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2007 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra - First Impressions



  • I can see that the eternal Chevy vs. Ford vs. Dodge debate is alive and well. I grew up on a farm and the John Deere vs. International vs. Case vs. Massey debates were just as spirited.

    My wife and I have 3 teen-age drivers in the house and we currently own 6 vehicles. All except one a GM product. Over the years we have owned a variety of makes. Ford, Dodge, Mazda and Jeep. The best car for the money was a 1990 Ford Tempo my wife bought as her car when the kids were young. Was going strong at 150,000 miles when a young lady ran a red light, T-boned my wife and the insurance company totaled it. All I ever did to that car was regular maintenance and a new set of tires.

    Until a new 2005 Tahoe followed us home this summer, all the vehicles we ever bought were used to very well used when we acquired them. I figured our average mileage per vehicle prior to getting our new Tahoe was about 120,000 miles, ranging from 60,000 on my daughter's Pontiac to 170,000 miles on our 96 Tahoe. Most of our other vehicles are in that 110,000 to 130,000 mile range. Over the years I have bought older, used Ford and GMC/Chevy trucks that I used on my small farm, hauled my tractor with, hauled our boat with, hauled firewood with, and used to go hunting and fishing with. Every truck or car I ever bought has met or exceeded my expectations, regardless of make or model.

    And we are not flatland, pavement pounders. Due to my wife's job as a horticulturist and having a small farm, we use our trucks. We may not go trail-riding or rock-climbing, but we spend time out on rougher rural roads and in the dirt. Until we bought our first Tahoe, we never had a 4WD. We sort of operated under the theory that the only difference between 2WD and 4WD was about another 100 foot of tow chain.

    Anyway, after 30 plus years of driving and owning about 18 cars and trucks, we have had our share of replaced fuel and water pumps, one blown head gasket, one clutch replacement, two transmission rebuilds. The first on an old Chevy pick-up in excess of 180,000 miles, the other in our 96 4WD Tahoe at 130,000 miles after my daughter toasted the tranny trying to get out of a snowbank, (remember the 100 foot of tow chain reference), a couple of alternators, a couple of axle bearings, a few u-joints, and one AC compressor.

    Considering that I bought most of these vehicles with some age on them, and a few of them were running strong though they had a lot of miles on them when they got totaled in accidents, (we're not snake bit, but when you drive a $1,000 vehicle with just liability insurance and hit a deer it's just more economical to go buy another $1,000 vehicle rather than fix the one that got wrecked), I have just come to the conclusion that all these cars are pretty well made anymore. Not saying you don't get a lemon now and then, but even though I drive mostly GM products, I have had good luck with Ford and Chrysler and Mazda.

    I guess it all comes down to the dealer. I have a very good Chevy/GMC dealer I buy from and that is probably why most of the vehicles I have owned have been GMC products.

    Now, as far as the 2005 Tahoe goes, it is the first 0 mileage vehicle I have ever bought. I have about 7,500 on it so far and it is an amazing vehicle. I thought my 1996 Tahoe I bought used with 40,000 miles on it was a great vehicle and it hauled my family all over the eastern 2/3 of the US on vacations without any problems other than that transmission problem that was caused by a 17 year old attempting to gain off-road experience after a large snowfall, but this 2005 is all the 1996 was and then some.

    That being said, nobody better knock my John Deere or I WILL be a little upset! :mad:
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
    Hey, welcome to the Forums, and thanks for the detailed first post!

    We'll try not to knock your Deere if you hang around :)

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  • I read over my post and it appears that I didn't address the subject, namely pick-ups. Most of the vehicles I have owned have been Chevrolet pick-ups, starting with a 1973 3/4 ton. I currently own a 94 C2500 ext. cab that I bought in 1995. The reason I don't have any experience with the newer trucks is that this 94 is the best truck I have ever owned. It finally had its first repairs this fall when I had to put a new water pump and a new fuel pump on it. It had about 120,000 miles on it at that time. It is my daily driver to work and I use it a lot on my farm. We live in farm country, and I would say about 2/3 of the farm pick-up trucks around here are Chevrolet/GMC. But again, that may be as much due to a good Chevrolet/GMC dealer in our little town as anything. Based on my personal experience my next truck, (hopefully when I get daughter's 1 and 2 out of college in a couple of years), is going to be a new Chevrolet or GMC.
  • myobmyob Posts: 35
    All this Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Toyota, Nissan silliness.

