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Mercedes-Benz R-Class Lease Questions



  • I have been trying to lease a 07 R350 with navi and dvd but so far the numbers I have been quoted are significantly higher than what I have read in prior posts (similar car but the monthly payment is several hundreds higher). Am I missing something or it is simply market driving. Any input would be approciated. Thanks.
  • I just signed a lease on a new 07 R350. Options include; pewter paint, PO1, front and rear heated seats. Sticker was $49,995. 39 month lease, 25,000 miles per year with a payment of $877/month. That includes 6% Michigan sales tax. That was the best deal I could find.
  • Thanks for your reply. I am not sure how much mileage would affect lease payment but I don't need that much miles per year so hopeful my payments can be substantially lower than your or I don't think I can afford this car. BTW, how much was the selling price? Were you able to get it below invoice? Thanks.
  • That seems high... Here was what i got when i leased 6 weeks ago - '07 R350, Alpine Rain paint, P01 package, Front Heated Seats & Parktronic - 10,000 miles per year, no money down, taxes (8.025%) in the monthly payment - $497.41/month for 39 months. Sticker was ~$50,100. Lease was based on sell price of ~$45k. I paid only 1st month, $795 origination fee + Tax and Tags - drive out was ~$1,650.
  • I should have mentioned above that my payment due at signing was $1,080 (including my first months payment of $877). The typical acq. fee is included in the $877/month payment. I was only able to get $1,900 off sticker of $49,995. That was the best deal available from two separate dealers. Also, the extra miles in the lease actually cost $.20/mile over 12,000 if included in the lease. The dealer stated they are $.25/mile if not paid until the car is turned in at the end of the lease. I know I drive at least 25,000 miles/year so I bought them upfront. I don't know if this is the best deal out there. I shopped two dealers that were in reasonable driving distance and had to make my decision based upon those deals. Love the car! Hope this helps.
  • Hi,
    I'm new here, have read through all the posts, but not seeing much in the way of lesees with 15,000 mi/year. We're looking to purchase an '07 R350 and would like to know what kind of deal we should be expecting. Anyone with a 15,000 mile/year lease, or experience, please let me know. Thanks!
  • 07 r500. Premium 2, heated seats, keyless go, appearance package, lighting package, voice recognition, 15k miles per year, 27 months, 2100 upfront, 788/month.

  • martinfmartinf Posts: 121
    What is the MSRP, your discount off MSRP, and the Money Factor? It is hard to evaluate your deal without this info.
  • 07 R350, P1 + DVD Nav + Dealer DVD + heater seat ~ 51,000.

    $1000 out
    Dealer paid my last month payment $800.

    Good Deal?
    Look like the sales person took 1000 off the car for Negociated price around $50,000.

    I think I got screwed..
  • vtraudtvtraudt Posts: 52
    I am from Brighton, MI. May I ask where you got your R class from?

  • vtraudtvtraudt Posts: 52
    I am in love with CDI. Has anybody already experience how they lease? I am looking for monthly rate with zero down, 15,000 mls/year.

  • amirasamiras Posts: 15
    Hi guys! I'm ready to pull the trigger on a R350 (looking for P1 and heated seats) and I would like to know what is the best deal out there. I saw some people get up to 9K down from MSRP. Is that still the case? If not, what's considered a good deal at this point? I'm in VA so if someone has anybody to recommend in this area, feel free!!
    Thanks in advance,

  • vtraudtvtraudt Posts: 52
    I have not seen firm numbers yet, but my dealer in Ann Arbor, MI told me the R350 leases currenlty REALLY good, while the 320CDI substantially worse. He told me a typical 350 lease is $450, compared to more like $700 for the CDI !!!

  • amirasamiras Posts: 15
    I've got MB's numbers for March. 24 months, 10k/yr: residual 65% money factor .00040. These are really good numbers but I still don't have the selling price. I read on another forum that people were getting them priced under invoice but I would like to hear a recent experience from a buyer.

  • vtraudtvtraudt Posts: 52
    I received today:
    R350 Barolo Red,Macademia Leather
    Premium 2 pkg.
    18 in. wheel(all season)
    cargo cover
    and heated seates.

    $775 destination deliver

    39month 15k miles
    $648+tax/mnth and $1750 due at signing(includes fist payment and fees).

    Money factor stated as 0.00085

    My own excel sheet lease calculator shows $738.82 without taxes (how can I add them in? Just add 6%?), using full MSRP, 52% residual, 0.00085 money factor (2.040.

    Massaging the negotiated price (discount off MSRP) to match the $648/month w/o taxes results in an negotiated price offer of $54,310 (discount $3,425)

    I was expecting:
    $5,000 of MSRP
    52% Residual

    I am in MI, Ann Arbor area.

    Please comment on above.

    What discounts off MSRP are currently out there?
    What money factors have you been quoted?

  • vtraudtvtraudt Posts: 52
    The R350's suspension is too soft (lots of leaning in turns, break dive, somewhat not-precise steering response).

    This is further aggrevated since we here get the "L" version (or extended version)which ads space and results in a longer wheel base. The regular (European) version is not available here, but is slightly firmer.

    To overcome this "cushy" ride (reminds me a little of the Chevy Capric boat), thankfully, Mercedes offers the air suspension.

    Problem: I have NOT been able to locate one to drive it. My dealer (Ann Arbor) told me that it would have to be ordered, wait time 90-180 days (not nice if I had to order, but certainly impossible to wait for a test drive first).

    Have you out there seen similar "rareness" of this option?

    I am in MI, Lansing, Brigton, Ann Arbor, Detroit area.

  • mlocamloca Posts: 15
    I was just at Holloway Benz in Greenland NH. We were looking at the R350 with MSRP 55,000.00. The lease was 5K down and 581.38 a month for 27 months with 12K miles a year and a residual of 35,200(64% residual). The money factor was .0004. Upon leaving the dealership they had a CDI they could "promo" and drop off the 5K cap reduction.
    Your deal seems insanely good. We want that one. So $12k upfront for 27 months, 12k miles/year on a $67K MSRP? Nothing else? Any information you can give would be appreciated.
  • ac3ac3 Posts: 12
    I have been offered the following. Is this a good deal?

    39 months
    15K mile per year
    MF .00085
    Cap Cost $47,018

    Inceptions total $1,888.30 (no cap cost reduction)

    Car is equipped with P1, Navigation, Rear Ent., front heated seats and metallic paint. This is a demo with 4k miles on it
  • ac3ac3 Posts: 12
    I should have noted that the MSRP for the car is 53,850 but I did not get the residual but assume they are using the standard % from MB Finance.
  • Hi there. How is everyone getting the R500 at $12K for 27 months??? I must have contacted about a dozen dealers across the country and all of them have basically told me that I'm nuts. This would be perfect for my family, but we need this deal to stay in budget. Any pointers??? Please help!!! Thanks in advance.
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