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Hyundai Elantra Real World MPG 2011 MY and earlier



  • thfrazerthfrazer Posts: 20
    Thank you all for your optimism. I hope I am proven wrong about the Elantra's MPG.

    I drive in south Florida where he roads are flat, the temps this time of year vary from 80-100F, and many consider the drivers here crazy :)) I consistently drive 5-10MPH over the speed limit. The speed limit on the highway I use varies from 55-70MPH. My route to work is 30 miles one-way with most of that being on I-75 and the Palmetto Expressway. My drive to work usually occurs outside of normal congested times (i.e. not between 7-9am and 4-6pm). All fuel in Florida contains Ethanol (10%?), but I don't think that is an issue.

    The sticker says 29 city and 40 highway and it also says something in smaller print about the average user getting from ~24-34. So far I have gotten 29 combined, but not much more even when doing a road trip from Fort Lauderdale to Naples across the Everglades and back. I've got a Honda Odyssey that gets about 18mpg city and that is used solely to transport my wife and kids to/from any and all activities and shopping. So if the Hyundai that carries less passengers and weighs probably half as much can only get 24-30mpg then I'd say they've got a problem. And I intend to let others know about it.

    I like the car, but this fuel issue has me disappointed. Not only do I not get the mileage I expected, but the Range gauge goes to dashes ---- when it goes below 30 miles to go! However, the fuel gauge has one bar left at that point so what are you to trust? When I fill the car up when I get dashes I can put about 10.7 gallons in. My manual says the tank holds +/- 11.7. So the fuel gauge is accurate, but the range isn't. Why? Only Hyundai knows and they ain't saying.

    In theory a Civic will cost more than a Elantra. So the money you save on the purchase price will probably pay for a lot of gas at a 3-5 mile per gallon difference. In addition, the Elantra has a 5 year versus a 3 year bumper to bumper warranty for the Civic. That is the only way to feel good about the MPG difference between the two.

    I will keep everyone posted as my car ages.

  • sarah2175sarah2175 Posts: 73
    Again, give it some time. My 2011 Elantra has about 3,300 on it, and I had the same issue as you did. It evens out...don't be so angry about it and have a little patience.

    I also use cruise control whenever I can, and it helps tremendously with the MPG's.

    A few weeks ago I drove 2 1/2 hours to visit my folks house. My average speed on the interstate was 70-75, and the MPG's kept rising on the dashboard computer. After about 30 minutes, it reached 41 MPG. Now during city driving, I have treated the accelerator like an egg, as I said I use cruse control whenever possible, and I only go about 5-10 MPH over the speed limit (like you) and my MPG's for city is anyone between 26-31.

    It's not 29 *every single time* but who cares? It's a fantastic car and I couldn't be more happy with it! (Except for not having a spare tire, that sucked when I got a flat two weeks ago lol)
  • mikeystoy5mikeystoy5 Posts: 56
    Yes, Enthynol will affect gas mileage, I would say bt a few gallons a mile. Also, using the cruise control helps out alot. You have to stop an remember that those advertised MPG's are based on ideal conditions. The fuel tank on all 2011 Elantra's is 12.8 gallons, not 11.7, and why in the world would you wait till it shows dashes on the miles to go. That is an estimate, not true mileage left. It's based on driving habits, weather, traffic an type of fuel. Mine has almost 3200 miles an on a recent trip to Tennessee, we averaged almost 39 mpg., an acording to the idiot gauge on the dash we were getting almost 42.5. Never trust something that is estimating what your getting for mileage.
    You can say what you want, but i think that I'm getting exactly what I paid for, sorry you don't.
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
    I totally agree with the comment about fuel blended with ethanol. We go out of our way to avoid it - not that we drive miles out of the way, but we know where the non-ethanol stations are, and we fill up when our travels take us close to one.

    It has a definite effect on my MPG.

