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Ford Fusion Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,524
    So I finally bought the, been lurking on here for a wihle. I was in the market for a Fusion, Accord or Camry. The Honda dealer just kinda laughed at me, gave me a "internet price" that was $300 less then the MSRP and was told that was his best deal. $21,400 for a EX manuel. The Toyota dealer was a completely different story, I was given a price that was WAY TOO GOOD to be true. LE with Sunroof and bluetooth for $20,900 MSRP was $24,900. Then Ford dealer gave me a great deal on a SE, with 6spd manuel, with Sync OTD price was $20,050 have to say I love the car, SYNC is great, but make sure you have your iPOD set up correctly. The 2.5l I4 is VERY smooth, the 6spd is good but not the smoothest. So far I'm averaging 31, I do about 80% highway driving. Glad I went with the Fusion..
  • fit_nessfit_ness Posts: 58
    Congratulations! I'm kicking around for a 6-speed SE with Synch and a sunroof and the appearance package. It's hard to find one to test drive with the stick. Could you elaborate on what you mean by "not the smoothest"?

    Also, could you post the RPM's at 65 or 70 mph? Hoping that 6th gear has some nice tall gearing.

    BTW, what color did you get?

  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Yeah another Fusion Family member!! Go get yourself a cheap flash drive from Wallyworld and put all your music on that and use it with Sync. You dont need to worry about leaving the Ipod in the car then.
  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,524
    Thank you, and I was just thinking about that. Will SYNC play my podcast too?

    the Engine the 2.5L is this the same engine that is used in the Mazada 3? I have to say this engine is the smoothest 4 cyl I have even driven even at redline.
  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,524
    Color is Sport Metallic blue, excellent color

    Not the smoothest, its kinda notchy, but overall I would give it a 8 out of 10.

    The 6spd manuel is a close ratio tranmission, at 70 in 6th the rpms are 2500. But like i have posted I'm averaging 31, BTW, the standard wheels are 17x7.5 with 225-50-17, I have michelin Pilots. The car handles EXCELLENT.. Some body roll that will be taken care of with new springs and roll bars the ride isn't harsh (I drove a Fusion with the apperance package it wasn't as smooth as mine)

    The dealer in which I bought at had 2 non hybrid fusions, the one I bought the other had the package 202A (sunroof and sync) appearance package and auto. I'm glad I got the 6 spd manuel.

    Good luck with your search
  • chippy7chippy7 Posts: 1
    19000 miles on an SE, nothing special on options. $18400 out the door, good deal?
  • Red Candy Metallic 2010 Fusion SE (Manual Transmission)
    201A Package (SYNC, auto rearview mirror)
    Appearance Package
    Bought in Virginia in late Jan.
    OTD Price (inclusive of all rebates, tax, tags, etc., and $750 coupon received in a Fusion brochure from FordDirect)

    I had to travel a few hours to find a manual transmission with appearance package, but so far it's definitely been worth it.
  • jazztpt216jazztpt216 Posts: 5
    edited March 2010
    Red Candy Metallic 2010 Fusion S - Automatic

    - $2500 in rebates (college grad + standard rebates)
    - $3400 in trade for a 2004 Dodge Stratus w/79k miles
    + TTL & $115 doc fee
    $15867.38 total

    Good deal?
  • gth743bgth743b Posts: 13
    I think the best you could hit is $14150 minus TTL+Doc fee. That's what I got with the USAA car buying service pricing and subtracting your trade value and rebates. Hope that helps.
  • I realize I'm replying to my own message here, but I'm curious if anyone can tell me roughly how I did on price. This was my first new car ever (hence my username), so I tried to do the best I could but found the whole process daunting. I'm restating what I said above here, but my purchase/price was:

    Red Candy Metallic 2010 Fusion SE (Manual Transmission)
    201A Package (SYNC, auto rearview mirror)
    Appearance Package
    Bought in Virginia in late Jan.
    OTD Price (inclusive of all rebates, tax, tags, etc., and $750 coupon received in a Fusion brochure from FordDirect)

    I also am wondering if anyone else has the Appearance or Monochrome Package, and if so what they think about it. I think these were a 2010.5 add-on to the options for SE cars. I really like the wheels, but I don't really know exactly what they mean by "sport-tuned suspension"... and if anyone can explain, that would be great.
  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,524
    Congrats, I have the same car in sports Blue and Minus the Appearance Package..

    The Appearance package is package is offered on all SE and SEL for the 2010 Model Year. It has a sport turned suspension which means, the suspension is set up a little firmer then the standard SE and SEL for better handleing.

    your price is a good price for that car.
  • brueggiebrueggie Posts: 46
    I purchased the SE manual with Sun & Sync. MSRP was $22815 and they offered $19499 as the internet price. I had to negotiate with my trade as they initially came back with $5500 and we settled on $6500 plus I got an additional $1k for trading in a Toyota. My OTD price was $13068.71 after all was said and done.

