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Hyundai Santa Fe Real World MPG



  • Hey Mike, thanks for your msg. My husband was at the dealers yesterday and they did a 15,000 mile checkup and changed filters, etc. They told him to keep a journal and they will continue to monitor our problem. Yesterday mileage was 15.4mpg...strictly highway driving. Will keep everyone posted on progress throughout Feb. If this doesn't work, we're getting rid of the Santa Fe....maybe it's a "lemon"???
  • 1) Did anyone check the fuel injection system?

    2) Is it possible that the fuel : air ratio is set too high?
  • what are your speeds while driving on the highway? if you drive at or above 85 mph you will get around 16 . i have a 2011 Santa Fe GLS FWD Automatic. When i am going at 60-67 the trip computer shows 28 - 29 MPG. While Driving at 68 - 72 it is showing 24-25 MPG. For speeds about 73 - 80 it is showing 21-23 MPG. Above 80 - 85 it shows 18-19 MPG. Above 85 it shows 15 - 18 MPG. These are my observations during a 2000 mile long drive. During this trip, i drove 190 miles at speed of 85 - 95 mph (average speed 90 mph) and i got 15.3 MPG. I think upto 75 mph you will get decent MPG i.e upto 23-24 MPG.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Westerville, OhioPosts: 381
    Just wondering if you are going off the car's computer for Mpg or if you are actually doing the calculations yourself. If by the car's computer this could be way off. You may have stated earlier that you are doing the actual Mpg manually, so I apoligize if you have.
  • my husband drive 65-70 mph highway. We're hopeing that the maintenance done on his car last week improves the mileage...the dealer asked him to keep a ledger.
  • we're using the car's need to apologize. We also let the car go almost empty and filled it up to see how many miles per tank he was getting. It had decreased by almost 100 miles since her purchased it last Oct.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Westerville, OhioPosts: 381
    Using the car's computer can be very inaccurate. Now you may have been saying what I'm suggesting here in your message, but just in case try the following. Fill up and reset your trip computer. Do not squeeze anymore gas in the tank beyond when the trigger on the fuel pump stops. Then on your next fill up record the number of miles showing on the trip computer. Take the total miles traveled since the last fill up and divide the number of gallons it took on the current fillup into the miles traveled. Ex: traveled 200 miles and put in 10 gallons (200/10 = 20mpg). Do this on every fill up and you will get a much more accurate idea of your MPG.
  • All vehicles get fewer miles per gallon in colder weather. All the fluids n the engine and transaxle are cold and thick, and this robs some power every trip you take.

    Don't forget to check tire pressure - you'll need to add air in cold weather just to keep the pressure up. I run mine at max recommended - 33 psi. Underinflated tires are one of THE major reason for poor gas mileage, in all seasons. Cold weather just makes it happen without us noticing.
  • obktobkt Posts: 35
    mtnman1 is right. I have a 2010 limited 4 cyl and I found that my computer is reading low. Not by much, only a mile per gallon, but my Fe has the optional 18" wheels. The computer would be off more if I had the standard 17" wheels. BTW, even with the computer error, I get an average of 23 around town and 26 HWY. However, in west Texas where the speed limit is 85, I get about 21 at those speeds. I have also found that buying named brand gas, like Shell or Exon, increase mileage. The cheaper stuff is just that, cheaper.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,608
    Optional wheels won't affect your trip computer... The outside circumference of the tire should be the same, whether you have 17" or 18" wheels.

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  • I wish you the best of luck in pin-pointing the problem. I had a 2002 Santa Fe AWD with a 2.7L v6 that did really well on gas mileage. I traded it for a 2006 Santa Fe AWD with a 3.5L v6 and it was TERRIBLE. My 2002 got 27 MPG on the highway with A/C on low and cruise set to 70 MPH int he summer. My 2006 NEVER got more than 20 MPG along the same drive and conditions. They just laughed and told me that it was normal for that powertrain. But the sticker on the 2006 said it should have gotten better. I loved that SUV too but finally sold it last Spring with only 25k miles on it because of the lousy gas mileage.

    I'm still a big fan of Hyundai. My 2002 Santa Fe did great! And my 2005 Elantra consistently gives me 30 MPG in mixed driving with 140k miles on it.

