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Hyundai Sonata Real World MPG



  • I drive the same vehicle, 2013 Hyundai Sonata 2.4, and get mileage well below the EPA estimates. Granted, I have a very short commute at very low speeds, but even on the highway, the only way I can achieve 30+ mpg is to reset the trip computer once I've reached highway speed. My combined mileage is in the 17-20 mpg range. I'm sure multiple factors contribute to the poor mileage and my driving habits could be better. That said, every other vehicle I've driven, I have gotten mileage averages in the ball park of the estimates, while this Hyundai is waaay off. My biggest problem with this is that EPA estimates are a factor when I am deciding which vehicle to purchase. Hyundai got busted with their EPA estimates on several other models and is re-imbursing owners of those vehicles, is evidence of their over-stating economy ratings. Unfortunately, the Sonata isn't in the campaign. I'm just thankful that fuel prices have come down a little bit recently. Other than the fuel economy, I love the car.
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