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Dodge Durango Maintenance and Repair



  • les7311les7311 Posts: 12
    :confuse: Did you look at the fuse box to see if the fuse associated to these areas was not blown? as for the tranny, hmmmmmmmm,,, i think you have to engage the truck into neutral before you can go into "4X4 Lo", but for "4X4 hi" any speed will do.. that might require a shoppe. Check the fuse then go from there...... ;)
  • les7311les7311 Posts: 12
    try looking at the fusebox, soundsl ike some electrical/fuse issues there. as for the tranny,,, hmmmmm :confuse:
  • emimemim Posts: 5
    are there any other fuses besides the driver side engine compartment and driver side inside? Those seemed to be fine..
  • les7311les7311 Posts: 12
    Those are the only 2 that i know of. Normally, what i wold do is if i cannot diagnose the problem, then i would take the truck to the delaer, have them tell me what the problem is, and if it is something i can tackle, then good. If not, i let them fix it if it sounds reasonable. :confuse: I cannot make any other recommendations at this time, hopefully someone else has a beter solution. :cry: g.l.
  • 2002 4.7 durango has one blinker that started flashing and the bell sounds for no reason
    truck seems to run fine
    any ideas?
  • fazeprofazepro Posts: 1
    I just had the same problem, it's a mechanical steering wheel locking lever by the gear shifter thats stuck. You can fix it by just loosening the rubber boot around gear shifter it and look for a square button thru a hole thats attached to a slide, then sprayed white lithium grease around the slide and that will solve the problem.

    Hope this helps!

  • I've seen post similar to this, so I apologize if this is a rehash, but I haven't seen a clear solution other than a dealer diagnostic, so I'm curious as to whether there is new information.

    My headlights, interior (dome) lights, wipers, certain dashboard features, and power locks do not work (both with keyless and with internal switches). The car starts and runs fine - radio works, power windows, gauges... In addition, I get a "Service 4WD" light on the dash, and it appears to not switch into 4WD. Other dash lights, like the parking break indicator do not work.

