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2007 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra - First Impressions



  • skytop1skytop1 Posts: 106
    Had my dealer install a GM brand bug shield on my truck Friday. Friday afternoon, I was walking around the front of the truck and my short sleeve shirt just caught the end of the bug shield. Without as much as a pull or a ripped sleeve, the bug shield shattered about 6" from the end. What are they making these bug shield pieces out of? Reground, recycled applesauce jars? Tomorrow, I'll be on the phone with the dealer for sure. :mad:
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    usually is over priced junk. My dealer was selling a reverse sensor sold on the internet for $150.00 retail for $750.00 installed. What a joke. I personally would not buy anything from the dealer period. Cept the truck of course.
  • ktpklossktpkloss Posts: 28
    I've driven several 5.3l ones...and they have sufficient power...but it seems like all the good "deals" now are revolving around 4.8l equipped trucks, obviously they don't sell that well.. does anyone have one of these? how are these trucks performace-wise?
  • skytop1skytop1 Posts: 106
    Called the dealer and he was 'stupefied.' He said it could not happen because the shield is made of lexan. Maybe so I said, but the GM lexan is shattered at one end. :confuse: Anyway, the parts guy is upstanding and he ordered a replacement under warantee. Hopefully, the replacement will be manufactured better and not be anywhere near as brittle.
  • boatpullerboatpuller Posts: 4
    Thanks skytop1, I was suppose to take delivery of my new truck early this week per my previous post and my dealer pushed me off until Thursday, he said it would be worth my wait!! Possibly a change in the rebates to our advantage. That's always a good thing!!!! Is it Thursday Yet!!!
  • skytop1skytop1 Posts: 106
    I bought mine on April 30th to take advantage of a number of large rebates which expired on the 30th. With sales still sluggish, it would not be a suprise if GM will bring out some more rebates to stimulate sales. You might as well be prudent and a bit more patient and you will be rewarded. Thursday will be here in a couple more heartbeats. Good luck!
  • jsorensenjsorensen Posts: 7
    I've order a 6.0 crew GM, loaded truck to be built/delivered mid-June. If my brother-in-law is a GM employee, can he offer me a family/friend discount, and how much is this? Initial offer is invoice, less rebates or family/friend discounts, or 0% financing if available.
  • schlogschlog Posts: 19
    Have we eaten the crow yet? :P
  • jmkrobotjmkrobot Posts: 6
    I am in the market for a new Chevy/GMC 2500 HD Diesel. I have never owned a diesel. All My Diesel driving buddys have warned me about some new Ultra Low Sulfur Engines; that i shoud stay away from. So, I asked my local dealer if the NEW bodystyle HD model's are being built with the NON-ULSD engines. He could not tell me. I think he just want's me to buy one of those new Diesel's...

    So, my question are directed to the GM dealers / manufacturers here online:

    1. Is the NEW body style HD avaialble with the NON-ULSD engine? If so, how long will they be available?
    2. When, will the ULSD's be hitting the lot's?
    3. Are the NON-ULSD engines only available on the Old body style 2007's?
    4. If I ordered a new 2500HD Diesel this month, what would be my chances of getting the old diesel engine?


    Loyal Chevy PU Owner
  • skytop1skytop1 Posts: 106
    A diesel is suitable for those who will drive sufficient miles per year to amortize the super premium paid for the diesel engine option or absolutely need the brute torque for towing applications. Add in the very expensive frequent oil/filter and fuel filter changes and you begin to appreciate the true cost of the diesel.
  • jmkrobotjmkrobot Posts: 6

    Okay, so, what your saying is that people who are used to driving "Gasoline" powered HD trucks getting 10- 13 MPG regardless if towing, hwy, or city driving... Should not look to the "Deisel" as a solution for better performance and mileage?

    How often does the Oil & Fuel Filters need to be changed and what is the typical cost?

    What other additional maintainance fees can I expect compared to Gasoline engines?
  • skytop1skytop1 Posts: 106
    You can get diesel opinions all over the net. You cannot look at diesel in a truck as you do in a passenger car. In a passenger vehicle, it is all about mpg. In a truck, the mpg is not the main issue, it is hauling ability. It's that 550 to 600 foot pounds of torque that is the goal to have harnessed for WORK. Also, diesels deliver this massive power from idle up. A gas engine needs high RPM to achieve power. With such power, higher gear ratios can be used, thereby improving power, efficiency, and fuel economy. Additionally, diesels generate peak power at lower rpm (1800-2300 for diesel vs. 4000+ rpm for gas engines), they have a much longer service life. Again, high annual driving miles is the reason to own a diesel.
    The mpg of a diesel will vary with what you are hauling around. Unloaded, most folks (if sincere) will tell you they get 14 to 18 miles a gallon. They typically get about 25% better mpg. Higer operating efficiency and diesel fuel being more energy dense yields this advantage. My friend tows his 30' trailer and gets about 10 mpg on the road. But he can easily cruise at 75mpg and maintain that speed up mountain passes. That,my friend, is what you are paying for.
    The fuel mileage difference with gas is not astounding but as I stated, if you drive enough miles, the difference becomes meaningful. Diesels need roughly twice the amount of oil as gas engines since they run 'dirty' and are sensitive to fuel contamination. They need real attention to oil and filter maintainence. Prudent use of additives are an additional expense. Don't forget to add in the noise, smell and reduced throttle response of the diesel. Recently released low sulfur diesel fuel will ameliorate smoke, sulfur and particulate production in diesels. Thus, operation won't be nearly so sooty and smelly if you use this finer grade fuel. This is a plus.
    A diesel is a working man's tool and not not a casual toy unless you have deep pockets or are making a statement. Do your own due diligence.
  • jmkrobotjmkrobot Posts: 6
    Fair enough.

