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Chevrolet HHR Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • emmy77emmy77 Posts: 1
    I would appreciate some comments about handle ability in the snow. I haven't purchased the HHR yet but am holding back based on this one huge factor.
  • carthellcarthell Posts: 124
    Yep, waay late...

    Get snow tires.
    Get snow tires.
    Get snow tires.

    Traction control plus Stabilitrac will help, as long as you're reasonable about where and how you're driving. My sister's 2001 Cavalier has traction control, and (years ago) it handled an unexpected patch of ice better than my old Sentra with no stability systems or ABS.
  • I purchased my 2010 HHR LS two weeks ago from a dealer in Morton, IL (2 hours away). It was previously a rental car and has 21,000 miles on it. I paid $11,400 for the car. I was excited because I drive about 700 miles a week and wanted XM Radio and Cruise Control, but couldn't afford to pay too much since I do rack up the miles quickly. I am disappointed to say that the listing said it had XM radio and RDS radio. I didn't bother to check those when I looked at and bought the car, I didn't know they'd lie about that. Well, I get home and spend three hours the next day getting ticked because I couldn't figure out how to make the XM come on. After going through the book 10's not equipped with XM radio, or even RDS. Just plain, basic radio.

    Overall, I love the car, but all I'm left with now is a completely basic HHR with Cruise Control as the only feature. :(
    I emailed the salesman, he told me to look for the CAT button, if there isn't one then I don't have XM. I said, "But, the whole reason I bought this car was for Cruise Control and XM radio as it stated on the listing!" ARGH! Frustrating. Now he won't return any emails.

    Good thing I work for attorneys. Hopefully he'll just swap out the radio and install the dang XM. Would have bought the other HHR (that supposedly had XM radio, too) if I had known it wasn't equipped on this one as he told me.
  • sgarzsgarz Posts: 4
    edited November 2010
    I also have a 2009 HHR and I was under the impression that all models of the 2010 HHR had XM capabilities but that you have go through XM radio to register your car, so to speak, and pay the monthly fee. We purchased our car new and we had free XM radio for 3 months - after that, it would have 'gone away' if we hadn't picked up the monthly fee on our own. Have you contacted XM?
  • I have not contacted XM, as I can only get it if it comes equipped with a radio that allows XM. This one has just a basic radio, no XM capabilities. I was more than willing to have a XM subscription.... but now if I want it, I'll have to replace the whole damn stereo and have the antenna installed.

    I was under the same impression--that XM comes standard in all 2010's... obviously it is not. I was hoping the dealer would admit their mistake and swap it out for me, but they're not admitting to any fault here, either. I'm looking at anywhere from $400-700 to have XM installed. Frustrating.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,233
    I believe the answer is in your first post 'rental car' . It is my understanding many fleet/rental vehicles come without some items which are standard for normal new vehicle sales, like XM radio an onstar.
  • My 2010 HHR LS automatic came with XM radio and Onstar and I paid $13,200 new in July 2010. You should threaten legal action with the dealership to swapout the radio with a GM Chev Factory in-dash XM radio or go to the local media and make a consumer complaint. A dealership can definitaly afford to do this as it is only $500.00 at best to swap out and install. If the saleperson said it had XM hold them to their word and get the BBB involved. The more the local media knows about it, the dealership will fess up and take care of the problem. The HHR is a great car, most people I know have over 100,000 miles on theirs and it is still running strong.
  • Also return the car to their doorstep and buy an 2010 HHR LS with Factory XM and OnStar, if nothing is resolved, also stop payment on the check if your not satisfied.
    Every dealer needs to make sure their customers are 100% happy with their purchase.
  • Make them sell you a new 2010 HHR with XM radio, you get from chev the 1st three months free and then XM gives you special offers to stay on after 3 months, I got 1 year XM everything for 118.00 a year or $10.00 a month. Its worth a try.
  • The HHR has low maintenance and is cheap to maintain, It is built with Pride in Mexico, across the river from Laredo Texas. , It has a 5-star crash test rating. A well-made car, probably one of the best ones that chev built!!
  • The dealer should give you your money back!!
  • I'm curious, why should the dealer give the money back? The buyer didn't check to see whether the vehicle had the options prior to purchasing. Unless the buyer has a signed paper that states those options were included not much can be done about it. Buying a used car is a gamble one that the buyer has to understand and do their homework on prior to purchase. Now if the buyer has a signed paper stating those options are included then the dealership should correct it, otherwise not much can be done about it.
  • Because I still have the listing stating that it includes things that it doesn't. I didn't sit in the parking lot trying to learn how to work the radio. That's where the Owner's Manual comes in and learning it when I get home.

    Adding features to the vehicle that are not there is MISREPRESENTATION, whether you catch it or not.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,233
    It may have been an honest mistake by dealer (with them thinking it was STANDARD as well, or it may have been changed by someone). I would try to work with them (nicely but firmly) to see if something could be worked out they both parties would be comfortable with.
  • I'm just curious does the car have an antenna on the back part of the roof above the rear hatch? My understanding is that is that is for the XM while the one in front is for On Star. Granted salesperson should not have told you it came equipped one way when it didn't have those options.
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