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  • pbhattpbhatt Posts: 4
    Hi... Dont worry... Once it passes 1800-2000 miles it should start improve... In my case I used to get 29-31 overall for first 1800 Miles (For first 600 miles only 26-27)... But after that It started improving and now I am getting constantly 34-35 mpg.. (I am commuting 30 miles oneway everyday with 70% highway)
  • thfrazerthfrazer Posts: 20
    Thanks again for all your optimism guys and gals. I really like the car, but my issue is the fuel economy. I expect to get less than the EPA average because the EPA testing is not realistic. However, I don't think I'm the only one who is unhappy about what I do get in the Elantra. I'm sure if I drove with cruise control on, no A/C, just the speed limit, etc., etc., I'd get closer to the mileage, but that's not what the EPA does either so that shouldn't be expected.

    I use gas with ethanol in all my other cars and they still get what they used to get when I bought them in 2000 and 2003. Maybe the Elantra is different in that respect. Anyway, it's my car now and I'll be patient and hope for the best.

    With regard to driving until the dashes --- appear. That is what happens when it gets to 30 miles to go on the range meter. So I either have 30 miles to go or the range meter is not very good. If my Elantra holds 12.7 as someone said then at 25mpg I should still have 50 miles to go when I stop and put in 10.7 gallons. No matter how you look at that issue it doesn't reflect too well on Hyundai. You may fault me for driving til the dashes appear, but the first time it did that I got nervous and filled up immediately. Now that I know it is bogus I'll try to get it repaired or drive til the bars on the tank gauge disappear :)) The point is the range meter should be more precise if it really holds 12.7 gallons.

  • mikeystoy5mikeystoy5 Posts: 56
    Are you sure you have an Elantra an not a Accent. The Accent has a 11.7 gallon tank and the Elantra has a 12.8 gallon tank. Maybe you should look at the Hyundai website an see what holds what. Also, it is a proven fact that ethanol will cause you to some mpg. It's not Hyundai's fault on whats put on the maroney(Window Sticker), it's what the EPA says it will get. There was a post in here earlier on how they arrive at that figure. If you drive till the dashes go out, hopefully you'll have your cell phone with you, you'll probably need it. Plz see post #313 on how the EPA determines mileage.
  • hhr06hhr06 Posts: 47
    count me in on any thing you want to do about the gas mileage. i have over 6000 miles and have yet to see 40mpgs, just came back from a trip from biloxi miss, to branson mo and back. veru disappointed with mpg
  • hhr06hhr06 Posts: 47
    feel the same way here with the false gas mileage i have a 2011 loaded limited elantra
  • sarah2175sarah2175 Posts: 73
    How fast were you going? Be honest....
  • thfrazerthfrazer Posts: 20
    My plan is to try everyone's ideas/advice and see what kind of MPG I get once I've put several thousand miles on the car. In the meantime I plan to file a complaint with Hyundai even though I don't expect much from them unless there is some sort of class action lawsuit which I don't think will happen. I also plan to post about it on all the auto buying/selling web sites. Maybe a few letters to the editors of auto magazines and such as well.

    I know the EPA is at fault here as well, but as I've said I just don't like Hyundai advertising the crap out of their 40mpg cars. Blaming it on the EPA is no excuse for letting the customer feel betrayed as I do. I do not expect to get 40mpg unless I'm on some outrageous road trip where the speed is constant and you never slow down, pass, or stop to eat. However, I do expect to get 29 on a trip that has 50% highway and 50% city driving.

    This is my car now and I'm not going to sell it, take a loss, and then buy a Civic. My only option is to grin and bear it and let others know about it. For the price the car is nice. There are negative things about it I wish I had noticed before I bought it, but that's not unusual. The reality is that I chose this car because it supposedly got better gas mileage than the Civic and because it had better looks and a better warranty. As Meatloaf sang "Two out of three ain't bad".

  • snakeweaselsnakeweasel a Certified Edmunds Poster.Posts: 11,563
    A couple of things here. First don't file a complaint with Hyundai as they can't do anything and will just aggrivate you. Hyundai by law has to advertise EPA estiments. So they are not doing anything wrong, nor will a lawsuit do anything.

