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Chevrolet HHR Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,233
    Mine is the same, always collecting dirt. I believe lund has a wind deflecter that may help with the upper part (window) but most likely won't help with lower part. If there is a spray pattern on the lower sides it may help to add mud flaps on ther rear (mounted low as possible). I don't think the design of the factory spoiler will help.
  • tbaxxontbaxxon Posts: 80
    Just bought a 2006 Black HHR LT2 at 11K miles with every option including On Star LEather, Chrome pack, XM Radio, Moon Rook, Cjrome roof rails, 6 disk, 260watt, 2.4LTR,ABS. Auto, Heated and Power seats, BT,

    For $5000 and a 2003 Explorer with 42,000 miles out the Door.

    Dealer wanted $8550 plus my truck. LOL
    Then he came down to $5500....I began writing out a check for $5000 and told the sales manager this was the only check I had. He took it. So we got a nice car with lo miles that can carry stuff without chewing up the garage.

    Ended up selling me the HHR for $14000 and giving me $9800 for the Explorer. Tax was $260...

    AS equipt this car would cost $25000 new today.
  • I was shopping..and shopping. Finally found one...about 28000 miles. 2.2L, auto, but otherwise pretty basic, not much outside of what normally comes with it. Got it for $12k, lucked out I thought.
  • Picking up my HHR tonight, Black, 1LT with 2.4, Chrome pakg, running boards, Sun and Fun package(sunroof and xm satellite w/ pioneer speekers), Fog Lamps, and AntiLock breaks, spoiler
    Sticker was 21,644 got it for 15959 before tax and title....17,066 w/T&T ..
    This included GM supplier - approx $1000, $2000 GM rebate, and 2600 for my '01 Malibu with 117500 miles,
    I am very happy.. :shades: I can't wait to get to the dealer tonight!
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,233
    Congrats, hope you like it as much as I do mine.
  • afs9afs9 Posts: 5
    Invoice: $26K
    Out the door: approx $18.500K
    Black, LT2 with chrome package, sun and fun package, mud flaps, running boards, remote start, chrome rails, gray leather with heated front seats, side airbags, HHR cargo organizer (got this thrown in for free).

    Dealer add on's: PAL attachment for iPod, door sill plate kit, extra tint on windows, 19" chrome rims that I changed (cute, but too flashy and expensive) & put back on the original "star" rims (shiny ones) with the Chevy bow-tie on them.

    Down was about $4K (cash, GM points, no trade in--keeping my '99 V6 S10), the rest was rebates and changes I made to car (rims, free HHR cargo hold, etc.). Plus the fact this is the 7th car or truck my family has bought from this dealer (Selman Chevrolet, Orange, CA) in over 25 years and always get great deals!

    Black was 3rd choice color-I wanted a blue one, but was insistent it be an LT2 (didn't want to miss the kick of my V6), but none around. Was going to order a 2008, but couldn't pass this one up with all the goodies it has and for the price. Oh yeah--price includes full warranty coverage for all 5 years.

    I absolutely LOVE this car--I've wanted one since I saw it in 2005 and bought it as a b-day present to myself last week!
  • Congrats. Black is the "natural" color for the HHR.
    Now step over to

    Great forum for owners> Technical customizing and gatherings for owners of this car. Many TSB reports and common issues and praises.
  • Pretty much base Silver LS. Love this car and the mileage. Lonestar Chevy in Houston was a pleasure to deal with. Got my LS for 11,888 +TT&L wich was less than $500 due to my almost break even trade. Got a 5yr/100K mile extended warranty for $300 due to online coupon. So for approximately $13100 drive out, I got a fun car that's good on gas, and a warranty that literally covers everything but brakes and tires. I thought I got a good deal.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I don't understand the warranty part. Is it 5-year bumper to bumper? The standard warranty for Chevrolet/GM is 5-year/100,000 miles, transferable. If they deceived you, request the money back right away. Otherwise, have fun with your new ride.
  • White,2.2 ltr.,5 speed, LT1, fog lights, chrome package, mud flaps. $18,000 MSRP, Paid $13,445 plus $238 for Oregon plates (4 years !), and title. Minus a $709 GM Card rebate= $12974 out the door. (no sales tax in the Beaver state)
    Price would have been $50 more if I hadn't paid cash, the dealer would have been able to hit me up for a "Doc Fee" to carry my paperwork to the DMV.
    Found my deal in the Saturday Oregonian newspaper auto section, Carr Chevrolet in Beaverton occasionaly runs "loss Leader" ads good only on weekends. Last weekend they had 3 '07 LS 5 speeds @ $12,495, 3 "07 LT 5 speeds @ $13,495. My HHR was fresh with only 14 miles on the odometer, the other two LT's had around 100 miles on them.
  • I think that 5yr/100,000 is just powertrain...
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Very good price. A lot of times dealers will put those ads in the paper just to get people to come in and really not intend to sell them that model if they even have it. Here in Illinois, a few dealers got in trouble for not having the car, and some park it in the back or service area so it won't be found unless the customer insists.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Yes it is only powertrain, but I wasn't sure what he meant by the extra money for a 5-year extended warranty. The 5-year standard powertrain warranty that GM has covers much more than the competition including axles, driveshaft, engine accessories, a whole lot of stuff.

