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Honda Insight Maintenance and Repair



  • if you are having a problem contact Honda AMerica at 1-800-999-1009 have your VIN # ready and tel them the problem,. they helped me out a whole lot with the trouble we had. they dont want to get dealer complaints so they try to fix them!
  • my passenger seat belt is getting wet but I cannot see any water anywhere else or a physical leak, trail etc. Anyone know about this?

    Also had to replace driver side mirror due to a tornado sandblasting the car. dealer told me how to pop off the old one but to replace it is trickier. got it to pop onto the center but how do you get it on the side pcs? :confuse:
  • elk3elk3 Posts: 1
    My Honda 2002 Honda Insight has 116,000 miles on it. When fixing a judder problem they needed to replace my flywheel. As I drove home from that repair I felt a bumping feeling and later on the freeway there's been an intermittent juddering feeling at higher speeds (the recent judder problem was regarding juddering from idle to acceleration). My Honda dealer says this recent problem is due to busted transmission and engine mounts. I have a lot of miles on my car, but it's strange that the bumping etc. started when I left the last repair. Could they have busted these mounts when replacing the flywheel? Do they have to take out the engine to replace the flywheel?
  • Hi Carybrief:

    In regards to your post:
    "My passenger seat belt is getting wet but I cannot see any water anywhere else or a physical leak, trail etc. Anyone know about this?"

    Here is what I Know:
    The leak is most likely coming in from the side panels that are above the doors. Sorry I’m not very mechanically inclined so this description might not be the best, but I've had water leaking into both the passenger and drivers seat belt.

    I thought it was because of a bad job Safelite Auto did replacing my windshield (they have to remove the side panels above the doors to replace the windshield, in the process they broke the side panel clips, so the side panels didn't go back on right). Water began leaking in (a lot--my seatbelts are dripping with water) and so I am now in the process of having Safelite fix this--however there may be another problem.

    Safelite replaced the side panels, and it Still leaks--they have a test where they spray water into the crevices above the doors (starting at the front and working all the way back to the hatchback) and if you remove the interior plastic moldings around the seatbelts you can watch the water trickle in. I’m trying to find out why this is happening—maybe a crack or something in the body, or a bad seal, or needs some new puddy?

    I'll let you know what I find out—and if you or anyone else has more info on this PLEASE let me know because I’m sure this will be a big fight with Safelite Auto and my insurance company.

  • bjgw66bjgw66 Posts: 16
    We sell a lot of insights were I work; I think the main reason tires are hard to find might be our fault. sorry...(lol) I think we typically have 4-6 in the parts department. We order though Honda parts catalog. they are a bridgestone RE92 and they retail for around 80$ I think you can get something the same size cheaper, but they are a little softer rubber (quieter but not as long lasting) from ????? Kumo??? check by size.

    There have been a few posts in here about leaks... yeah I have seen the guys in the shop with the garden hose out spraying on insights to duplicate the leak... and I am fairly certain that they find most of them... I'll talk to my service MGR to see if there are just a few "more common spots" or if it is all just random seals going bad.
  • my 2000 insight needed a new ima at 120000 miles. this is a $7000 fix but warranted by honda. so we did not pay any of that. the problem is we notice that our mileage has dropped from 65 mpg down to 45 mpg. Honda says that was their intention as the old ima contributed to battery heating. Since they designed it to correct the heating problem they will do nothing about our loss of gas mileage. Are we being snowed by an uninformed dealership or has honda really sabotaged their own car?
  • I just had the IMA battery components replaced a couple of months ago, but the mpg has only dropped to the level it usually does in the winter on my 2002 Insight CVT (mpg is lower 60's in summer; mid 50's in winter.) You might want to give American Honda a call, if you're not happy with the Dealer's response. BTW, my lifetime average mpg is 59.5 right now, but it usually goes back up to 60-61 by mid-summer.
  • I have a Honda Insight with a dash light reading "maintenance required." My manual is temporarily missing from a recent move. Is that a normal warning light for an Insight approaching 55,000 miles (which mine is doing)?

    Also, in case I cannot locate my manual soon, what important servicing must be done to the Insight at 55,000 and what should I be watching for in a car of that mileage?
  • slyhamslyham Posts: 2
    In cold weather, the heater has failed to produce any heat for at least a half an hour. After that it often works, but not often enough. Has anyone else had this problem and/or know the solution. Would love to have an idea before I approach the Honda Service shop.
  • airdog3airdog3 Posts: 1
    I am a new owner of a 2002 insight. Does any one know how to to reset the maint. required light? The car has 66K and I just changed the oil and ck all fluids.
  • If you got the Owner's Manual with the car, it's on page 59:
    1. Turn off the engine.
    2. Press and hold the trip button in the instrument panel, then turn the ignition switch ON (II).
    3. Hold the button until the indicator resets (approximately ten seconds).
  • ianuianu Posts: 2
    My '03 Insight has a water leak too! I've determined that the water is coming from the passenger side quarter interior trim panel (just below the pass side rear glass). The water ends up on the right side of the hatch's floor, under the trunk carpet. The passenger side seatbelt gets wet (water travels to where the belt winds up near the floor).

    Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any fixes known?
  • ianuianu Posts: 2

    Did you ever get any answers on your water leak problem? Mine's doing it too!

  • plamboplambo Posts: 5
    After taking it to several places (including a dealer) I found a small repair shop guy who told me the back hatch was not closing properly. We discovered the car had been in an accident (which I did nor know when I bought it) and had had the rear hatch window replaced. Anyway, he removed the entire hatch and re-welded the hinges so now the hatch closes more tightly. Its still not perfect but the leak is now very minimal! He only charged me $250 which I felt was a bargain since no one else could do anything at any price.
  • hi all...just thought I'd close my water leaking chapter on my 2001 honda insight. Long story short, if you see my previous post you will see my problem started with a bad windshield replacement. After 2 different body shop repairs my leak is fixed. My leak was coming into the seat belt areas from 3 places, above the door under the side moldings and a little bit in around the antenna. FYI if you ever have a windshield replaced do it at honda, they should understand that when the side moldings go back on they have to go back on in a very specific way, if not done exactly to spec with each of the clips on in place it leaves gaps where water can enter the body and channel into the seat belt area. To properly diagnose they removed the interior head liner and tested the entire roof for leaks, thats how they found the additional small one from the antenna.

    good luck
  • How did you get this as a warranty repair with 120000 miles? My warranty reads 8/80000 unless I'm missing something? I'm asking because my IMA light just came on at 134,000 on my 2000 Insight and my mileage has dropped from 65 to 60 - so I've been anticipating the worst.
  • I have a 2000 insight with 96,000 miles and the car has been bucking while trying to maintain constant speed. Doesn't buck on eccel or decel. Also, the MPG have dropped to 40-43MPG (used to be 60-65). Was told probably the EGR valve. Removed the valve but don't know how to test it. hooked it up to the connector and ran the engine at different throttle positions and it doesn't open or move. Anyone know how to test these EGR valves?
  • slyhamslyham Posts: 2
    When they replaced my IMA controller to correct the battery heating problem, my mileage dropped about 3 - 4 mpg. 45 mpg is unacceptable, and I think you may be being snowed by your dealer. Call Honda USA about this.
  • Try Mavis tire. Got all 4 replaced recently and they were not any more expensive then other tires.
  • So good to hear this. What/where is Mavis Tires?
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