    Secondly I find it hard to believe that people are getting the mileage that they are reporting here. We have the Sonata and during a recent trip we got very close to highway EPA figures (33.5 MPG vs 35 MPG) with mostly highway driving, maybe 30% stop and go and a couple of times stopped it gridlocked traffic. According to the onboard computer I can get close to 40 MPG on the highway @ 70 MPH (every time I check the computer against actual its only a few percentage points high).

    There are three types of people in this world. Those who are good at math and those who are not.

  • mcksmommcksmom Posts: 2
    I just turned 6,000 miles on my 25 mile drive to work this morning and I still am averaging 30 mpg on my /01 Elantra (90% HW miles). Before I bought this car I studied up on all cars so I could get the best mileage at the best price. It came down to the Prius or the Elantra. Since the Elantra was $2,500 less, I went with it. I love he car and get tons of compliments, but the milage is a HUGE disapointment. I keep thinking about contacting a major news network to make others about the mistake, i.e., fraud(?).
  • hhr06hhr06 Posts: 47
    my wife and i were driving and we never went above 72 mph a lot of times between 65 to 72.. one time i was doing 45 to 50 mph on intersate and saw 40 mpg for a short peroid of time. and also a LOT of CARS passing me like i was standing still. this is a true statement
  • sarah2175sarah2175 Posts: 73
    You are going to file a complaint with Hyundai because you aren't getting EXACTLY 29 city and 40 highway? Okay...good luck with that.....LOL!!
  • sarah2175sarah2175 Posts: 73
    Why are you driving 45 MPH on the interstate? I'd be passing you like you were standing still as well....
  • sarah2175sarah2175 Posts: 73
    I agree with you...the MPG has A LOT to do with the way someone drives their car, and it also depends on how much time is spent just idling in traffic. I don't think a lot of these people are being completely truthful.

    I haven't driven on the highway all that much with my 2011 Elantra, but I average anywhere from 38-41 MPG. City driving is much different of course, I live in northern Virginia near DC so there is a lot of stop and go. I get anywhere from 25-29 city. No big deal. It's a fantastic car and I absolutely love it. :)
  • thfrazerthfrazer Posts: 20
    LOL...It isn't about luck and I certainly don't expect anything in return from Hyundai. Just letting them know. Using your logic I shouldn't answer their customer and engineering e-mail surveys either. Nor should I post on here for others to read. What good would that do, right?

    Sorry, but your sarcasm is misplaced.

  • heredavidheredavid Posts: 1
    I just traded in my PRIUS...1st I was going with the Elantra 2012, 1st tank from dealer ran at 28.1, 2nd full tank ran at 29.5 and just did 3rd tank at 32.5. Hills going and coming three to five trips daily. 1/3 35-45 city. 1/3 45-55 semi-HWY and 1/3 55-65 HYW. I was braking it in for my daughter as I just got the HYBRID after seeing how the Elantra got a few miles less than the PRIUS and would take 40yrs for the price difference (@$4 gal here). Plus move features and all around better than Toyota to deal with (for my experience) . Only have 45 miles on HYBRID so can not tell how close that will come, however, a large size plus Front/Read heated seats and a lot more! Both are fully loaded with all the trimmings and save a ton of monies over the PRIUS with a lot more car...IMHO
  • sarah2175sarah2175 Posts: 73
    I'm (like others) just saying to give it only have 1,000 miles on your car. I just think it's pretty silly to complain about an issue that is so minor, you haven't even broken in the car yet. I had the same complaint as you did when I first bought mine. Have a little patience. But I guess some people just like to whine about something.

    Last October I bought a 2010 Elantra. The transmission died two months later. I took my complaint to Hyundai consumer affairs, and was awarded two free car payments. Now THAT was a solid complaint...whining about not getting exactly 29 MPG is just really, REALLY petty.
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