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Dodge Durango Maintenance and Repair



  • dee81877dee81877 Posts: 2
    This happened to us but after replacing battery everything seemed to be fine
  • heatherlzheatherlz Posts: 1
    Same problem with my 2004 Durango as far as Humming noise and rough idiling when it rains. Any fixes yet?
  • if it is the same thing i had it turned out to be my o2 sensor that took care of all that
  • tp11tp11 Posts: 3
    I changed ALL my oxygen sensors hopeing it would fix the humming noise & rough idleing in the rain/carwash, but it never helped at all. A new problem came up, went to acceleriate on the highway and it was like it reved up and then got "stuck". Scared me to death! Then the cruise wouldn't work. So I pulled over, shut it off checked the fluid, which were good. When I restarted the durango the cruise was working again.
    Anyone know whats up or had the same issues?
    My durango is an 2004 with a 5.7 hemi
  • frankb12frankb12 Posts: 1
    Have you fixed or found the solution. I'm having the same exact problem and now my headlights won't come on either. I brought it up to autozone to hook it up to their computer but they said unless the check engine light comes on they can't help. Help if you can please..
  • tp11tp11 Posts: 3
    Unfortunately I haven't figured out the problem. I went through a rain storm the other day and it started ideling so rough I thought it was going to stall. Also even after changing all the oxygen sensors it still hums after I turn it off. Trying to figure out the problem is driving me nuts. If anyone has any ideas let me know! Thanks!
  • Electrical problems so far, I drove it into a car wash and it for soaked and flooded/drowned out. Got running, when air is real damp vehicle idles/runs rough, the second issue is the radio works sometimes. dead most of the time, then other days it works fine, next issue is the factory trailer wiring harness burned out the taillight wire so I had that replace. I started it up another day an nothing worked on the inside for dash ac radio.
  • Will a 2007 4.7L dodge motor fit in my 2003 Dodge Durango (also a 4.7)?
  • 2001 durango has a brown fluid showing up in the 3rd plug of the harness(3rd from left to right,furthest right in other words) My dashboard crashes and says no bus.Gagaes are go to zero. I found this issue week ago, dried it out with electronic fluid and car was fine for 5 days but crashed again. Took harness apart from pcm and found liquid in 3 rd compartment again. The harness wires are DRY going into the pcm and there is no visual splatter on the pcm if it was coming from the engine. Any ideas?
  • 2000 Durango with 4.7

    I had fluid coming from faulty brake fluid level sensor - going back to the O2 sensor. From the upstream junction, the PCM can also receive the same fluid. I bypassed the fluid filled wires and use fresh wires. O2 sensor wiped out but never had the problem with the PCM. Low fluid sensor is the problem.
  • How do I narrow which wires the fluid is coming from? Also are you saying the fluid is traveling through the inside jacket (of the wire)riding through the copper conductors?
    Thanks for your time!
  • We have an 18 month old 2011 all wheel drive V-8 Citadel that has suffered two coolant leaks in the last 5 months. The last one took place in October of 2012. We were told the muffler "rubbed" a hole in the coolant tubing. At that time, it took 6 weeks to get the tubing from Dodge. Apparently, it was on back-order. That made us wonder if this was a common problem. We suffered a similar rise in temperature and an apparent coolent leak this morning and are waiting to hear if this is a recurrent problem.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    A muffler rubbed a hole in a coolant tube? I'd need to see that. I'm not real familiar with the new Durangos but it seems to me the muffler(s) are underneath the body and not close to any coolant lines. Could it be a catalytic converter and not a muffler?
  • gunney3gunney3 Posts: 4
    My dashboard lights are all lit,says "no bus" where mileage is displayed and all my guages are at zero(gas,rpm,mileage,battery voltage). I have had the PCM sent out and tested with no problems found. I had a camshaft sensor replaced because my car wouldn't run longer then 3 seconds(no not the battery).The car starts and runs but no dashboard life.
    My mechanic said when he plugged the meter,monitor in it was forced to turn off because it may have seen a voltage. He said he saw no errors in its memory.

    Any suggestions or opinions would be appreciated!!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,404
    Here's a write up on this problem that might be of use:



  • gunney3gunney3 Posts: 4
    Thanks ,I hope it does!!!! Ill let you know this week!!!
  • We have a 2001 Durango 5.9L. The water pump was replaced in Oct. 2011. It's been sounding a bit funny (no overheating or other issues) and my husband thought it was a pulley but has determined the water pump has a small leak. We only had 21000 miles on this pump. Also, in Dec. 2012 we had the radiator replaced, and in March or April of 2013 it was leaking again. The mechanic said it was a faulty radiator and it was bulging and cracked when he looked at it. That was replaced under warranty. Probably it was just a faulty radiator, but we're wondering, could it be an issue with the vehicle that is causing this water pump to last such a short time? I didn't see anything like that in the forum, but has anyone had a similar problem with their water pump?
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