    You might ask them to check the oxygen sensors. Those don't always send a code when they are acting up. And they can definitely affect you gas mileage. There are a lot of electronics on the engines these days.
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    I agree... BUT- you would have to stay with the oem tires - any other tire will have a different rotation per mile and may change the mpg for better or for worse... and this is definitely more significant if you change from the oem tire size - there are options that will fit that are not the oem size...
  • My 2007 SF AWD V6 (3.3 I think) is getting similar terrible gas mileage averaging 15 in town & maybe 18 hwy. We are incredibly disappointed. I love my SF except for this. Is there anything that can be done?
  • Well....we believe we were "duped" by the dealer. The sticker on the car was extremely misleaading! A Honda Civic is the only solution. We've been working with multiple dealers for almost a year with little or no improvement. We're getting 19-20 HWY, which is better than the 15 we were getting. But, gas prices are rising....we checked out the Chevy Equinox and actually spoke with drivers...all are very happy and very very pleased with gas mileage over 25 HWY and close to 20 in town.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Westerville, OhioPosts: 381
    How do you figure you were duped by the dealer? The federal government is the one that estimates fuel economy. I would say you were duped all right. By the Government. Actually I think the admin we have now has been duping us since day one.
  • Easy with the political jibes, mtnman. People come here to get away from that stuff.

    I have a 2007 Santa Fe. My wife have a different driving style than mine, and regularly gets around 17-22 mpg. I drive with a much lighter foot, and let the transmission row through the gears more gradually, and average several miles per gallon. I find the car accelerates just fine ... but you don't want to floor the accelerator, or kick down gears. Aggressive driving in the mountains or in commuter traffic makes the mileage drop off for exactly that reason.

    I also use midgrade gasoline, which seems to improve both the Santa Fe's performance and mileage, and keep the tires inflated to the recommended pressure. I also swapped out the OEM tires for something different. All of these things make small improvements.

    All time best mileage I've managed in my Santa Fe is 27 mpg - which I managed for a 200 mile trip on the interstate, driving mostly downhill, with a tailwind.
  • 2008 Limited FWD, 40k miles. Right now it has fresh Pennzoil Platinum 5w-20 with a Hyundai filter. I also have a K&N drop in air filter that is cleaned regularly and never over-oiled. My wife drives 70% city and averages 20.5 based on the computer. I've always been too scared to check by calculation. I just put Nitto NT850 Premiums on it in the stock size and they are great tires, mpgs stayed the exact same. I've noticed that it'll drop down to 19-19.5 about every 6 months. I read somewhere to pull the negative battery cable and reset the computer, since it learns your driving habits. I did this a month ago with the oil change and it's back up to 20.5 or so. She works out of her car and carries 200+ lbs of therapy toys all the time with the 3rd row seats down. The therapy stuff comes out for trips.

    We've got as high as 27 on the highway, but the mileage falls off considerably above 75mph. 25-27mpg at 70-75mph, 80+ is 22-23.

    On the plus side (knock on wood), it's never been back to the dealership for anything. I change my own oil, so no issues so far.
  • Hi graceh...just wanted to ask you, are you getting your mpg average directly from your car or are you averaging it yourself the old fashioned way with a pen and paper at the gas pump? Just asking because I just bought a 2011 SF & my car computer is telling me that i'm getting 24.3 mpg average, but when I fill up at the pump and do the math myself...i'm really only getting about 16 mpg.
  • rppautorppauto Posts: 28
    car's mpg calculator is not very dependable.
    There is a reset button on the panel. Reset it and then see how it goes.
    I also heard that it resets automatically when you refill your tank (i doubt this though).

    my 2011 SF AWD SE gives me 18mpg combined and 22mpg highway @ 70mph.
    Yeah, it is not good.
    However, it gives 27mpg @ 55mph.
  • gracehgraceh Posts: 8
    My husband drives highway 65-70mph. Best he can get is 18.1 to 18.8mpg. Nothing has improved, even after investing a ton of money at multiple dealers. We believe our car is a "lemon" and will never buy another Santa Fe again! We haven't tried to check the old fashioned way.....maybe we should. But, I'm afraid it will bring worse news than what we already have. we're stuck with the car because our trade in would be an enormous loss in $$$. Good Luck!
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