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Hyundai Santa Fe Real World MPG

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
This topic is for Santa Fe owners to share their actual MPG with others.

"Real World" Fuel Economy vs. EPA Estimates

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  • I guess I'll go first...

    Year: 2002
    Trim: GL
    Engine: 2.4-liter 138-hp Sirius 4-cylinder
    Transmission: 4-speed automatic with Shiftronic
    Major options: Utility Pkg w/ABS, roof rack cross-rails

    Average actual mpg, city: 19
    Average actual mpg, highway: 27.5

    EPA-rated mpg, city: 20
    EPA-rated mpg, highway: 27

    Driving style: enthusiastic, consistently

  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,995
    It's a common sales technique to get you into the showroom to try to sell you something new. There's nothing special about (except the hint often works!).

    Check out the Hyundai Santa Fe: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion if you are leaning towards buying.

    Steve, Host

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  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,995
    I moved your post to the main Santa Fe discussion since we're focusing on mpg in here.

    Here's the link:

    sundae2, "Hyundai Santa Fe" #4410, 18 Feb 2006 12:33 pm

    Please continue over there. Thanks,

    Steve, Host

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  • 1200 miles so far and with my wife's heavy foot getting 23 highway so far. Look to get a little better when it broken in further.
  • jcspohrjcspohr Posts: 97
    Did first oil change around 1800 Miles - switched to Full Synthetic.

    Was getting ~19.4 before switching to synthetic and in mostly city driving. And now at ~2500 miles, we're getting 20.4 in "ALL" city driving.

    Best all Highway was ~27.2.

    I'm not complaining and expect that around 5000 miles it will be even better. And that's with my wife's heavy foot.


  • dlm820dlm820 Posts: 26 find out the "true" MPG we should be getting?

    I just bought a 2007 Ltd AWD and have already put in two tanks of gas. The first lasted only a week!!! I didn't drive that much, but I did do a lot of city driving and stop and go. Haven't done any real highway driving yet.

    How long will it take for me to get the MPG that Hyundai says we should be getting? I'm currently only averaging about 14 MPG right now which is a little disturbing.

  • jamitjamit Posts: 5
    I have driven 826km in my 2007 GL Premium 3.3 AWD in Canada. And I experience a similiar performance, at average 13-15MPG. 90% City, 10% highway. Air-cond is turned on no more than 10 mins per week.

    Hopefully, it will get better. Thanks.
  • jcspohrjcspohr Posts: 97
    dlm820 and jamit,

    Have you tried resetting the trip computer? Best done at fillup but you can reset at anytime. You'll need to drive about 10 miles or so before you get a better look at the mpg.

    And, as it the drive train breaks in, you'll start seeing better mpg. I think ours started around the 1000 mile mark.

  • dlm820dlm820 Posts: 26
    Thanks. I did reset the trip computer at my last fillup and have gone about 70 miles since. Still averaging about 13-15 MPG. I was thinking the same thing with the 1000 mile mark and the break in period.

    I'll keep track of it and see what happens.
  • Am I too off to think that the octane levels and probably even the oil type (natural/synthetic) would play important factors when figuring MPG?
  • Hello,
    I'm hoping more people will post their mileage for the 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe. I'm trying to decide whether we should buy this car, and I feel like if I just had more real world information about gas mileage it would help. Now that people have owned their 2007 for a while, can you provide info about your mileage. Also, can you list the model of Santa Fe.
    Thank so much.
  • davesuvdavesuv Posts: 149
    I find my mileage extremely dependent on how far I have to drive and the type of driving. If I do all short stop and go trips (no freeways), less than 3 miles, and never give the car a chance to warm up, I get about 16 mpg (based on the mpg computer, which I've found to be fairly accurate). I can drop this down to 14 mpg if I accelerate hard every time I start out (something I normally don't do, but for the sake of science it was fun). If I do all stop and go trips, but for 9 miles total, giving the engine, transmission, and exhaust system a chance to come up to full temperature, I average 17 to 18 mpg. I find that once the vehicle is fully warmed up (and I reset the computer), I will get between 19 and 21 mpg stop and go driving (based on how far you drive between each stop - it's the "go" part that eats the gas).

    On the freeway, driving at a constant 65-70 with the engine warmed up, I will get about 24 to 26 mpg, depending on terrain and wind direction/velocity. I was able to get it up to 29 mpg once, but that must have been a fluke.

    So you see, real world MPG is somewhat nebulous and can vary greatly depending on how you drive, the roads you drive on, and most importantly, the length of your trips. What they say about bunching up all your errands so you only need to go out once really does make a lot of sense. A cold engine is a gas hog, plus that's when it does 90% of it's polluting since the catalytic converter is not heated up.

    I've owned a 2007 SF Limited AWD with third row seat for two months now and absolutely love it. It's so much fun to drive. I have about 1200 miles on it.
  • NYC numbers: In stop and go I am getting 15/19 on my 07 3.3 AWD Limited. I just took a 400+ mile trip and I got 23 on the highway. Not bad considering I never fell below 65mph on average. The Santa is an awesome SUV for the money. This is my third one. The only major issue was on my 2003. My transfer case started to hum. Taking no chances Hyundai replaced it in 2 days and provided me with a loaner( Sonata ). When you compare all the features it has against the competition, its a no brainer. If fuel economy is high on your list then you should be looking for a four cylinder/hybrid. ( Not offered in 07 Santa's ). Good luck!
  • I wouild like to add that mpg in my 07 Fe Gls is very dependent on highway speed. With the 4sp auto the rpm at 75mph are about 3k, which wont get you close to epa at least not on mine anyway. That is about the only drawback on this vehicle is highway rpm. Needs another gear for gls trim!
  • kg325kg325 Posts: 57
    I have a 2006 2.7 V6 Sante Fe. How can I get more than 13 1/2 - 14 miles per gallon?
    The service manager in Utica told me the break-in mileage is 8000 miles, I find this hard to believe. He also said no one has had a problem with mileage.
    Can I expect any better mileage?
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,995

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  • kg325kg325 Posts: 57
    Thanks for your reply----
    I am what you might call anal, about maintenance and up keep. So the 10 tips, I am aware of them.
    My Sante Fe has about 2200 mile on it.
    I have noticed that it downshifts at times at 32 miles per hour, when I am coasting to a stop or just following traffic. It seems to downshift too early. It also seems to stay in a gear while upshifting.
    Is this a characteric of this transmission or does it need attention?
  • The Santa Fe calls for 87 Octane regular unleaded.

    That is all we have used in the past several vehicles we have owned.

    Has anyone seen any benefit in using a higher octane gasoline?
  • kg325kg325 Posts: 57
    I haven't experienced any difference yet. I haven't tried it in this vehicle.
    Since it is new, I am following the manufacturers guidelines(87 octane) so if it doesn't perform like it should I can tell the garage.
    My mileage is terrible so far.
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