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Audi A3: Problems & Solutions



  • sloomersloomer Posts: 1
    My Open Sky is so quitet I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I first opened it full open on the highway! I have a Mercedes and had a VW Beetle and the only way you can leave their sunroofs open is in tilt up not open...maybe you just haven't experienced other cars with open roof systems...test drive the others! I love my open sky!
  • 0806scs0806scs Posts: 1
    2006 A3 2.0T Sport package 4100 miles - Phoenix AZ
    Issues to date:
    While waiting to turn at a stoplight after proceeding the DSG will stay in 2nd gear and will not change even if I slow to 5mph or if I hit redline. This has happened 3x once while making a easy left turn and 2x from dashing out trying to avoid oncoming cars. Also another issue I have seen is once I had turned on the cruise control while is 'S' mode and the car couldnt decide what gear to go in to. The display kept jumping back and fourth between 5th and 4th. I was going to bring this to my service advisor's attention once I take it in for a 5000mi oil change.
  • czarnikcczarnikc Posts: 1
    Tip: Read the manual. The wipers have a "service mode." You also might suggest that the service mgr get to know the car a little better if he's going to work on it. Ha! Many things about this car that you'd never find/know if you don't RTFM!
  • davescodavesco Posts: 1
    I also have this problem, on the same model and age of car. Did you ever find any fixes? I am struggling to find any info anywhere.
  • katzekatze Posts: 4
    I purchased an A3 a month ago and have put 3000 miles on it. From the beginning, intermittently when I try to start it, it won't start. It makes no noise. The lights go on, so there is no problem with the battery. It is as if it is in the wrong gear. After I shift it through the gears, (park, neutral, drive, etc.), it will start after about the third or fourth try. It has been to the dealer and they cannot duplicate the problem or find anything wrong. Does anyone have a suggestion for what the problem might be? I can decipher no pattern to its no start problem, except it never happens when the car sits overnight. It always happens after I have driven it for a while, turned it off and am trying to restart.
  • Unless the dealer requires an elephant with a bell around its neck and a note that says "neutral safety switch", one would think from your clear diagnosis, that he would have replaced this simple switch for you to see if that cured the problem.
  • katzekatze Posts: 4
    Thank you, Mr. Shiftright, I am bringing the car into the dealer today and will give him your suggestion. I also received a reply on another forum referencing Technical Bulletin 05-09, which references a software solution to my problem. It is in Adobe format and I don't know how to reference it here. I am new to the forums. If you can advise me how to attach it to this message, I will post it. It is eight pages long.
  • katzekatze Posts: 4
    Here is a URL that hopefully will access the Technical Bulletin 05-09.
    It is:
  • Well that certainly describes the symptoms although it seems like a long shot....keep us informed!
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,747
    always good to wait a while before buying any new model, as these issues always come up.

    Also, that bulletin made particular mention of "tuned" ECM's, so Audi is aware folks are "chipping" this particular model and will void the warranty if they find evidence of it.
    A3 tuners, you are being watched for !! :surprise:
  • katzekatze Posts: 4
    What does "chipping" mean?
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,747
    "Chipped" or "chipping" usually means reprogramming the Engine controller computer chips.

    The main purpose of "chipping" is to get more power out of the engine. Audi USA does not approve of this as reprogramming can foul up other engine parameters for emissions, knock resistance, etc.

    Audi USA has said it will void the warranty on any vehicle discovered to have been "chipped" by anyone other than themselves.
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,747
    The only car I have ever owned that has used that much oil was a Volkswagen beetle. Everything else, Honda, Toyota, Toyota/Chevy, Chevy, Mazda, used no more than 1/4 quart in 3-5 K miles, and the toyota and Chevy use much less.
  • Shipo - Can you tell me where you are getting your statistics from?

    None of the other cars I have owned have consumed this much oil. My friend has an Audi S4 and another friend has a VW Jetta - neither one is experiencing this kind of consumption. If this truly is the way the car was designed, Audi shouldn't recommend a 10k service interval between oil changes. If I follow this maintenance schedule, I will destroy my engine.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    "Shipo - Can you tell me where you are getting your statistics from?"

