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Chevrolet HHR Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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  • I just graduated form college and am looking on buying my first brand new car. Currently I own a 96' Pontiac Grand Am (which I love for the pick-up and speed) but since I have owned it since I was 16 it is time for a change. So now my eyes are on the HHR. I have done some research and am pretty sure this is what I am going to buy...but I wanted to hear from current owners what they think in general. Does it have reasonable pick-up? I've read the brakes aren't the best, is that true? Also the battery being in the back?! Is there any one weird quirks I should know about before signing an agreement? I just want to make sure that it is the best car for me so any sort of imput would be great. Thanks.
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    You should check out the general HHR discussion that is linked in message #22..

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  • ls2gtols2gto Posts: 6
    Does anyone know the current residuals and money factors for 2, 3, and 4 year HHR leases?

  • I had heard through Consumer Reports that the visibility was limited. I bought a HHR 2Lt 12/17/05 and absolutely love it. There is NO visibility problem. Mine has the electronic seats and you can position yourself anywhere. I would suggest this seat as it has an adjustable lumbar support and I also have back trouble. You don't need the running boards to enter the vehicle, but they sure do look neat. I'm short and have no trouble entering/exiting the vehicle.

    I drove the 2.2L but bought the 2.4L with the 4 spd. automatic. It is very peppy and gets 28-30 mpg on the road and mine gets 23-25 in town. I'm impressed with the acceleration. Lots of wind and long highways here in West Texas and the HHR really 'sits down' on the road.
    Good handling. I don't think that you will be disappointed in the HHR

    Jim Kerbow
    San Angelo, Texas
  • towittowit Posts: 4
    My biggest gripe with GM. In my area there are about 20 of these at the dealers. None have side air bags, one has ABS brakes, but 10 have sun roofs. Same story with Vibe.

    Why people want leaky sun roofs that take 2 inches from your headroom at the expense of safety is beyond me.
  • Jim,
    Thanks so much for your input. The Portland Auto Show is next week and I am going to get a really good look at the HHR and maybe a good deal :-) Years ago I tried to restore a 47 Plymouth and it was so costly that I had to sell it. I love old cars and think the HHR may satisfy this desire too. My daughter drives an Element and thinks the HHR is ugly. She felt the same about the Element until she drove one. ;)
  • I ordered my HHR 2LT Tuesday. Daytona Blue, Leather, side airbags, roof rails, polished wheels, sunroof, 5 speed. I shopped several dealers and ended up getting a very good deal. MSRP was $21,140 but I bought it for $19,300. No bogus add ons or Doc fees, etc. Sweet ride for under $20K out the door, including tax and title.

    Based on some of the reviews I read before driving an HHR, I almost didn't give the HHR a chance. I did come to the conclusion that some of the reviewers must have been smoking crack. At 50 years old I have owned and driven many muscle and performance cars in my day. While the HHR is neither, it is hardly the ill handling dog some say it is. Actually, the HHR is pretty peppy for a small 4 banger.
    Lets face it. The HHR is an Econo crossover vehicle that is extremely stylish and has above average performance.
    One other thing I couldn't understand was some of the reviewers talking about the lack of headroom with the sunroof. One guy said he was 5'10" and his head was touching the headliner. I am 6'3" and my head is nowhere close. Makes me wonder if we were even talking about the same vehicle. Oh well, just a few observations. I'll let Y'all know how the delivery process goes.
  • swl001swl001 Posts: 1
    Test drove an HHR last night and decided to purchase the vehicle. I will hopefully take possession tomorrow (Thu, 26 Jan). :)

    Test driving the vehicle put to rest any concerns I might have had about various features/capabilities of the HHR based on what I saw in these forums. For me there was plenty of "get up and go", the steering felt fine, head and leg room were more than adequate (I'm around 5'8"). One remaining issue for me is the line of sight issues some have spoken about. Side sight lines seemed fine to me. Front and rear sight lines are more limited, but I think will simply take some getting used to - they're different than those in more traditional vehicles. The side view mirrors are fairly large and I think will help with rear sight line issues. I also see myself removing the rear seat headrests (as others on these forums have suggested). I especially liked the height of the driver's seat and the vehicle in general - it's a feeling of "sitting up" in traffic similar to what you'd find in an SUV but without the size of an SUV, the poor gas mileage of an SUV, or the monster price tag of an SUV.