    I use trucks for work and have owned 4 Chevys, 1 Ford, 2 Dodges, and 2 Toyotas and they all have their pros and cons.

    Usually the "best" truck is one that has most recently been redesigned, since they keep getting better with each year. I've had reliable Chevys and one that died at 1200 miles. All have had at least one warranty item, some a few more, but none luckily have been lemons.

    If you want the best truck ownership experience, want the truck that you like the looks of the best, or whatever, buy a new pickup and sell it yourself (not trade in) after about 3 years. You've used it during the period of warranty and least problems and before any major repairs pop up. Yet because trucks resell so well you will do ok when you sell and put that money towards the next newer improved truck. What you pay in interest and added depreciation you'll partially make up in lowered repair and maintenance costs.

    Granted, driving a truck 10 years may save a few bucks, but you'll be in old technology. If you truly want "the best" you'll buy what you want and then buy another when a significantly improved model comes out.

    In my business and life I can't afford downtime, period. So I keep a truck 3-4 years. By that time the design cycles have changed and there are better options out there anyway.
  • Let's hope GM is very aggressive with the design and options for the 2007. They need to be. Bring in an overhead cam/4 valve/cyl. engine. Be the first to make a 1/2 ton diesel. How about a 5-speed automatic for all the soccer moms(dads) that really don't use the truck to it's full potential. They need to fully box the whole frame. Offer different size(dia.)tires as an option. Take a few of these "cute" options that the other brands offer and put them out on their rigs. The mirrors definitely need to go, can't see crap behind you when you are hauling anything on a trailer.
    As for the Japanese, well if you like to drive 7/8 scale vehicles then be my guest! Someday when they build a true fullsize truck, then let's compare. Poor seating position, buzzy engines, cheap plastics. The only reason anyone accepts them is because there is a Japanese name on the truck and that makes it ok.
    Ford, the Triton was a joke from the day it left the blueprint!! What a wheeeezer! No torque, no power. The 4.8L GM will even out run the "mighty" 5.4 Triton. If you want something feminine, here's your vehicle.
    Dodge, proof that a 10 yr. old with an erector set call sell anything to anyone. How about you boys out there with that V-10, glad you got that with 2.75/gal. gas now?
    I am not a total Chevy fan, but I do own one. I think the current one is butt ugly. The next design will hopefully be a little more imaginative. I bought my '99 in Dec. of '98. Change the oil every 7500 mi. along with tire rotation. Only recall I had was for the brake line to the front calipers. Was in three times for minor warranty work. No oil pressure problems. No issues with the autotrac system not working. My major expenses have been a "redisigned" exhaust system. New set of Bridgestone All Terrain T/A's at 65,000 miles this past summer and a new battery. Did a tranny flush at 55,000 and found nothing wrong. Replaced the serpentine belt at the sametime. Took it in for a tune up this past summer-mechanic said it didn't need one-it was fine. Put in a set of 4-electrode Bosch plugs anyway.
    As far as flat landers not using their trucks(yes, unfortunately I call Nebraska home)I beg to differ. First winter I had the truck we had 60" of snow and temps. as low as -30*F. Summertime temps. to 110*F. I pulled my 21' boat across the state at 75 mph on a 100* day and not a problem from the Silverado. I can only say I have not been disappointed by this vehicle. It has treated me well and vice versa.
    Check out what Consumer Reports says about the Chevy, Ford and Dodge for an unbiased opinion. It's mildly surprising. As for the imports, with as much time as they have had to copy the US built equipment, you would think they could've got it right the first time.
  • dadoftaydadoftay Posts: 136
    I think it's safe to say that there is no way to please all the people all the time. I like Ford exteriors and GM interiors and Toyota fit and finish and Nissan power. I guess I'd better win the lottery. I'll go drive something other than GM and think "Yeah, I like this." Then two days later I'll go drive a GM and end up buying the GM. I have become accustomed to GM after 16 years behind the wheel of various models. I think that plays the bigger part in our rivalries.
  • Im glad you like chevy so do I, I also have a chevy silverado 99 with the 5.3 8" lift and 35" tires I love chevy but you need to get you head examined if you think that truck will run 145mph kid your out of your mind if you think that chevy pkps cut off at 97-100 somewhere in there and IF you have a hypertech programmer installed I think that adjust the shut of to like 127 but never 145mph out of a stock truck a little exhaust lets be serious.
  • I have been in the farming business for over 30 years. I own fords and chevys from 1970 to 2000 models.

