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Dodge Durango Maintenance and Repair



  • delthekingdeltheking Posts: 1,152
    Hi, I just got a used 2003 Dodge Durango SUV today.
    I want to get an extended warranty on that.
    Which company has the best extended warranty?Are 3rd party warranties better than Dealer/Factory warranties?Is a reliable agency?They have some nice deals with pretty decent coverage.Any other suggestions?
    Thanks .
  • Did you ever get this resolved? The same problem started on my 1999 Durango 2 weeks ago and my mechanic can't find anything wrong.
  • So...I talked to a lot of people and did a lot of research on my own and never found a way to fix it. I changed all the sensors and the chip, among a few things. I was told that kind of problem was pretty common among 1999 and 2000 Durangos; that because of the way the fuel injection system was set up the fuel filter would get sucked into the injection system and the car would knock off, then it would be released back down and the car would be able to start. I changed the fuel injection system and it still stalled. Finally, I was told that it was that it needed a new harness which holds all the wires going to the chip and possibly all new wiring as well. I just couldn't it anymore and recently sold it for only $1000 to a mechanic who said he could fix it with no problem...ran into him the other day and he is also now trying to sell it. Of all the research I did on the problem and contacting other people with the same problem, there were only 2 people I found that were able to fix it, and they both only changed the sensors. So, good luck with that...I'm jaded already...I'd say to just move on, try to get rid of it and get another car. It seems like taking a loss, but believe me with the amount of money I spent in fixing it all the time and borrowing cars....I could've gotten another car. I depleted my savings on the Durango thinking that the next thing would fix it and it'd be okay but it never did and now I have no car at all and can't afford to get another one right now....gotta save some money first.
  • Hello,
    I have a 2001 Durango SLT with the same problem. When I crank the eng the first time it does not start. But on the second time it starts and idels rough. Did you ever get yours fixed and if so what was the problem?
  • I finally spent the big bucks and replaced the PCM for $600+ last week. The problem has not reappeared.
  • tsimptsimp Posts: 3
    I assume that this is the same for a 2000 Dakota. I cut the white wire between the O2 sensor and connector and attached to a new ground. Still smells rich when running. Any other ideas for PO171 error?
  • I have a 2000 Dodge Durango with 161000 miles. It is in great condition but the cel came on and it has a hard downshift from 3rd to 2nd and then once you come to a stop it has a smaller but still hard downshift from 2nd to 1st gear. I replaced the input and output sensors but the problem is still there. HELP ME!!!
  • Did adjusting the latch fix the low tire pressure indicator as well?
  • did you ever get an answer on this? I'm having the exact same problem. Changed the battery now can't get the tire pressure light or cargo lamp light to go off.
  • I have seen several posts on this forum about people changing batteries and then can't get the tire pressure warning light and cargo lamp warning light to go off. Has anyone found a solution to this? I changed batteries last week and ever since, can't get either light to go off. close the hatch door a couple times after I start the engine, the cargo lamp will go off. The tires all have good pressure. This just seems like a strange symptom that has occurred to several people with the Durango reading through this forum.
  • Try replacing your battery cables and terminals. I had the same problem and found the connection with the battery was poor. This also results in a clicking sound without the engine turning over for many as well.
  • My nephew had the O2 sensor issue due to a leaking Power steering pressure switch. We spent the better part of an afternoon to re-wire around the ground connection to the O2 sensor and he has no problem now but I was worried about my Durango getting this issue. I checked the pressure switch a few times and then I figured I would avoid it altogether. I cut both wires to the switch and used 2 splice connectors (the kind where the wires are laid parallel and are connected by way of a squeeze connector. Now, the switch can leak all it wants, should it fail, and it won't cause any issues other than some drips of PS fluid which will tell me that the switch failed so I can replace it.
  • mucunamucuna Posts: 19
    Sounds like a good solution rather than having to check for PS sensor leaks. As you probably know a new sensor relay is less than 30 bucks and takes two minutes to replace if it ever does start leaking, I would like to know the method your nephew used to bypass the )2 sensor ground. I currently have my sensor connector unpluged which also eliminates the fuel mix problem but of course trips the engine warning light. I would like to do the O2 sensor ground bypass so the engine warning light would work like it is supposed to.
  • '01 Dodge Durango: Doesn't shift into 4x4 now, neither 4HI or 4LO - all fuses OK - suggestions?
  • I am thinking about purchasing this vehical as a second vehical for towing and bad weather driving. It has 90000 on it. How long do the engines on the vehicals last. I have always owned Dodge Pick Ups and been very happy.

  • Debbie, I have a 99 Durango SLT with 145,000 on it. The vehicle runs great and go's just about any where I need it to. The only thing I changed on it was the air intake and exhaust. I put a K&N cold air intake in and a FlowMaster exhaust system. The engine dosen't use or burn any oil and sounds as good as a new one.
  • Thank you very much for your responce!
  • whenever it is cold my durango has some weird problems going on.

    all the dash lights come on and the speedometer, the oil gauge, the battery gauge, the rpm gauge and the gas gauge all stop working. also the light that shows what gear you are in is gone.

    once the car warms up all this returns but sometimes im driving for 40 mins before this happens . i live in illinois so its pretty cold in the winter time.

    is this some sort of glitch? or is there something broken that can be fixed?
    i dont really want to take it to dodge because the last time i did they tried to tell me a whole bunch of stuff was wrong with it that wasnt wrong with it.

    ive already replaced the central control modual (or something like that) one of the computers because i lost all the power doors and windows the head lights and the wipers. at least with what ever is wrong right now i can still drive it.

    thanks kristen :sick:
  • Please help me. My husband and I have been trying to figure out what is up with our vehicle. He is right now looking at every fuse in the vehicle. As we were coming home today our dash lights went out. We figured it was a fuse and waited till we got home to look. We then noticed we had no parking lights and the license plate lights were also out. If it is a fuse or module, which one? Everything thing else works just fine. Please help, I hope its an inexpensive fix. This vehicle is seems to giving us a lot of headaches as of late. I cant take another $300 job and neither can our bank account. lol Thank you.
  • Can anyone tell me how/where to route this wire? I just ordered one for the same problem everyone else has had (and the supply of this harness is dwindling), but I don't know where it goes or how to get it there. Based on others description of this part, I'll be unplugging something at the PCM to insert this harness, but what does that affect? Will the PS pressure switch then be disconnected and throw a code again? I've been running without the O2 sensor plugged in for a few days and performance is right back where I'd expect it but with an inspection coming due I won't pass with an engine light on.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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