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Mercedes-Benz R-Class Lease Questions



  • Thanks.
    What about the rates for the R350 2wd?
    Any discount on the 2008 models yet?
  • First let me say thank you to all of the hosts and readers/contributors - this forum/board is a great source of information for so many things automotive!!

    Now my Question - We leased a 2006 Mercedes R500 at the end of the 2006 model year when factory and dealer incentives were almost too good to be true and R sales were in the toilet. We drove off with an R sporting a $62k+ MSRP for 27 months (leased) at $508 per month, nothing down other than 1st month payment and MB bank fee. $16k+ in cap cost reductions all came from MB USA and the dealer. While the cap cost along with a decent MF and residual yielded a great monthly payment, the cap cost and likely unrealistic residual are going to kill me at lease end. The 67% residual gives a lease buy out of $42k (for those who dont know it is based on MSRP NOT capitalized cost). Given the revised pricing of the R in 2007 and overall poor sales, there is no way this thing will be selling for $42k in 27 months - right now 2006 R500s are selling for high 40s after less than 12 months!!

    I already know that I want to keep my R at the end of the lease - So my question is does MB USA negotiate lease end buy outs? I know some manufacturers like Honda maintain a "no negotiation" policy. Also since $10k of the cap cost reduction came from MB USA is there any argument that it should have reduced or did reduce the MSRP for purposes of calculating the residual? Assuming MB negotiates, is it fair at the time to see what dealers are selling similar used cars for and shoot for a value a few thousand less than dealer asking price recognizing that it costs money to go over/prep/clean an off lease car, warranty it, build in dealer profit and carrying cost?? Realistically, this car is likely to be worth somewhere in the mid to high $30s at the end of the 27 month lease with 30k miles.

    I found one post in the MB "S" class section where MBFC offered the lessee a buy out price that was $9k less than the stated lease buy out (due in large part to a complete redesign of the S Class).

    thanks for input!
  • i just recieved a qoute for a 2008 R350V4
    PO1 package /ipod/7 seat/glass sunroof/heated front seats
    msrp $51470 - cash price 50,000
    rate .00120 / term 33 months / res 61% - $31,396.70
    0 down exept first month taxes fees = 1717.10
    monthy payment $724.27
    is this a good price or should i try to get the price lower than $1470 off list?
  • martinfmartinf Posts: 121
    Hello, again, irishrogue1. I believe I had directed you over to the W.I. Simonson internet department about a year ago! Anyway, I just left a long post on, but the short-hand version is MB financial will re-negotiate the lease end buyout. I did the same calculations you did (I leased my 2006 R500 MSRP $60,120 with "just" an $11,000 discount,but my residual was 72% and MF was a bit lower than when you got yours. I actually did a single pay for about $12,900 for the 27 month/12k lease, so you did better by waiting until September),but my buy-out is even more ridiculous at $43,200 after two years! I called MB Financial and the representative had to admit that they will consider re-negotiating lease-end buyouts at market retail value at the time of lease end. I would have never thought this had it not been for another posting from someone else who had posted on Edmunds his experiences in both negotiating reduced lease extension payments and lease-end buyouts from MB Financial. I would love to hear from other people who have had experience, but I think us R class people are going to represent a very special problem for MB Financial if we all decide to walk away in the fall and winter of 2008 when the 2009 R classes are out, or, worse yet, discontinued. Best of luck with your R class and give internet guy at Simonson my best regards.
  • martinf,

    let's keep in touch! we should compare notes when the time draws near....shoot me an email at

  • martinf, i dont see your post on mbworld.....
  • martinfmartinf Posts: 121
    Sorry Sean, I meant to say It is under the R Class threads, under the heading "R 350 cheap," one of the first threads in the forum. I am a few months ahead of you (July 27, 2006 lease inception), so I will have the time to post or email you my experiences.
  • Hello. I would like to lease a r350 2008 with P2,heated front seats,second row console,silver metallic paint. 12000 miles and approx 3yrs. MSRP according to mbusa is $54855. What is the invoice price and what would be a reasonable lease payment with 0 money down? Thanks for your time.
  • 2008 R350 2WD
    Iridium Silver
    7 seat option
    Glass sunroof (replace panorama sunroof)
    P01 package
    6 disc changer
    33 month lease
    10k/year (0.25c addtl)
    4000 total drive off (out the door including tax/ lic/ reg)
    519/ month including CA tax
    bluetooth interace module included at no charge (supposedly 420 value)
  • 2008 R350 AWD
    Pewter Metalic
    7 seat option
    Glass sunroof (replace panorama sunroof)
    P01 package
    IPOD integration kit
    6 disc changer
    33 month lease
    7500k/year (0.25c addtl)
    1700 total drive off (out the door including tax/ lic/ reg)
    475/ month including NY tax

    I think I am getting a good deal. What do you think? I am about to sign off on it.
  • Sounds like a good deal indeed. Just don't go over that 7500 per year. 25 cents per mile can get costly.
  • thanks sand529. We drive short distances. On my old car I put in 10k over 2 years. I will ask how much more would 10k cost just out of curioustiy.
  • martinfmartinf Posts: 121
    On the 2007 R350 and R500,Mercedes is giving $6500 of marketing incentives to the dealers that is usually passed on to the consumer. You might want to check what your lease numbers would be like on a 2007. What is the discount from MSRP that you are getting on the 2008 R350?
  • I got around $4000 off MSRP on a 2008 R350.
  • I'm working on $4000 off. Right now I have $3700 off MSRP for the 2008 model.
  • I think i got around 4k off. I got the car so it does not matter now anyways, but anyone getting a better deal then $475 per month with $1700 out of pocket (first month, banking fee, etc...) for a silver color R350 with PI, ipod option, heated seats?
  • Hi Marcos4,

    I just got quote from a NY dealer:

    Metallic paint

    Msrp 55,210, sale price 52,000, MF 0.0008, 62%
    For 33month, 10K, 525/month, 6000 out of pocket.

    They did not take my offer which was 51,000 for the sale price. :cry:

    Let me know what you got.


  • Ok, for the 2008 R350, P2 with the panoramic roof, 2nd row center console, heated seats, bluetooth, metallic paint--51000. Probably could have gone a little lower but I got bored.
    My question is--how did they give you a MF? My dealer told me that it will depend on the number Mercedes sets in November when the car will be delivered??
  • The MF is based on Sept 07.

    Are you saying that the MF will be based upon the month I get the car not the month I order it ?


  • Has anyone heard of Mercedes' Lease Loyalty Program? I am getting close to the end of my lease (2005 C240) and am in the market for a larger vehicle due to a growing family. I like the R350 but am leaning towards the Audi Q7. Today my Mercedes dealer (Helms Bros. in Queens, NY) said that they are willing to pay the last 4 lease payments to get me into a new Benz. I am a little skeptical and was wondering if anyone has heard or taken advantage of this program? Thanks in advance.

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