    Statistics? No statistics, it's simply both common sense and fact. ANY car that only uses a quart of oil every 5,000 miles is to be considered in perfect operating condition. Don't believe me? Go over to some of the oil related discussions here at Edmunds and ask around.

    Backing this discussion up a few years (err, decades) I used to turn a pretty fair wrench on cars, and when overhauling cylinder heads that didn't have replaceable valve guides we would "knurl" the guides. Knurling effectively reduces the inner diameter of the guide by displacing a small amount of metal from the creation of a spiral grove down the length of said guide. This would accomplish two things:
    1) The reduction of the inner diameter would be limited to no smaller than the OEM spec for said guide thus allowing for better valve placement on its seat (which reduced the incidence of burning said valves), and
    2) The grove effectively becomes a small oil gallery that snakes around the valve stem allowing for better lubrication within the guide area.

    The drawback? Slightly increased oil consumption. The benefits? Greatly enhanced valve and valve guide life.

    The fact remains that engines must use some oil, and a quart every 5,000 miles is a very good usage level. From what I've seen and heard, most manufacturers consider anything above a quart per 1,000 miles to be within spec (VW and Audi included). That a few out there use less than what your engine is using is irrelevant. That your previous cars didn't use as much oil as your current engine is also irrelevant.

    Regarding your comment that said, "If this truly is the way the car was designed, Audi shouldn't recommend a 10k service interval between oil changes."

    The truth of the matter is that one has absolutely nothing to do with the other. You change your oil when the manufacturer says to and you top off your oil when your dip-stick says you need to.

    Regarding your comment that said, "If I follow this maintenance schedule, I will destroy my engine."

    Ummm, why? Keep the oil within the allowable range and your engine will outlast the rest of your car. If it needs a quart, add the quart. Simple as that.

    Best Regards,
  • I concur. If given a choice between an engine using a quart of oil every 5,000 miles and one using no oil in 5,000 miles, I would definitely choose the engine using this small amount of oil.

    If I had an engine that used no oil whatsoever in 5K miles, I would probably start to add a small amount of "top oil" or "upper cylinder lubricant" to the fuel.
  • Any good engineer or quality person knows, without empirical data - you have no basis for your statements. Show me revelant current data, and we can discuss more.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    I think you are confusing empirical and scientific data. Empirical data is non-scientific, however, that doesn't mean it's irrelevant. Empirical data (in this case) is simply a collection of observed and experienced causes and effects. Many of the folks who post here at Edmunds have loads of this type of data to offer. Go over to and you will find many more folks with the same.

    The above having been said, when you say, "Show me revelant [sic] current data, and we can discuss more." I suspect that what you are really asking for is scientific data, and as such, my guess is that you're asking for something that doesn't exist. Why? Because no company is dumb enough to fund a study that looks into the positive and negative effects of using a quart of oil every 5,000 miles. Why not? Because there have been hundreds of millions of engines built that use about that amount of oil and as such, the empirical evidence is extremely strong. What does that evidence show us? It shows us that an engine that uses a quart of oil every 5,000 miles is just about perfect.

    Suffice to say, anybody who takes their car (of any make or model) in to the dealership and complains that it consumes the oft mentioned quart per 5,000 miles is going to get laughed at, maybe not to their face, but certainly after they leave.

    Best Regards,
  • 07 A3 and my driver side window is making noise when closed. Sounds like a tapping noise on glass. If I open the window with one tap, it goes away. On another forum someone said to use Krytox lubricant.

    Anyone have solutions until I take it in for my 5000K?

    With my off and on opensky buzzing and now this I am getting :mad:
  • Fair enough, but I rather view it as common sense type of information. If you think of the valves going up and down and protruding into the combustion chamber, the idea of a slight amount of oil mixed with the fuel, lubricating the protruding stem of the valve in these horrendously high thermal conditions----well, it just makes sense, technically speaking. I've certainly asked engine builders about this, who, in this case, I prefer to quiz, rather than pocket protector guys working only on paper.

    Hope that clarifies my point of view on this.
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