    The Chrysler warranty is a gimmick and really hasn't started any parades into the showrooms other than some customers initially. Most consumers are still not that educated when buying an auto and tend to overlook the fine print. People still only keep a car around the 4-5 year range before selling or trading it. This probably was on Chryslers mind because the Chrysler warranty is voided right away once gone. Hyundai made out good on this as well because their warranty is also non-transferable but to only a family member. They know for the most part people don't keep their cars and were banking on it.
  • Heres my recent buying experience
    I recently bought a 2006 HHR that had an original sticker of $24,125. The original buyer bought it 14 months ago. They had it marked at $18,995 Carfax said it was local and bought locally.

    I had a 2003 Explorer with 48K on it. I offered $4k and my Ford OTD. They wanted $8500! Since I was in no hurry I siad no I made an offer. They invited me to look up both cars on KBB. I did. I saw ACV trade in in good condition on the Explorer at $9800 and $13.5 low book as equipt or so for the HHR in good condition.

    I figured they have $12k in the HHR (What a beating those cars take). Thats how I came up with my offer. The Sales Manager was a good guy. No a GREAT guy. He took no offense but kidded with me " So lets see you want to trade wholesale for wholesale" I said "And?" HE laughed and dropped his proce $3000!!!! to $5500 OTD and my truck.

    We both were silent for about 5 minutes. "I said I guess the next person who talks loses" He laughed and said "I knew you were thinking that"

    I pull out a single check from my wallet and fill it out for $5000. I hand him the check and tell him it's my last check. I will have to go home to get another. HE again laughs and calls his used car manager to find out "how much they have in the HHR" The sales guy is standing there not saying a word.

    The SM gets up and says we have a deal. Easy and a good experience. Not anything like I have had in the past.

    Now the HHR has 11k miles on it and has EVERY option available. Even the On Star and XM Radio still apparently have time left. Its a nice alternative to the big Explorer.
    But they are obviously worse then KIAs in resale LOL

    Whether or not the dealer made $200 $2000 or $5000 on the deal makes no difference. I bought the car for $14k OTD and felt it was a good value.

    I did not buy the car at a Chevy dealer which in my mind saved me money because it would have been "Certified" and I am sure that would have cost another $1500 or more. Because it was at a Dodge Dealer I believe they let it go as it may be competition to their PT Cruisers. I sure would not want the chance of someone coming in for a new PT to decide they rather have a new HHR instead...Perhaps.

    So yes Sales managers can be fun to deal with IF you keep it light and you are standing while negotiating. Which I was because I was "negotiating" at the "tower". I cannot stand those cubicles....and never plant there. I do believe if one is standing the sales people know it's more likely they will leave rather then grind for hours.
  • You got a great deal, but the original owner may have paid $20K or less....there were red tag sales or public rebates + he may have had GM Card savings....+ negotiated savings....enjoy!
  • I am sure the original owner did not pay near MSRP. Seems a min of $4000 off MSRP is the rule on these cars. No wonder trade in resale is so far below MSRP in one year. LOL

    Now show mw a HOnda that has an MSRP of $24,000 and can be bought a year later for $14k out the door :) :)
  • Im in the process of buying an HHR, and have been quoted a price of 21k (out the door). Its the 2008, base engine, with On star, Side air bags, chrome extras, steel wheels, ABS, luggage rack... THe MSRP on the window says around 21k, so Im saving around 2,000 with this price, but I wonder if I could get a better deal. Is 21k out the door a good price?
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Well the 2007 has a $1,500 rebate right now. The 2008 won't have rebates for a while, so $2,000 off isn't bad. That's almost 10% off which is about normal for this price range. You may be able to do a little more, but thats pretty close.
  • Got a 2008 LT, with roof rack, chrome package, chrome rims, for 19,500 out the door. MSRP was $19,900
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Not a bad price out the door. I hear people are getting real good mileage with those. I like them a lot and have driven a few, but right now I am finding it hard to part with my paid for 92 S10 p/u. I don't have a garage for something new, and where I live people and animals will scratch your car so that is another good thing for having something old.
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