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Audi A3: Problems & Solutions



  • I noticed just after the DSG had shifted gears there was a hydraulic hissing noise once in a while. Has anyone who owns one noticed this noise?

    Sounds to me you are hearing the pressure management of the turbo. The 2.0TFSI has several mechanisms to "recycle" the air instead of just blowing it off when not needed. This keeps the turbo spooling even if there is no load for a while, thus reducing turbo lag. This would happen in particular under varying loads, such as when shifting.

    Many turbo aficionados love to hear the turbo.
  • levzhlevzh Posts: 3
    Hi all
    Did anybody had "Speed Limit" warning in 3 gear on DSG?
    Very odd: I was in traffic gem this morning moving rather slow (in "D") . Several times when reached 25 m/h DSG would indicate 3 gear and then MPH warning would come up.
    I haven't set any speed limits yet on the car. Any ideas?
    Otherwise - love it.
  • 452820452820 Posts: 6
    I was changing the clock the other day and may have touched something else accidentally. After that whenever I went above 5mph the speed warning would come up. I just went through the menu and unchecked the speed warning and never had it again.
  • Yeah, I did figure it out. But 80, 120, 0 (no reading) for instantaneous mpg?!
  • Yes, if you lift your foot off the gas or coast downhill, that's what happens. Is it 100% accurate at that reading? I doubt it.
  • I recently noticed on my 1999 audi A3, blistering paint on the roof over the rear quarter panels. It is obvious that the car is rusting under the paint.
    I am gutted by this as i have owned Audi and Vws in the past, that have been a lot older and have not shown any signs of rust.
    Does anyone have similar problems..
  • mapinmapin Posts: 27
    So i pulled the knob to see what the car computer estimated to be my next service mileage/date. I purchased the car brand new on June 3 2005. I have 3800 miles on it. According to the manual, my first service is due at 5000 mi/6 months whichever comes first. So I would assume the car computer would tell me about 1200 mi / and a few days left (since November is month 6). However it says 1200 mi / 230 days.

    Any idea why the days would be so far off?
  • mapinmapin Posts: 27
    Spoke to audi about's the reason:

    OK, here's what happens.......when the vehicle is first delivered, the maintenence timer is set for 365 days because after the first (5000 mile) service, ...all the remaining services are all at 15000 miles intervals (aprox. one year or 365 days for the average driver).
    So when you have the first (5000 mile) service completed, the system will be reset, and about 365 days later you will get the warning that the service is due because 365 more days have passed.
    Disconnecting the battery does not interfere with the service reminder system.
  • Hi all,
    Just purchasedand A3, although im having problems with oil emulsifying in the oil filler cap but not at the bottom of the dipstick. I have been informed by the Audi dealer that this is common on A3's?? has anyone had the same experience?? Usually the emusification relates to water/air etc getting into the oil.
  • Yes it's a common occurrence on many types of cars....if you have any concerns you can pop off a valve cover and see how it looks in there. On some cars you can actually peek through the oil cap hole into the camshaft area and take a look for sludge. If there were water in your oil, you'd know it by pulling the stick.
  • thanks for the reply, the car is with the dealer at the moment with the oil problem and a knocking noise coming from the clutch pedal
  • hey man, i got the same problem too, i left my car at the deler 3 days and they can't find any problem ?!! the dealership people act like they don't really care and not looking forward to look for the problem what so ever.... is your car still doing the same thing?? let me know, thanks

  • still had problems with the A3, when i step on the brake and hold it till a full stop, at the end, the car will have a "click" feeling, you can feel it really strong "click" feeling when before it comes to fully stop. and when i start the car in the morning, cold or hot morning, the car will shake!! its like, shake for 2 second, stop and then shake again, then stop, before i put it in D gear. anyone who have the same problem please email me back, i think Audi need to recall A3 back man, there are whole lot of problem talking on the net. Anyway, appreciated.

  • Dennis: never post your e-mail on a message board, you'll get spammed to death.

    Mr Shiftright
  • "Audi need to recall A3 back man, there are whole lot of problem talking on the net."

    Really??? Where??? (Don't bother answering, the forum Nazis here will just delete the message).

    But that's a load of **** anyway. I frequent all the major A3 message boards and there are very few problems being reported with this car. You shouldn't make stuff up like that.
  • pwdpwd Posts: 2
    I was ready to buy the A3 and really liked the car but on two test drives of different cars in normal city traffic, the instanteous fuel milage display showed 11-14 MPG. And I was not pushing hard. What kind of milage are the folks who have this car getting? Thanks for the help.
  • 24 mostly stop & go.
  • mapinmapin Posts: 27
    25-27 stop/go
    30-32 highway
  • I drove my A3 from VA to CT (~1100 miles) for Thanksgiving vacation. Average mpg for the whole trip: 29.
  • The "instant" mileage display is just that. It can be a teaching tool if you'd like to learn how to drive with low mileage, but other than that, it is pretty useless. Don't pay too much attention to it - for everyday driving, the two available (trip & overall) avarages are much more useful. Yes, any car will use surprisingly little or surprisingly much in certain situation. Accelerate a cold car up an incline so mild you can hardly tell it's there. Your instantaneous mileage will be in the single digits. Coast down a slight decline, it will show something close to 100...

    This engine delivers great mileage for its performance (or vice versa). You'll be hard pressed to find better.
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