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Dodge Durango Maintenance and Repair



  • Durango over heats while driving.
    When I stop the temp goes back down.
    I have changed the thermastat.
    still same overheating.
    2 hoses going into firewall are hot
    hose on right with radiator cap is hot
    but hose on left is warm at best.
    Could this be the water pump or bad radiator?
  • oil pressure drops to 0 then comes back up then drops again.
    replaced oil sensor switch stil does samething any suggestions?
  • Yes to the O2 Sensor and No the A/C compressor
  • Engine Control Module ECM
  • I have been told that the fuel filter is in the fuel tank. They are not like the normal filters and are supposed to last 100,000 miles. Apparantly they are integrated with the pump and when you change one, you change the other. That is what the Firestone tech told me when I went in for an oil change. That would be for '04 and up.
  • Had to replace front and lower ball joints on 04 Durango with 51,000 miles on it !
    I have driven full size vans before buying Durango, never replaced the ball joints until about 90,000 miles.
    Anyone else having this problem?
    Am told by the dealership orginal ball joints are lube for "lifetime" of the truck, must have missed this one?. Also, its interesting the new ball joints have "zerk" fittings , GM , FORD and Chrysler do not have fitting on their trucks anymore per my mechanic at dealership.
    Disgusting and sad. I guess the engineers are on a budget "leave off the zerk fittings" and let consumer pay for them later , plus labor for replacement. :cry:
  • hey guys i bought my durango just before i deployed, and since i love it and so does my wife im thinking about putting a supercharger on it? do you guys have any into on it? i had a kenny bell "Blowzilla" on my there a good name out there for them? thanks
  • I drive my durango and as long as I am moving the heat out of the vents works fine. As soon as I come to a stop the air coming out of the front vents goes cold. Once I start moving again the air coming through the vents gets warm again.? What should I do? I checked the levels of fluid and found them to be allright. I replaced the thermostat and it still does it.
  • AC relay switch located under dash on passenger side. Locate wires to underside of blower unit...unplug from blower. Remove two small bolts on outlet...pull downward and the outlet will come out or the blower box. This outlet has relay circuit board built into it...this is what needs to be replaced. Buy new part at Dodge dealer (aftermarket not yet available), install and plug wires to outlet. Should fix the problem. extreme heat conditions, roll windows down and turn on blower fan for moment to cool the unit down BEFORE turning on AC...When this circuit board is excessively hot, it tends to burn out easily ... cool down the blower before turning on AC I've replaced two of these relay cuircuit boards and since I've used this procedure I haven't had to replace one. Good luck.
  • I have 2002 Durango and have similiar mechanic replaced an exhaust gasket on the driver's side and that seemed to make the noise go away. I was surprised because, like you, I was certain that it was a valve, push rod, or bearing gone bad. Same symptom....noisey when it started and tended to lessen as engine warmed up. Mechanic explained that the gasket would leak while engine was cold then seal up as engine/exhaust heated up...Check it out...good luck
  • have your exhaust gaskets checked; while engine is cool (at start up) I had similiar trouble and my mechanic explained that the noise was most evident while engine was cool because gaskets were cool and leak occurred...yet as exhaust heated up, they'd seal and the noise seemed to go away unless under extreme pressure. Check it out...might be the problem...good luck
  • Replace AC blower relay located under dash on passenger side. Locate wires, trace to plug...unplug...remove two small bolts from outlet...pull downward and remove this outlet from blower unit. It has relay curcuit built in..It is burned new one...reinstall. hot weather, turn blower on a minute or so to cool down the unit BEFORE turning on AC...I've replace two of these and since doing this, things have been good. Good luck.
  • I had this same trouble recently and it was my hub assembly. I know this was posted a long time ago but there was no reply and if someone else needs an answer, here it is.
  • A year too late, but back flush the heater core if all else fails. The best way to know if this is your problem is feel the hoses in and out of the heater core (located on the firewall on the 98 model) if they are both hot you need to disconnect the hoses and with just a garden hose you can fix this.
  • I just had this same trouble recently with my 98 Durango, it's your ABS or speed sensor on the back wheels or at least that was my trouble.
  • Back flush the heater core.
  • I have a 2000 Dodge Durango. My passenger side window goes down but wont come back up
  • les7311les7311 Posts: 12
    motor is bad. cost about 80 to 120 at dealer. easy to install. get dodge service manual and follow instructions.

  • kliotkliot Posts: 1
    My rear defogger suddenly stopped working, The glass element seems fine and I have continuity between the connectors on the glass, the black ground wire is good, the black and white wire gets no voltage when the defogger is on. I checked the switch and it's working, The black and white wire coming out of the switch has voltage when the switch is on, the rearview mirror defoggers works.

    Somewhere down the line I'm guessing there is a fuse/fusable link or relay but I can't find it.

    Any Suggestions?


    2000 Durango 5.9L 4wd
  • my speedometer is not working . please help?
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