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Dodge Durango Maintenance and Repair



  • ura6ima9ura6ima9 Posts: 1
    I need to program the keyless remote for my 05 dodge durango. I no longer have the original keys that came with it. I have found instructions but it says to use the current transmitter. Which I can not. I have the blank keyless remote I just need to know where to find the instructions to program the FOB. Anyhelp would be appreciated.
  • mbrammbram Posts: 1
    My 1999 Durango Instrument panel will not work( guages and idiot lights). Even the odometer does not work( "No Buss" displays) The car runs fine. I can turn on the right turn signal and guages and idiot lights(turn off) start working. When the signal turns off the guages stop working. Then after driving for about 10 -15 mins everything starts working fine, except on warm to hot days >78 degrees. I have attached diag computer and found no diagnosic codes. any help on where to start looking?
  • durkotadurkota Posts: 2
    I have what sounds like the same exact problem with my wife's 2000 durango. We have brought it to our "FIVE STAR" dealer twice,with zero results. Our troubles only happen when the truck is hot.(temp gauge is @ 210 degrees.)It will stall when the thing is in park idling,in gear in traffic it has even occurred with the engine off, key in the "on" positon. I dont have the answers but I hope someone can point us in the right direction.
  • Not very encouraging that a "FIVE STAR" dealer could not handle this...I just had the No Bus display this morning, along w ABS, MIL and AirBag lights all staying on. None of the gauges work either. I read on another forum that it is usually an either a PCM problem or ABS problem. Just hope it wont cost me too much...
  • I have a 2001 dodge durango v8 4.7L. I had the NO BUS signal, had to have it towed to the dealer. they replaced the PCM Module, because I was in the 8 year 80,000 mile warranty that dodge covers. They also told me that my ball joints had a recall and they replaced those as well. But now here is the kicker. They put the PCM Module on and now it won't start. Its been 4 days and they still don't know why it won't start. Just a electrical problem that they are trying to find. Has anybody else had this happen?
    I did have 2 problems before this happened. The Idle Air Control Motor and my lights would flicker, when you shut the doors ( if the lights were on)!!!
    Help :cry:
  • I am having a problem with my 2002 durango. At times the abs, brake and air bag lights come on on the control panel ( all at the same time). When this happens the air conditioner, back windshield wipers, back up lights and the speedometer all quit working. It is not a consistent problem though it is getting worse. Sometimes everything will be fine when I start the vehicle and then it will just happen. Other times it starts as soon as I start the vehicle. Any ideas???
  • horst1horst1 Posts: 33
    Hi denimo,
    I have a 2005 Durango LTD. Hemi with 3.55:1 gears. I am also towing a 4000lbs. lightweight house trailer. No problems so far. At 100pkh the hemi turns 1600rpm, at 120kph 1850rpm. You can change your ratio to 3.96:1 I believe, that will give you more power and maybe a smoother ride with the motor. Be aware that yor gas milage will drop a bit. But I think, in BC in the mountain, the gas milage will be not as good as in Ontario which is mostly flat. The $4000 to change your rear end gears seams high. If you add headers with all the other goodies you have in mind, your horsepower will jump to approx. 395HP from 345HP.
    Good luck. Horst
  • horst1horst1 Posts: 33
    To all the 2004 new Style body Durango drivers.
    I purchased my Durango with 6700kilometers on the odometer from a lady who plated the Durango September 2004. So far, I had no problems. It runs very quiet and has lots of power. To day I installed a fuel saver "Tornado". The fuel millage is not really bad for the horsepower you have plus it is a heavy SUV. My intention is to add also a K&N air filter. Keep you posted.
  • horst1horst1 Posts: 33
    I drove 245 kilometers and used 35.7L of gas. 14.6L per 100 kilometers. To convert this into miles per gallon is approx. 19.2 m/g imperial. In US 16m/gallon. All this by city driving. I have not taken the Durango on any trips yet. My 1994 Astro van was using more gas than the Durango with a Hemi. The only penalty is the price of "high test gas". Keep you posted.
  • I just got an 01' durango. The dealership lost the original transmitter. I bought a transmitter, but I dont have the program for it. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me on this. I dont have the original so I can't use that method. I need the initial method that is in the owners manual(which I do not have.) Again I would really appreciate some ones help in this matter.
  • toby411ctoby411c Posts: 1
    all i need to is how much lube and what kind to put in my transfer case. any info would be of help thank you.
  • horst1horst1 Posts: 33
    A faulty catalytic converter will do the same thing. If the inside is collapsed and is blocking the exhaust path you will have the same same symptoms. The car will start without any problems, check engine light will be on but no power. I hope this helps.
  • joeld1joeld1 Posts: 1
    I've got a loaded 2001 Durango SLT. Under warranty, the motor was using oil and the check gages (sic) light would come on, but no "problem" could be found. The rig has been babied, never overheated and serviced religiously at the dealership, but now out of warranty. The went to the 7/75,000 warranty in 2002.
    Two weeks ago @ 65,000 mi. it just started stalling from a stop and we took it immediately to the shop, where it's been since. The dealership diagnosed this as a cracked head @ $2k to repair both heads. I was told by the dealership and an independent shop that the cracked heads on these motors is quite common, but since there is no service bulletin and no recall, the dealership's hands are tied. Chrysler is denying assistance, of course. Does anybody have any information on these heads cracking or possibly related issues?
  • 1999 durango will stall out with code "no bus" showing in the odometer gage. After sitting 5 minutes the car starts up. since its running when i take it to dealer or electrical shop they can't locate problem. What is the bus and can it be fixed by a diy?
  • durkotadurkota Posts: 2
    I'm not sure what no bus stands for,but my wife's 2000 durango would sometimes have the same code. Our trouble seems to have been the "crank sensor" causing the vehicle to stall and not register any trouble codes in the computer. We were told this is a typical problem with the 5.9 liter engines. We were also told to keep our fingers crossed because they were not certain that this was the only sensor that may have been causing the problem. It's been four days now with out a "stall" so we're at least encouraged .
  • melaniev28melaniev28 Posts: 3
    My 2001 Dodge durango got the same code, but would not start back up. Come to find out, the CPM module died, so it was covered under the dodge warranty ( 7 year , 70,000 mile warranty) so they replaced it and it still wouldn't start. It was the Crank Sensor. Been running fine since.
    HOpe this helps. Had a recall on the ball joints too and they replaced those for free, the cpm module is your computer ( runs about $800.00)
  • slauslau Posts: 3
    I am considering getting a 2006 Durango Limited 4WD with Hemi V8. It appears that Dodge is having a great deal on the Durangos right now. I got concern, however, after reading through some of the messages in this forum.