    Since this is a forum on prices paid and buying experience, let me say that I had a great experience with my dealer. I got a sandstone metallic 2LT, automatic with leather seats, running boards, roof rails, sunroof, and forged aluminum wheels for $20,999 (MSRP: $22,180 Invoice: $20,647). With $2000 in GM card bonus earnings and the low interest rates currently being offered by GMAC I don't think I could have done a whole lot better! :shades:
  • Noticed an ad showing an HHR with a MSRP of $19,585 discounted by $2,786 for a final price of $16,799.
    Nice to see ads showing them discounted.
  • Is this a good deal for the price:

    2006 Chevrolet HHR LT
    Black Exterior
    Grey Leather Interior
    Air bags - Side curtain included
    Running Boards, color keyed
    Automatic Transmission
    17" High Polish Alloy Wheels
    2.4L 4CYL Engine
    Sport Tuned Suspension
    Bright Chrome Appearance Package
    4-Wheen Anti-lock breaks
    Pioneer 7 speaker amplified system
    Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel
    Redundant Radio Controls
    Leather Wrapped Shift Knob
    Auto-dim I/S Mirror with compass

    Total: $20,610
  • thekingtheking Posts: 107
    :shades: Your price is about $400 over dealer invoice...aim for $20,000 and then let them split difference down the middle...are we talking about a car in stock ????
  • Thanks for the advice. I was definitely going to try to get them as close to $20,000 as possible, but I'm pretty happy where the price is so if I don't get them down too far I won't be disappointed. I've been quoted much higher prices for HHRs that are far less equipped than this one, so I'm pretty satisfied with this offer.

    And ,no, this is not for a car in stock.

    Thanks again! :shades:
  • I ordered mine about 6 weeks ago with about the same number of options. A Daytona Blue 2LT with everything but the running boards and auto. I did order mine with the sunroof though. My total was $19,300.
  • donny101donny101 Posts: 2
    You can buy an HHR if you are a (supplier consumer) or you are family to a employee to a dealership which would give you buying the vehicle little bit higher than cost. These vehicles have no Mark-up and very little holdback which is around 400$ !!!!

    Give your salesperson a Break, from diggin in to deep in his backpocket or atleast slide him a 50$
  • donny101donny101 Posts: 2
    Im a salesman, and lets put it in a different way!!!

    Chevrolet Builds the cars,then advertises them so you will know they are available and as known these vehicles have no mark-up and very little Holdback! No wonder the
    Japanese are kicking our #@$%&"s Pay chevrolet!!! give a little love to our country!
  • geemacgeemac Posts: 28
    If you can order running boards, you really should get them. The rear quarters of your new HHR will look like theyt were sandblasted in a few thousahd miles. This appears to be a common problem for those of us with out boards. GM is not willing to address the problem at present but a few people have reported that they were given running boards by their local dealerships. I guess it depends on how anxious your dealer is to keep you satisfied with your purchase. I have been getting bounced around between GM, the dealership I puirchased from, and the district level management without a resolution to the damage to my HHR.
  • Well in Aug '05 I wanted a big SUV, and went to the chevy dealer that I bought my tracker from 13 years ago. Yes, I still my baby, being restored now. Let me just add that I NEVER had any work done to my tracker that is why I wanted another Chevy. (I blew motors in Toyota, & Ford, so never again will I buy one of those.) Oil changes and tunes up was it. How could you go wrong with another chevy, I was looking for a Tahoe, or something along those lines, but when I went there I was not impressed with the size these had inside, so I had was riding by with the salesman and I seen this "funky" purple car that I had to stop and look at. I was actually impressed with all the room it had inside, I like the whole retro look, so I drove it. I did not get out of it until I signed the papers, I STILL LOVE MY HHR. Any concerns I have I call my sales guy and he gets everything and anything I want DONE!!!!!!!! So here is what my new baby has....

    2LT Majestic Amethyst Metallic
    Sun roof (which I'm so glad I got)
    Leather/heated seats
    remote start
    6 cd changer
    rubber mats
    had them tint the front windows
    17 inch wheels
    ok well thats all I can remember so I guess it's eaiser to say that I got everything, BUT onstar, XM, roof rails and the rear spoiler

    paid $22K
  • kikilskikils Posts: 5
    Dealer offered me $100 over invoice and then said she would need a 3% ad fee. When I told her I wasnt sure why I should pay an add fee for a car they are having to order, since they never advertised it. She changed and said she may be able to do 1.5%, but she had to talk to the owner. 1.5% would be about 300 dollars.

    Any insight or help?

  • kyfdx%40Edmundskyfdx%40Edmunds Posts: 25,876
    Just say no..

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