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Audi A3: Problems & Solutions



  • scotty10scotty10 Posts: 3
    No my dealer is across the 'Pond' in Scotland. Beautiful countryside, winding roads through distillery country with a car that thrives such challanges (when working!). Local dealer is an Audi Specialist with back up from Audi UK. Now that the dealer has identified the problem and with Audi UK taking a more direct interest there will be a positive outcome.
  • davidd7davidd7 Posts: 1
    I've had my A3 2.0T DSG about 2 months and 3000 miles.
    How do you remove the warning stickers on the visors? I love the A3 interior design but get irritated everytime I look up!

    Also, I have the same key thing with the engine not starting every now and then. Happens whether I wait
    a couple secs before starting or not. I haven't taken it in yet as I was waiting until the fix was known.

    My 2.0T DSG seems to hunt a bit when donwshifting in a hard turn as described for the 3.2. After 2 months of driving, the manual that I originally test drove was more fun but less practical - my SO doesn't do stick. The DSG is a blast though once you get used to it's little issues.
    It there new SW for the DSG that fixes the problem?
  • andres3andres3 CAPosts: 5,284
    I too, have found issues with the DSG downshifting and hunting and doing strange things while turning. It's almost as if the tranny goes into race mode anytime you take a turn. The slightest increase in pressure on the accelerator while turning makes the car go into "madman" mode, and usually will activate the ESP and the tire may screetch.

    I have to get more miles and practice before I can judge the "severity of the problem" or simply if its just the A3's personality to go into "sport mode" everytime you take a turn.

    FUN to drive as all heck though! Not quite as explosively fast and quick as many have said (but I'm used to Honda's awesome 240 HP V6). Amazingly, Honda's V6's are some of the best V6's out there, and this 2.0 T behaves a lot like that engine, only with more low end torque, but less top end HP.
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,747
    "the company is paying for these to be changed but refuses to accept their responsibility for the A3"

    Thanks for info. Let's hope in near future they get their reliability act together. I won't buy one until they do.
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,747
    I'm curious if Audi dealers do anything __different__ wrt service provided to their customers ..vs.. us domestic car owners.
    Let's please disregard their current free maintanance, as that's gone in 2007, when I will be considering the next car.

    Reason is in my area, Audi dealers are sparse and a considerable drive to reach.
  • dazzadazza Posts: 2

    I own a 97 Audi A3 1.6 and when it is at a stand still the revs fluctuate instead of staying steady at around 900rpm.

    Has anyone seen or heard of this?? What is the cause??? How can i fix it??? without an expensive trip to the Audi garage!!!
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,747
    Am also curious if any Audi owners posting here have dealer service departments that are open on WEEKENDS?? Out of the 12 Audi Dealers I surveyed in my location in LA, CA, only __one__ was open on Saturday.
  • robert66robert66 Posts: 1
    in the april 2006 issue of quattro route magazine they talk about a crack developing in the cylinder head of the a3 2.0tdi audi from 2005 model downwards at 90000 to 100000km onwards.they also say that audi have corrected this from 2005 nov model upwards on the assembly line.has anybody out there experienced any thing like this.
  • a3ownera3owner Posts: 1
    I have a problem with my "Service Warning Timer" as well.

    I bought the car in August of '05 (A3 2.0 DSG). I currently have approximately 7,600 miles on it. A few months after its 5,000 mile service I began getting new service warning indicators when I started the car. Its starts at 500 miles and 365 days. It begins counting down in incriments of 100 miles until the SERVICE! light kicks on. I've taken it to the dealer to reset 2 times now. The light just came back on again. Has anyone else had this problem? They've told me they must not have done it correctly the last time. Not sure I'm buying that anymore.
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,747
    Could be the dashboard module problem that has been mentioned over on the A4 forum. This is used in a number of Audis and seems to be problematic.

    The module is very expensive outside of warranty.
  • No smoke or anything like that.

    When I reported to the problem they said they "couldn't find anything wrong" and that it just needed an oil change.
  • tslbmwtslbmw Posts: 166
    Question for all A3 w/OpenSky owners: When I first purchased the car in March ('06), the rear sunshade would not latch. The dealer fixed it and it seems fine now; however, now the front shade won't latch and I'm gonna have them fix it when I take it in next month for the free 5000 mile maint. Have any other owners had the same problem? And if so, will this happen again in a couple of months with the new latch or do they replace it with a different type? :confuse:

    Thanks for the input.
  • bruce30bruce30 Posts: 8
    I purchased my 2006 A3 Jan 06. Have 2600 miles now. I also have the annoying wind noise at 50+ mph w/skyroof with the roof & windows closed. I think this is a design-structure problem with the roof which probably can not be fixed. So I wont be going on any roadtrips with this car. I also have the intermittent key start problem. And back to the sun roof..most annoying are the holes in the sunshade in the Arizona summer. Bad enough its 110+ then you get the sun on your head! I put one of those flexible sunshades between the glass and flimsy shade to solve that problem.
  • gp325gp325 Posts: 1
    Just bought my A3 a month ago, and my front shade latch broke. Brought it in this morning and by 2pm the service manager had called me saying that he needs more time to fix the shade because Audi has sent a non-official recall/fix on the shade, and that he had to order more parts that would come in tommorrow..hhmmm....wondering if this is true or did the technician break something??? Why didn't he tell me this when I brought in the car this morning...
  • tslbmwtslbmw Posts: 166
    Well, I've heard this problem is happening to almost ALL A3 owners with OpenSky so I hope your manager was right and a recall/fix on the shade was on the way from corp. And I was told the same thing by other owners that the fix could take a while b/c the parts are on back order. I called today to schedule by 5000 maint for next week and told him to go ahead and order the part so it's in next week...we'll see. Let me know how yours turns out when you get it back, I'm VERY interested to know what the new fix will be!!
  • dazzadazza Posts: 2

    I own a 97 Audi A3 1.6 and when it is at a stand still the revs fluctuate instead of staying steady at around 900rpm.

    Has anyone seen or heard of this?? What is the cause??? How can i fix it??? without an expensive trip to the Audi garage!!!
  • So is there a consensus that OS causes annoying (or at least louder than it should be) freeway wind noise? Someone posted about a "comfort" position on the OS dial, which eliminated a rattle. Is this related?

    I'm just about to pull the trigger on an A3 with OS, but noisy road trips might be a deal breaker.
  • bruce30bruce30 Posts: 8
    Has anyone noticed that it is not possible to flip the wipers up off the window for window cleaning. You need to hold them up due to the position under the hood. The driver side will lift out only with the hood open and the passenger side will not flip out with the hood open or closed..the wiper blade must be dismantled on that side.
    I confirmed this with the service manager on my first oil change. We had a good laugh about that. At least they did a good job on the rear wiper design!
  • a3girla3girl Posts: 1
    OK OK i know im a chick but i'll try describe in the most technical terms i can!!
    Got an A3 1.8t 2001, every now and then it kind of jerks around, feels like fuel not getting hro, i know that isnt the prob but thats best way i can describe, it loses power, you take your foot off then it jerks off, then stops etc, when is left to tick over, sometimes cuts out, sometimes just keeps juddering on, then prob goes away for while!!
    Spoke to few peoplw they've said have had same probs with audis too, no registered fault on computer, som suggest ecu unit, other changed fuel filter??
    Anyone know anything???
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,747
    The 4 Japanese and one American (Malibu '04) I have owned burned very little. The old VW Superbeetle that started me out did burn some.
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