    All of the fuses seem to be in order, in both fuse boxes. I have not modified the car at all. The dealer says there is no recall on my VIN (other than a wiper recall that was performed a long time ago). Any new ideas on this problem? Anything I can do to self-diagnose before paying the dealer, which may or may not be covered by the warranty "depending on what they find". Thank you.
  • silkiesilkie Posts: 2
    I've had a similar problem with my 2002. When I brought it to the dealer they told me it was a broken ground wire and rewired it, but I still had the problem. Then they told me it was the remote keyless entry that was installed that was causing the problems, but I insisted it wasn't. I told them that it had to be the ECM so they finally agreed and changed it. However the one they put in was defective and the only way they would be believe me was that the key didn't unlock all the doors. So I had to wait for them to order a new one. Replaced it and I haven't had any problems since.
  • dhoskdhosk Posts: 2
    We are looking at a 2006 durango with the hemi. This vehicle has about every option on it I can think of having. We are wondering about the gas mileage and any repair problems these might have.I think the mileage is @ 21,000 and were told if new it would cost @ $40,000. Can anyone think of any bad points for these vehicles? Thank you. You can email me directly if you like at
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,931
  • shsmcn78shsmcn78 Posts: 1
    I just recently bought an 05 Durango with 64,000 miles... My problem is that when I come to a stop, not all the time, it seems to have trouble down shifting, you hear and feel a big clump when you are almost completely stopped, like I said it does not happen everytime you stop so I am a little confused. Also there are just sometimes that my brakes squeak really bad how can I fix that. Thank you for your help
  • neile457neile457 Posts: 65
    I know this is an old topic, but I have an 02 Sport, no problems with transmission (182,000 miles) with about 10% towing 100 miles +. Problems with the ball joints that were replaced by dealer. No other major problems. Maybe I'm just lucky.
  • tray2000tray2000 Posts: 2
    I just got a 2000 DD w/ 74000k. In grat condition, clean
    inside and out (maby garage kept). It might just be a tire problem but im getting a vibration at about 50mph.Gets worse at 60. A little better at 70. It seems to be comming from the back but its hard to tell. It has Futura Adventura
    31x10.5 R15LT (PEP BOY BRAND) Tread looks good but side wall has very slight dip on all 4 tires. Was wondering if the 2000 D with 4.7 has history of back vibration problems.
    Any input on tire sellection if it is the tires.
    Also, is the 31x10.5 R15lt a 7in. or 8 in. rim
  • tray2000tray2000 Posts: 2
    My oil pressure guage suddenly drops to 0 at idol and the check gauge light goes on. sometimes
    It may jump back up on its own while at idol and always jumps back up when I give it gas. Any one have that same problem?
  • jcvierajcviera Posts: 1
    Mine to I eneded up changeing the Oil pump and the Oil pan Gasket It hasn't turned the gage light on anymore since then but the pressure still moves from time to time but not all the way to zero. You might want to check the oil pump.
  • emimemim Posts: 5
    Hi all and thank you for all of your help.. Been out of town so I couldn't write an update--- It was ONE simple fuse inside on the driver's side that blew that caused ALL of those problems.. Can't believe that fuse that said Radio on it caused the doors not to lock, the windshield wipers not to work and the transmission not to shift into 4WD.. ridiculous!! AND the funniest thing was that the Check Engine light came on AFTER I fixed it (NOT while it was broken!)!! lol... after about 4 miles it reset itself... so thanks again.
  • john183john183 Posts: 1
    I had the same problem. I took it to the nearest AutoZone and they hooked up their diagnostic machine to it. (I'd advise you to do the same) They said it was a sensor under and to the rear of the intake. I had to get the part from the dealership. It wasn't sold by anyone else. It ran me some $60.00. No problems with it since. Don't forget to disconnect the positive battery terminal before you replace the sensor.
  • 99beast99beast Posts: 1
    mine to. so I took it in for a check up. The tech says I need a new engine. Noway! so I took it to another Shop. They hooked it up and guess what Yea thats right Same story. Needs a new engine. 77000 miles and its dead. Something about a design error in 1999 5.2 engines. $5000 dollars to fix a truck worth about $7000. Can't help it I love my truck. The oil passages are clogged. Rebuild or replace
  • esdaddyesdaddy Posts: 2
    new to the site and not sure where to post this...but im having the same dang problems...with my 2000 4.7 4x4 im in the military so i fixed well my wife fixed it cause my hands are to big to get up inside there to replace the 02 sensor... it started....o2 sensor was bad.....only have 2 on my durango.... we changed it......never paid much attention to it if there was oil on the wires or not....worked great for about 3 or 4 weeks just enough time for me to get over in afganistan 7000 some odd miles away ....well after i got back they said it was my o2 sensor again..bought another one....we got the universal one becuase i was going on a catfishing trip and didnt want to wait for the ordering of the other i had to cut the wires again.... well when we took this one off there was fluid indside the conection ...really never thought nothing about it until i saw this site.... #1 i dont see how it is getting in there .....anyway i put on a new o2 after spraying all kinds of aircraft cleaner we use in the airforce to remove any fluid that i couldnt see..... and it ran great.....was getting back to 16-18 mpg on the highway....well 3 days later and another code came up...they said it was a catlyst code.. wasnt reading the correct out put....said i need to possible replace the cat. convertor...(not being a treehugger) and if it pollutes a lil bit thats ok in my book....well after filling up @3.09 a gallon @ the dang thing started acting up smoke when i accelerate fast and really not smooth @ all....ok guys....somebody needs to help me be a dodge fan here....been a mopar fan for years.....still am but @ 7 mpg somethings got to give....
    any suggestions on anything...
    also on the cat convertor.... has anyone ever ran straight pipes....with no convertor.....will it not worried about inspection.....just want to get good gas mileage and also....a great running car...will there be any problems? can you help..... esdaddy@zoomninternet :confuse:
  • esdaddyesdaddy Posts: 2
    can you guys give me a call as well...i can give my # its driving me crazy....
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