK, Ford Germany and Ford USA.

    In Europe Ford has abandoned cars larger than the Mondeo and most sedans, ceding those markets to GM, VW/Audi, BMW, MB, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai etc. Here they have given up on station wagons, are just beginning to offer turbos and Diesels are limited to trucks.

    With almost all manufacturers except BMW and Mercedes dropping wagons in favor of higher profit SUVs in the USA it is less a matter of what people want to buy than of what manufacturers choose to sell. You can't buy wagons or Diesels if they are not available for sale

    With gas prices over $4 a gallon and rising, the difference between "up to 40 mpg" and easily attaining 40-50 mpg in everyday driving becomes more and more obvious.

    The last Diesel I rented in Europe was a Peugeot 407 wagon, about the size of a BMW 5 series. It delivered 50+ mpg overall in back road cruising in relatively flat areas. That the Focus only managed 43 mpg overall was because most of the driving was in congested city traffic or mountain roads. No USA Focus comes close to 43 mpg overall, much less the 55 mpg we saw at a steady 70 mph on highways.

    I wish Ford well with their marketing plans, but remain disappointed at the range of models and drive trains available here.
  • I was just trying to analize/get ideas why MY ford focus isn't performing as it should.Glad you did get 36 mpg, just wish I could reach that mark too. Ford service hasn't come up with a solution yet. I drive 100- to 250 miles per day in my work so that is why it is such a big issue to me. Makes for a big dent in my wallet comparing best at 29,84 mpg compared to advertised 36/37 mpg. Have generally exceeded mpg rating on most previously owned cars. Thanks for any input.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,995
    A reporter is looking for a car shopper who thinks 40 MPG is a requisite before they buy. If you have recently shopped for a car, and you have only considered cars that get 40 MPG, and you are willing to share your story with a reporter, please contact with your daytime contact information no later than Tuesday, April 24, 2012 at noon Pacific/3 p.m. Eastern.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • theshumtheshum Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2010 Focus SE with 48K miles this past weekend. As a test, reset the MPG for my commute this morning and got 45 MPG. Now my commute has almost no stops and is about a 25 minute drive. I live in Southern AZ and the roads are pretty flat. Not very many lights to be stopped at on my commute, and it is mostly highway/interstate.

    Obviously I can't guarantee I will always get this MPG, but I am pretty happy about it.
  • revssrevss Posts: 20
    I purchased a 2012 Ford Focus Titanium. It has 1240 miles on it and I am only getting 21 MPG. I drive mostly city which is flat. This does not seem to be
    good. I was told that I needed to wait longer for the car to break in by the dealer. Up to the first service which is 7500. Is that right? The manual says that there is a 1K break in period. I get about 250 miles out of one tank.
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    Yeah that is unusually bad. Go on and you'll see that most people average 31-32. Of course if all you take is short city trips with lots of stops it'll be significantly worse than that. My mileage gradually increased a few mpg over 3,000 miles, now have about 4,500 on the odo and averaging 33 in suburban driving. But short low-speed trips will kill mileage in any car. What were you driving before and what mileage did you get on the same route?
  • I have had my 2012 ford focus se sport since last june, have 26000 miles plus on it and still get an average of 29.58 mpg using 100% gas and driving 90 % on flat four lane road.
    I would suggest you continue to keep in contact with the dealership if your mileage does not improve. By their ( Ford) standards; do 5 fillups and document the mpg on each tank of gas and then divide by 5 the total miles to see what your average is then. The added frustration of the under-performance is seeing a ford add humpteen times a day on their 40 mpg cars. Argggg.
  • revssrevss Posts: 20
    I was driving a Mazda Tribute(compact SUV) and getting about 14 MPG.
    My commute to work is about 6 miles on streets. Actually that is not
    100% true. Most of the mornings I do try to use the freeway but I'm only on that maybe 4 miles? I think I should see at least 27-28 not 20-21.
  • kam327kam327 Posts: 115
    I think your expectations were too high. Depending on the year and engine of your Tribute, the EPA ratings of the Focus are probably around 50% higher than the Tribute, not double. So why would you expect double the fuel economy on the same route and driving habits? In fact, you're getting exactly 50% better mileage with the Focus, as the difference in EPA ratings would suggest.

    I was getting about 20mpg on my commute with my '08 Mazda Tribute V6 AWD, and getting 33mpg with the Focus now, a 65% increase. Applying that 65% increase to your Tribute's 14mpg, you should be seeing 23mpg with the Focus (14 * 1.65 = 23). But if your Tribute did not have V6 and/or AWD, you would be seeing less of a % increase, in other words closer to the 50% discussed above.
  • revssrevss Posts: 20
    So here's the the thing. My Mazda was a v-6 all wheel drive. It was slated to get 18/23 MPG. Probably more than anything the reason my mileage was so low was because it had over 100K and not maintained very well, just oil changes every 3500K.

    But to compare my Mazda with the focus is an unfair comparison. Two completely different beasts.

    The posted EPA ratings for my Focus are 27 city 38 highway with a 31 mixed.

    If I look on sites like Edmunds and people are getting around those numbers.

    My car is currently in the shop and I'm renting a 2012 Yaris and driving it the same way I do my focus along the same route and I'm getting 26MPG. So something else is going on with my car.

    And no I don't think I'm expecting too much. I based my purchase like I think a lot of others do based on those MPG numbers.

    If you have to drive with the AC off or the Windows open or you have to get out an push to get those numbers then they are not realistic.
    The numbers shouldn't be from a test track or a Dyna machine, they should be real world.

    To me and I've asked others, city driving means a lot of stop and go and short drive lengths between lights.

    Highway is free flowing traffic allowing for the engine to work optimally at the 65MPH.

    Mixed is a combination of stop and go and full flowing.

    Anyways, there was a recall out to have the Power Train Module(PTM) and another module which I'm forgetting the name of to be re-programmed so I'm hoping that helps.

    Also of note, i read on a forum that this recall notice was applied to a persons focus who was getting 29MPG and after the notice was applied they were now getting 20MPG. Hmmmm...
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