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Chevrolet HHR Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,643
Post your buying experience here!!

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  • 61116111 Posts: 13
    I ordered an HHR 3 weeks ago from H&H in Omaha NE.
    I didn't want to order one but the few HHR's in town were all around $22000-$23000. Way to many option I didn't need or want to pay for. I ordered an LT1 HHR, auto, 2.4 engine, fog lights, roof rails, pioneer sound. MSRP was $19200, I only paid $17661. Thats $206.00 under :D the Dealer invoice price of $17867 for the car.

    6-8 week for delivery. :cry:
  • smariasmaria Posts: 279
    Wow, the HHR's brand new and it's already selling under invoice? :surprise:
  • What I have found is No dealer in AZ will discount the HHR from MSRP at this time.
  • geemacgeemac Posts: 28
    I live in Southern Vermont and just bought an LT, list price $18845, for $17,345. There appaently are discounts available.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,233
    We picked our up this past weekend in Windsor , Ct While I'd be hard pressed to ever consider a vehicle purchase as pleasurable, we did not run it any problems at all. Had to order to get 5sp MT wanted and didn't have any trouble with that at all. Paid a reasonable price, dealer got a few bucks and a unit sold in what I would imagine wasn't a good month for sales.
  • Got a call from a Chevy salesman I had contacted earlier asking if I was interested in a car they had acquired. Despite the fact I had told him I wasn't interested in paying over 21,000 for the car with the options I had selected he sent me a sticker that showed a price of 23,665. Well in the course of speaking with him and looking at a print of the sticker I realized the car was a demo. When I asked he said that he would give me a $1000 discount because of this. When I asked him how much miles it had on it all he could tell me was less than 5,000 miles. I was about to end the call when I noticed another shocker. There was a $995 dealer price add on charge. When I asked about it he said it was for transport of the car from it's present location. Basically he had tagged on a charge just so he could make me feel like I was getting a discount and I would be paying MSRP for what is essentially a used car.

    I've had it with GM and their dishonest salespeople. They can take their HHR and ........
  • zl688zl688 Posts: 2
    I just ordered a 5 speed in Windsor, too. How long did it take for yours to come in?
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,233
    Ours took 6 weeks and 3 days from signing paperwork (don't know exactly when order went in) to delivery to dealer.
  • GM will again offer Employee pricing on their cars now to include 2006 models.

    When I told the Sales person at the dealer that there'd be discounts before the end of the year he shook his head. lol. Wish I had waited instead of jumping up to the 300. Oh well at least I got a good price on a good car.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    Dont blame GM...blame the dealership...remember most are independently owned and operated.....GM simply provides the product to around..their our deals on them out there....we found several.....waiting on the arrival of our Pontiac Solstice.....was getting impatient so looked at the the Northern VA area..found plenty..and dealers willing to sell below MSRP w/o a problem..good luck
  • blkhhrblkhhr Posts: 3
    I just took delively of a black HHR 1LT on new year's eve. I was able to take advantage of the Red Tag pricing and got the sticker price of $19,970 down to a few dollars over $19,000. The dealer I've been going to for years sold all three HHR's in stock that day. They are going QUICK and dealers don't seem to be taking advantage of their popularity. I've only had the car for two days now but I really love it and just hope there aren't any problems associated with the fact that it's a first model year vehicle. This trendy little car has more features than my TrailBlazer that was over $10,000 more! :shades:
  • donsurdonsur Posts: 12
    I bought a Black 2LT fully loaded including Onstar. I will have every option available, the HHR is in route to the dealership. I bought it today to take advantage of the the last day for the Red Tag sale that is going on. The MSRP on this HHR is $24805, the red tag price I paid was $23240. I also got 3.9% interest for 60 months from GMAC. I bickered for a while about my trade allowance and they came up another $1000 as I was ready to walk. All in all, I think I got a good deal and I got the car I wanted, the color I wanted with all the options I wanted. I bought the car at Gwinnett Place Chevrolet in Duluth Georgia. So far so good. I am suppose to take delivery sometime in the next three to four days. I looked very seriously at a PT Cruiser Limited Turbo with all the bells and whistles, but after driving the HHR I preferred the way it drove. Two things really bothered me about the PT Cruiser, One no side curtain head airbags available and Two it is going to change in 2007. The price was very comparable between the two. The Cruiser deal was at 7.1% best interest with a $2000 rebate or 4.9% with $1000 rebate - not a very good deal from my point of view. I like the looks of the HHR and the versatility of the interior. :shades:
  • thekingtheking Posts: 107
    I also test drove PT Cruiser......I was not impressed... :lemon: PT cruiser was like a toy in comparison to the Heritage High Roof. Also turbo PT cruisers have had brake and tire problems by 20k miles also PT Cruiser has a horrible trade-in value. :) The HHR has a solid feel that the Chrysler sadly misses.Does yours have the optional rear spoiler;IMHO it takes away from the HHR's clean rear end !
  • donsurdonsur Posts: 12
    Yes it has the spoiler. :confuse: This is the way it came from the factory. I agree with you about the PT trade in. :) When I visited the local dealer to look at and drive the new 06s they had several 05s in the used car lot for just about half of what they cost new. That was a real turn off for me also. I just feel better with something new on the scene instead of a car that has been around for 6 years. :)
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    We've had ours since Nov. 28th....there's just something special about it...we've had about 15-20 new cars in the last 30 years...this one...seems like GM is really on to something....maybe it's a new kind of quality & style???
  • How is the view out the back window? I have noticed that many cars have limited visibility when backing up... as the back end sits higher the RAV and the PT. Any comments on visibility from the HHR. I need an automatic and would appreciate any comments on difference felt between the 2.2L and 2.4L engines. I drive a manual Passat with turbo and like the acceleration but I need an automatic and a car that is easier to get into due to a back injury and think the HHR may fit my needs.
  • thekingtheking Posts: 107
    I want to order a HHR....I have offered my vehicle at $500 under KBB and also the ordered car at invoice. Dealer is telling me there is a $450 advertising fee. I have bought cars for 40 years and never paid such a fee. He told me this fee is not part of his holdback. I think this fee is "B.S." Give me your views !!!! :confuse:
  • adm1adm1 Posts: 1
    With Red Tag price, $1000 GM card rebate, and $750 GM hurricane relief rebate, ended up paying $15,686 (including all dealer fees) for a silver LT with automatic. Sticker price was $18,239 including dealer fee. Car was at dealership when I went in and I bought it the same day. Have had the HHR for two weeks and surprised at what a solid little car it is.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I say the dealer is blowing smoke your way..when in GM customer service and ask...what is this advertising fee for.....go to another dealer and see what they are charging....if no fee..then confront your dealer with the issue.....seems like a way to line the pockets of the it worth walking away from a deal...since you ordered your car at the invoice price???
  • I am in the military and was stationed overseas.I just got back to the states after seven years over there.I was interested in buying a HHR but am looking for responses on any troubles with it.I know when the Equinox was released I almost bought one but the troubles with it was unbelievable. So any help with problems that have raised an eyebrow with the HHR would be greatly appreciated.
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