    There are a couple questions that I would like to seek advice from everyone on this forum: (1) Have the problems with stalling and ball joints been satisfactorily resolved so far or that they are still concerns for the 2006 version? (2) Also, when I went to a Dodge dealership yesterday, I noticed that about half of the 2006 Dorangos have had their mufflers already showing signs of extensive corrosion even before leaving the lot. Does anyone know whether this is a known problem with the 2006 Durangos? What was of a particular concern to me is that when the sales person showed me a nicely polished demo in the show room with 5000 miles on it (was driven carefully by a Dodge manager, I was told), the muffler on it has been completely rusted. Some spots were close to be rusted through. With today's corrosion protection technology, one should not expect to see that.

    I would appreciate it very much if anyone can offer any information on these items as well as any suggestions on whether one should stay away from this car.

  • thank you for the advice.I will start with the crank sensor and if that doesn't work I'll try a "copilot" mentioned in #108.
  • jmickajmicka Posts: 1
    About 6 months ago our right turn signal worked liked a trailer was pluged in (about twice as fast), left was fine. I took out the front and back 'housings', bulbs, looked at the connections I could see. Everything looked fine. When I put it all back together it worked fine. Now it's doing it again! This is a well kept 2wd. Not a big problem but it's not right and I can't find a problem or think of a reason. ANY ideas??
  • reece2718reece2718 Posts: 2
    I had the same problem on my 2000 Durango. engine would just shut down and wait for a few minutes and bam start back up again. Few other mechanics I talked to said it would be a problem with the Crank Position Sensor. I replaced that and so far it has been running fine and no problems with stalling. I picked the part up at Auto zone and it cost me about 60 bucks. it is a pain in the butt to replace but can be done by a DIY. the part is located on the 5.9L engine right above and behind the oil filter, behind the exhaust manifold.
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