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Ford Fusion Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I bought a 2010 Fusion SEL with the 302A package and rear spoiler.

    MSRP 27,145
    Invoice 24,891
    Incentives 2,000
    True invoice is then 22,891(obviously this doesn't include hold-back etc. but I don't factor that in)

    I paid 23,400 so about $500 over invoice. 24,475 if you include the 75 documentation fee.

    I never thought I would pay that much over invoice but I just wanted to be done with it.

    Dealer is also paying to get my car shipped in from another state.

    I need a car and the dealer offered me an amount I was happy with for my trade in so I just took the deal. Also its less than the TMV of what others are paying according to edmunds.
  • I love my new Fusion,
    I found out from a friend of mine that you can shop around for the Ford extended warranty and you do not have to buy it from the dealer you purchased your car from.He told me to call Midwest Superstore in Hutchinson Kansas they are a Ford and Toyota Dealer ship.They gave him a great deal on his Toyota warranty.
    So I did just that.To make a long story short my friend was right I bought a 5 year 75,000 miles Premium Care Ford warranty for only $850.00
    The sales person was very nice and gave me his best price and did not push.I told him I needed to talk to my wife Jerry told me that was fine just give him a call when I was ready.and it would only take a few min to do over the phone.
    I saved over half of what I could have paid.
    You can do the same no matter what state you live in on any Ford with in the 3 years and 36,000 miles
    Call Midwest Superstore at 1100 east 30th Hutchinson, Ks 67502
  • "MSRP: $26,850
    Edmunds invoice: $24,634
    FDAF: +$478
    Ford Invoice: $25,112
    Price: $24,745 + $120 Adv fee + TTL "

    Lazzo: I know its probably to late for your deal but it looks like the dealer charged you twice for the Advertise fee. FDAF (Ford Dealers Advertise Fee) $478 then they charged you again Adv fee $120.00
  • "Ford extended warranty"

    Does anyone know how long I can wait to buy the Ford extended warranty?
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    You should be able to purchase it any time while the car is still under the factory warranty. I pretty much did the same thing when I bought a Prius, only did it in such a way that I actually made money. I bought the warranty when I bought the car, cost $1900. Got home and later found where I could get it for $850, called in to cancel the warranty, instead they knocked $1200 off and sent me a check, otherwise they would have to dicker around with refinancing. So I got a $1200 loan @ 2.9%, When I traded in the car and called in to cancel the warranty, I got a $1400 refund. Not a bad deal. I also broke even on the trade of the Prius. For once I actually made money buying a used car.
  • " I bought the warranty when I bought the car, cost $1900. Got home and later found where I could get it for $850"

    I hope the dealers out there are paying attention to the power of the internet. They tried to steal over $1000.00 from you. I bet they were shocked that another dealer could sell you the same policy for a grand less ;) . In any other business that would be called theft by deception.
  • It blew me away when I called Midwest Ford in Hutchinson ,Ks and they said The price for the 5 year 75,000 Premium care was $850.00 I ask him how he could do that price he said they sell alot of warrantys.
    well I am glad I called like my friend told me to all ways good to save and get a great deal
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Considering that 5 yr/75K mi is adding only 15,000 miles to the drive train coverage and 2 years/39K mi to whatever else it covers, it is not that surprising that they can still make a reasonable profit at that $850 price (as opposed the the outrageous profit that usually results from over-priced extended warranties).
  • Finally pulled the plug a couple months ago: Fusion SEL, V6, 302A, navigation - $25,500 + TTL (including $1500 cash back). Took some negotiation as I originally wanted the I4 but they had the V6 on the lot. Buying experience was pretty good, much better than when I bought a Camry 6 years ago. Love the car, the Sync and Nav are great.
  • Yes
    You can Buy the ford warranty as long as you are in the 3 years and 36,000 miles when I called Midwest superstore Kansas thats what they told me but he said did not no what price would be in 2 years. Jerry gave me a good deaI at $850.00 Never the less I Like my new car lots Ford has done very good with the Fusion
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 1,590
    Ok I;'m in the market for a new car, I'm looking at the Fusion SE I-4 with the 6 spd Manual and with the following options. The 202A (sunroof and sync) and the 14C which is the Appearance package (also known as Sport Package) I see on Edmunds the invoice is $21,543 without the 2K rebate from form, so with the 2K rebate makes it $19,543. So what can someone really pay for this model? I'm in the Phoenix,AZ area.
  • I have a friend that works for Ford and I got a friends and family deal (X plan) I paid $200.00 over invoice = $75.00 fees. Part of the dealers invoice has a Ford advertising fee of any where between $300.00 to $500.00 that you will have to deal with. but thats it.
  • 7qa7qa Posts: 1
    I'm also looking at the 2010 Fusion. Is there a $2000 rebate? I thought it was $1000.
  • "I'm also looking at the 2010 Fusion. Is there a $2000 rebate? I thought it was $1000"

    I believe its $2000.00 if you do your own financing OR $1000.00 + low APR fiance from Ford Motor Credit
    When I bought mine I took the rebate and got 5 year loan for 3.6% APR from a local bank.
  • kaiwkaiw Posts: 6
    I got this quote:

    2010 Fusion SEL I4 (no additional options)
    Edmunds invoice: $23,072
    Dealer price: $21,690 (with $2000 rebate) + TTL

    How does this sound?
  • "Dealer price: $21,690 (with $2000 rebate) + TTL"

    It looks like the dealer is making $608.00 + the hold back money which is 2% or 3% of sticker price. If I were you I would take the $21,690 and add your tax and add about $50.00 for title and tags and what ever that comes up to offer them that as a OTD (out the door price) if you do not get the OTD they will add fees here fees there and before you know it you have been had.

    21,690.00 +
    1409.50 (6.5% tax)
    50.00 (transfer current plate and title fee)
    $23149.50 OTD

    That way they can not sneak anything in your payment because the truth in lending form will say total purchase price. If it was me I would take $200.00 off that offer and wait till they jumped on it.
  • nazirvnazirv Posts: 15

    I just signed a deal for a 2010 Fusion SEL 4 cyl with 301A option (moon/tune) in Boston, MA. Here is the breakdown:

    $24,546 Price
    -$4,800 Trade in (2001 Accord EX with 100K miles)
    -$1,000 Ford Accord trade incentive
    -$2,500 Ford Rebates
    $1015.38 6.25% sales tax
    $234 Title, registration, doc fees
    $17,495 OTD total

    Is this a good deal?
  • Nazirv:
    Looks like a sweet deal to me. You are going to love that car.
  • My '05 Camry just turned 96k miles and it is time for a new car. I have been bouncing back between a '10 Camry and '10 Fusion. I am looking at a '10 Fusion SE manual with Sun & Sound + spoiler for a MSRP of 22815. What would be a great deal right now OTD? I qualify for 2k in rebates plus another 1k if I trade in the '05 Camry.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Shoot for anywhere between 21500 and 22700 for this one before incentives. You may be able to get it for 19700 +TTL after incentives. Check the local incentives for financing, if you get a really low interest rate and a low down payment, it may save you more money than the incentives do.
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