    Thanks for your input.
  • rufous03rufous03 Posts: 3
    I just took delivery of my new style 2007 Sierra 1500. Overall, I really like it, two things that really frost me however is the fact that some engineer has redesigned the headlights so that one needs tools to replace the bulbs. Models from 2002 to 2006 all one had to do was remove two pins and the assemblies came out very easy. Dummies!
    The second is that even if you put a high quality tonneau cover on the box, there is no way you will be able to keep your cargo dry. At the front of the box there are two large areas where you can see daylight, the tailgate is even worse. I can put three of my fingers in the space in the lower corners, and I can see a 1/2 space all around the tailgate. As far as I can tell, there are no gaskets available that will correct the problem. GM's response was less than favorable. Anyone have a solution to that one? :mad:
  • skytop1skytop1 Posts: 106
    There is a GM kit as well as an aftermarket kit that will seal up your cargo box. This is a common situation with Ford and Dodge as well. I believe I saw it on some camping site that sells tent conversions for cargo boxes. As for the lights, thank technology.
    I have some minor problems. My bug shield shattered when my shirt cuff caught on the pointy edge, the plastic covers on the seat belt adjusters broke off when I touched them adjusting the belt height. Wish they put a hand grab on the driver's side 'A' pillar like every other car maker. The GM seat covers I purchased have a terrible rubbery material surface which is tacky to touch, hot, and won't stay put on the seat. I am returning the set. I wish there were more hook attachment points low in the cargo box to secure short items like 5 gallon paint buckets. Specs say engine has lots of power but I think it is too cammy and does not offer useful midrange grunt. Nope, not perfect, but better than before.
    GM engineering just called me asking me detailed questions as to what problems I had or what I want changed. Good to see them seriously persuing quality and better engineering/design. You will be getting a call from them, too.
  • rufous03rufous03 Posts: 3
    If there is a GM kit, not even the GM help line knows about it. I was considering looking at the aftermarket products, but after checking the tailgate area, I see no way any gasket I have seen would work. If you put two gaskets, one on the tailgate and one on the box, they might touch each other. I haven't had it out on the highway or into the mountains yet, so I can't comment on the power. It seems OK in the city. The other thing they changed on the '07 new style is the 40-20-40 front seat design. They no longer have the large storage area under the front seat, it's about 1/2 the size of the older body style.
  • skytop1skytop1 Posts: 106
    You can look at the following:
    1. Extang 1140 MaxSeal Tailgate Seal (a rubber moulding and not foam).
    2. TrailSeal Tailgate Gasket Seal Kit (a tubular approach)
    3. Retrax tailgate gasket (very popular and effective)

    As for the seats, the new rear design is a break through. Really! (I have buckets in the front so I cannot speak for your 40-20-40 and my seats have no bottom storage either). The rear is split about 70-30 but the big news is the fact that there are NO OBSTRUCTIONS under the seat. You can put tons of stuff under them OR....I fold the 70% seat bottom up and use the large floor area to store my stuff in two large Rubbermaid containers.
    One other neat thing, this is the first truck I have that has a power rear cab window. When I don't use A/C, opening my driver's window and then the rear window allows for the most wonderful flow through ventilation imaginable. It is far, far more effective than opening the rear door windows. No low frequency pounding your ears as with my earlier trucks, just cool pleasant airflow. Everyone should order the power rear window.
    BTW, my 6.2L fuel mileage (with A/C on) in city stop and go is 14.6, my town and country is about 16.8 and my highway is 19. After break in and my first oil change to synthetic, I hope to see some incremental better mileage. Premium is around $3.35 so I don't let the tank get below 2/3 so I only have $30 fill ups. Just psychological, but it mutes the gas expense pain! :cry: :blush:
  • rufous03rufous03 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the links. I too have bucket seats as the 40-20-40 I like from the older version was not an option. Power rear cab window I would have ordered, but again, this did not appear as an option at the dealer, I'll have to ask why it wasn't because I did mention to them that I liked that feature after seeing it on a Toyota truck. I have the new 5.3 flex fuel. The 2004 I just sold had the Duramax which I really liked, but for 2007 they priced it out of my budget. The gaskets for the new style box may not work. Totally different arrangement compared to the old style box. The dealer is going to check the Chev Avalanch to see what they use on it.
  • peaeyepeaeye Posts: 4
    Anyone had any experience with leveling the front end of a 2004 Silverado Z71?
    My torsion bars are maxed out. The torsion keys seem like an easy way to go but I hear they can cause front end problems.
  • skytop1skytop1 Posts: 106
    You're posting in the wrong section. Go to the parent and look for your truck thread.
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