    My fords (all 6) are junk, but how can you resist buying a ford for 1,000 bucks and it last for a year! Two f350's I bought brand new. No power, had to treat like a baby. Lots of expensive repairs in engine and tranny.

    My chevys (all 8) are gems. I bought recently (well 10 years ago, three 3/4 ton diesals. Besides some basic repair work, my daily driver and the truck I use to "do anything, pull anything" has 400,000 plus miles on it.

    My wife drives a 2000 k1500. It's our "traveling truck" and it has over 200,000 miles on it. I think we have put maybe $200 in it.

    Farming with a ford is not a smart idea. Come to Iowa and see how many fords you see in use on farms...ha...not many!!!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
    This is not a "brand wars" discussion. Let's stick to talking about the upcoming Silverado & Sierra, please.

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  • 60vett60vett Posts: 1
    I thought this whole thing was on what options people want or dont want on new trucks??? I have had Fords and Chevys and a truck is a truck. some good, some bad. Some of the things I would like to see in the new trcks are:
    MAKE IT HERE!!!!!! no more Canadian or Mexican chevys!
    Navigation Systems: why is it Honda offers it, and the general is too cheap. I would gladly pay for it, but its not even an option! More outlets, even a 110v would be nice. Wifes vibe has one. Get rid of the little nubbed center console, cant write on it (or make an insert to stick in it). Sunroof should go iinto the body like an avalanche instead of up and out. whoever chose to use a different sunroof than what was already being used in avalanche should have an ASSH@T sign tagged to him. I like Nissan's idea of the cargo holes in the side of teh bed like ford used to do. I'll think of more, but that ought to give the engineers enough to chew on.
  • They, GM, better come up with something that's "elevating" or they are in deep trouble. Toyota is coming out with its new 07' Tundra, which is going to be bigger and more powerful. There's major competition out there now and one must be "on their game" if they want to survive.
  • Go to and dial up the trucks section. There are some pics of the new 07' (?) trucks driving in the snow.
  • In the GMI exclusive section (2nd line) Sierra HD.
  • Seems like every other day GM's bond rating goes lower. I don't know what GM is waiting for regarding releasing the '07 Silverado. Maybe they are worried about being eclipsed by the Tundra, or are trying to work in some Ridgeline type innovation, but come on already. It will also be interesting to see how GM prices it. Hint to GM: enough with the pricing programs, release a well equipped 4x4 dub cab that gets decent mpg for, say $27-28k, and make some sales...!
  • GREAT post. These bonds have lost no less than 40% of their face value. As for the Tundra? I'd be worry sick if I was GM. I'd bet the ranch, dog, wife, etc., etc.. that this truck will "over come" as they say. This is Toyota's foray into the full size larger truck world and will NOT disappoint. They can't afford to. As for GM's 900-platform series? I saw the 07' Tahoe this weekend and saw absolutely NO need to get excited. It's the same as the 800 series. Just a few minor changes.
  • Looks like GM is playing it safe again....i'm disapointed.
    The show truck they previed at the NY auto show back a few years ago was awesome....what happened to the new aggressive from end??? Yup its gone.....gonna look like the new tahoe...its ok....just way to safe... kind of bland...they always go the safe route.Too bad...
    They need to get aggressive with the exterior styling....ain't gonna happen i guess. No surprise there!

