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2007 Ford Edge



  • The grille on the black monochrome package is different as well. Same grille, but the smaller squares are blacked out with only the larger squares still being chrome. Gives it less of an electric razor look. I agree totally that the grille should have been a waterfall of some sort.
  • I just wanted to check with those of you in the know as to when we can expect to see the 2008 Edge appearing on lots. My local dealer didn't seem to know anything about them (although they might have been trying to get me to buy an '07.)

    My current car is for sale so I want to have my act together in case someone buys it. I'm strongly leaning towards an '08 Edge, but if it realistically going to be a couple months before those are truly available then I might have to come up with a plan B.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    ..yes!!!...come up with plan B since from what I hear the start of production date for the 2008 EDGE is the week of Sept 17...but one never knows. I don't think we will see any 08 until mid to late October,maybe November. Of course dealers are reluctant to talk about 08 since they do have some 07 left in their inventories and Ford is offering incentives to help clear any 07...trying to sell and buy is always difficult to execute..good luck to you..
  • 9/17/07 is the date 2008 Edge production begins according to my dealer.
  • mcq1mcq1 Posts: 103
    To all of you Ford edge owners:
    What do you like best about it? How is the Ford edge reliability? I am thinking about buying one. I would like to know how everybody likes it or dislikes it.
  • 1)Sweet & Comfy ride.. go test drive one.. Vista roof is nice for Hot nights..had a 95 explorer 4x4 with 165 k & paid $28.3k & high financing..2) paid 29.4K & ZERO financing for 07 EDGE AWD +SEL.. 3) 21mpg is much better & does not drive like a truck/my explorer... 4) Carbon Metallic looks sharp.. :)
  • mcq1mcq1 Posts: 103
    Thanks for the info. What about the issue with the Edge being so heavy? Can you turn it easily? How is the turn ratio?
    I looked at the Saturn Vue but it is too small. I really want to buy from an American company but you know how it is everyone says buy Toyota/Honda more reliable.
    I want to get at least 20 mpg. My 10 year old Laredo jeep gets a lot less.
  • No issues, its turns easily, do you want me to compare it to my 95 Explorer or my 52 chevy 1/2 ton with a camaro clip.. Heavy?? No, NO it gets up & goes, very pepy & sharp But do me a favor & go & test drive one & get back to us, how you like it... After 165k on my 95 Explorer & only changing the oil every 4k, tires & no major was a no brainer for me to buy a another FORD.. My wife has a 98 Honda Accord EX & says she really likes the ride on the EDGE
    comparing it to my stiff/truck like Explorer or her Honda... ;)
  • mcq1mcq1 Posts: 103
    I will test drive one and let you know. I have a list so far but I am partial to the Ford because it looks so cool plus is a FORD!!!
    I read some reviews about the weight and some people go and on about the weight and gas mileage that is the reason why I am asking. Thanks.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Only issue about the Edge that I have noticed so far is spotty paint quality.

    If you are buying an Edge, take an extra moment to look over the car in bright light. Most I have sold have excellant paint but I also saw a couple with unexceptable paint defects. All just cosmetic stuff but still not something you should see on a new car.

  • I reversed them using a paperclip but once I did they are no longer on hand adjustable. To move you need two hands one on button one wirh paper clip and another person to move headrest, Does yours work normal once r3eversed?
  • I also had issues with my paint job,after a few attempts to "make it right" the dealer finally got Ford motor co. involved.They totally repainted the entire vehicle.A few more trips back to remove overspray and now its the way it should have been in the first place.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    I can't believe that these types of issues go unnoticed at the factory. It is almost like the union workers are encouraging Ford to move production overseas.

  • sandusandu Posts: 1
    Does anyone know what kind of incentives Ford will offer for 2008 Ford Edge? Is it worth getting Navigation system from Ford or is it better to buy it after market?

  • pnewbypnewby Posts: 277
    No idea on the incentives, but as for Nav. units, both options have benefits. I prefer a portable unit for my use, but I'm sure plenty will disagree with me. If you want a built in unit go with factory.

    I have a Garmin Nuvi 660 and love it. All the options of factory units, less than half the cost, and I can take it with me when I fly to use in rental cars. The only down side is that the kids always want to borrow it. Just updated to new maps, and it cost $50 and took less than an hour. Updates come out about once a year so also look at the cost of these. The updates give new or changed roads and new POIs so they are useful.
  • srangersranger Posts: 106
    I have both a Garmin Nuvii 350 and the one built into my Edge. I bought the Nuvii for my old Mariner. The Nuvii is still a little better than the one in the Edge and you can carry it with you on trips that require that you rent a car. As stated above, it is easer the update the maps in a Nuvii. Unless Ford offers an updated DVD, you are screwed and if they do offer one, I'll bet it cost a lot more than $50.00...

    Also, the Nuvii is also a MP3 player. You can feed the headphone output into the MP3 AUX input and while playing MP3 Music, it will still mute the stereo when it is time for a turn. This makes the Nuvii operate more like an integrated unit.

    Also, you can enter a destination while moving with the Nuvii. You cannot with the one in the Edge even if someone is sitting in the passenger seat. ( a lawyer thing... )

    My vote is for a Nuvii....
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Ford also has officially licensed Nuvis for sale at the dealer so that you can roll the cost into the vehicle purchase if you choose.

  • hancehance Posts: 2
    Traded 05 Pilot for the Edge. I'm a Honda/Toyota/Mazda guy but this Edge caught my Eye! Drove the CRV, RAV - CX7 - Vera Cruz - Still came back to the Edge. Great year end rebates & Interest Rates. The SEL fully decked out are no way worth $33-34K but mid 20's for AWD hard to pass up. Took it for a 1500mi road trip the first week and cannot find a single flaw! Still hard for me to admit its a FORD! :surprise:
  • hancehance Posts: 2
    Purchased a Jet Black Edge SE and the paint gloss is superior to my last Black Pilot or the previous Black Accord! I'm very satisified thus far!
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Thats weird, in NJ my dealer sells mostly SEL+s/Limiteds with 1/3 having both Nav and Vista Roof! We are fliping Edges in an average of 15 days!!!

    We've had an SE though for over a month :(

    TO say that Ford has a hit is a gross understatment. We sell Nissans out of the same building and the Nissan manager claims that Edge is the first Ford he ever lost a sale to.

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