    I ordered a painted grille as I despise the chrome grille that it currently has. I like the look of the 18's on the appearance package but will have to wait till I need new tires to switch both...would have loved to have gotten the package but couldn't find a manual with either package.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    exactly what they mean by "sport-tuned suspension".

    The Sport-tuned package is a suspension and wheel upgrade.

    Ford installs a stiffer suspension that is similar to that used on the Sport model. It improves overall handling, but stiffens the ride. You basically get a 4 cylinder manual Sport without the trim, and 3.5 V6. The Sport model itself has a different interior, side rockers, different bumpers, Sport wheels, 3.5 V6, 6 speed transmission with manual mode shifting, it is not the same transmission as in the V6 SEL or SE. The Sport is basically an MKZ powertrain and suspension in a Fusion body.
  • You may have already bought the car but with current incentives (rebate or financing) on a brand new basic fusion se you could probably get close to that price (though w/ new there would destination etc..) Also for the the Milan I thought I just saw a TV add that promoted $2000 and 0% for three years (if I saw that right). For a basic 4 cylinder milan - no real options (about 23,400 MSRP) and assuming one can negotiate an invoice price, then the effective price (factoring in interest savings over 3 years) would be a little over $18,000 before fees - taxes and destination.
  • Just wanted to post my deal so others can get a feel for what is possible, at least in NC.

    Tuesday I bought a 2010 Brilliant Silver Ford Fusion Sport with reverse sensing and rapid spec 401A.

    Total MSRP was $28,095.00

    My price with no fees: $25,473.87 - $2000 in rebates = $23,473.87

    My out the door price with 3% NC Highway Use tax, NC inspection, title, tag and admin fee (yuck I know) was $24,854.64.

    I went through Sam's club's dealer referral system and I'm pretty happy with the outcome. The dealership was Capital Ford in Raleigh and they were very easy to work with.
  • newowner10newowner10 Posts: 227
    edited March 2010
    I am looking at a Fusion V6 with 301A , spoiler, rear back-up assist (MSRP $28475) I am getting it under the "X plan"price ($26794). The payment would be $465 for 60 months including PA. 6% sales Tax. It seems to be a good deal

    Now for the logic part.

    I am trading in my 2009 Hyundai Sonata GLS. They will pay it off ($12000) this is more then the trade in value ($10,986) ($14295 Dealer Retail) I pay $315/month with a 60 month loan currently. I have 42 months left on the loan.
    The reason we do not like the Sonata it is too plain.

    If I hold on the highest depreciation will be over. But I will be driving a car that I do not like another year. If the car depreciates $1500 more I saved $2280 dollars by waiting 1 year. If depreciates $2000 then I saved $1780. There is a new improved design 2011 Sonata now so the 2010 and back may have less value

    This may all come down to how unhappy I am with the Sonata. Am I missing something here? Should I attempt to get a better deal since they may be making $2000 on my trade?
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 451
    I buy Ford vehicles on the Z plan. I think that this is a fair deal. Typically when they are operating on one of the employee discount plans, they plan to make money on the trade. The only thing that they get, profit wise, on the new one is the hold-back (what the dealer gets from the manufacturer). Since you owe 42 payments, I think they are giving you a reasonable deal. Personally, I would take the deal. You are making $1,014 on the Sonata. Like you if I could afford it, I would not drive a car that I did not like. I am currently shopping for a Fusion on the Z plan. By the way, look at the recent auto issue of Consumer Reports and note the excellent rating of the Fusion.
  • newowner10newowner10 Posts: 227
    Thank you for you input. What may seal the deal is my wife was taking notes and She wrote "Cool Car" next to her notes. She deserves this car.
  • I would ensure that you guys also do your homework on what the realistic "must haves" in a car are. Do not bend or waiver or you may find yourself with another nearly new car that you don't like. This is not to say that I don't think the Fusion is much better car, but it should be, it costs significantly more money.

    Additionally, I agree that you are getting a really fair deal if the Fusion is really the car you guys want.

    Good luck!
  • So I have been hoping to get a good deal on a 2010 fusion with a few thousand miles on it. I live in central Texas and online classifieds/prices are listed anywhere from $14,800 to $21,000+. This price is representative of what I have seen for an SE I4 6sp auto model with 15k-25k miles. Other than sun&sync as an option I can't figure out what the deal is with the huge price gap. So my question is:

    A) Whats a reasonable price for this car?
    B) How should I negotiate these prices with a dealer?

    I plan on selling my 2000 camry outright since there is no way I could get $3500 +rebates for a trade on it (if I wanted to buy new that is). Any advice?
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