  • Even though I've always thought Ford trucks were the best in the past, I agree that the entire full-size truck market is in trouble when the 2007 Tundra comes. It will have one of the most powerful, and by far the most refined, drivetrain. The interior will be excellent, possibly feeling like a Lexus in the highest trim level. The '07 Tundra will also be an extremely civilized vehicle, and it may grab the attention of many domestic truck owners. Unless it turns out to be fairly disappointing when it's unveiled, I would be seriously considering the '07 Tundra if I was in the market for a new pickup.
  • I could not agree more with you. We'll see when this truck debuts at the Chicago Auto Show next Thursday if indeed Toyota pulls another one off on the "Big 3." I'm waiting to see what they, Toyota, has to offer here. If not a Tundra, then I'll go with the F-150. I'm sure, as was just aptly pointed out, the GMT 900 line of trucks from GM will be NOTHING but minor improvements.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    How about the following changes (over the '06 model):

    1. Add decent quality cloth inserts onto the inner door panels to give them a litle more upscale look. Large expanses of hard plastic just cannot do it.

    2. Add a transmission oil temperature gauge as standard equipment on all Silverado trucks. The sensor is already built into the transmission. Why is GM so cheap?

    3. Make foglights standard on all LT version Silverados. GM deleted standard foglights on '06 LT1 Z71 Silverados.

    4. Make "redundant radio controls" standard on ALL Silverados. Making this feature an option on all, except LT3 Silverados is a complete joke. Firt of all, these are not just radio controls. Some of the buttons are used to program headlamp delays and also to display the trip computer data. It is ridiculous that these features are simply deleted when you do not get this feature. And when you try to retrofit this feature, GM makes it extremely difficult by refusing to reveal the necessary programming codes. And, of course they do not offer the retrofit kit, so you have to buy all necessary parts separately, which makes this project very pricey.

    5. Make homelink transmitter standard equipment on all LT Silverados. Right now, you can get a factory installed homelink transmitter only as a part of the "sunroof package."

    6. Make power rear sliding window with rear defroster standard on all LT Silverados. Titan and Tundra have done it already. This is what GM currently offers: order a manual sliding window in lieu of the defroster equippped fixed window. Then, you have an option of purchasing a power sliding window kit for over $ 400, plus installation labor. And you still will not have a defroster! This is completely ridiculous.

    7. Make power adjustable pedals at least an option

    8. Stop charging $ 1000 extra for bucket seats with a flip down armrest and a cheap plastic center console and make them standard equipment.

    9. Offer the rear DVD player at a reasonable cost. Would $ 400 be too cheap a price?

    10. Reinforce the roof on all trucks to make them safer. As it is, a special reinforcement brace needs to be installed just to mout a DVD, which is a joke. Also, on Crew cabs, they had to mold ribs into the roof because the metal is so thin and poorly reinforced.

    11. Make factory spray-in bedliner standard equipment on all LT Silverados (with a delete credit option), optional on all others

    12. Make factory installed splash guards standard equipment on all 4X4 Silverados.

    13. Replace the dull looking black plastic door handles and tailgate handle with body color painted handles and add the passenger front door lock back!

    14. Replace the dull black plastic outside mirrors with ones with body color inserts. It is ridicullus that you get the same dull plastic mirrors even with the optional turn signal mirrors!

    15. Reinforce the vehicle frame and make it a fully boxed ladder frame

    16. Start paying attention to details such as uneven gaps between body panels, trailer hitch wiring plug brackets welded on crooked, etc. Yes, people do notice. Details like this reflect lack of build quality.

    17. Fully redesign certain troublesome components, such as intermediate steering shaft, instead of just bandaiding the fix.

    18. Replace the 4 speed auto transmission with a 5 or 6 speed auto and make an easy shifting 5 or 6 speed manual available in more models, especially with the 5.3 liter engine.

    This will do for starters and will make Silverado a much better truck.
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