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Ford Fusion Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • orion2001orion2001 Posts: 1
    So I finally bit the bullet and went with the 2010 Ford Fusion S. I was originally looking to buy a Civic with manual tranny (I really like stick shift) but after a week of agonizing over specs/reviews, I realized that I'd get a lot more for my money with the Fusion S.

    I did a lot of research, and used all the tips over at and fighting chance, and I ended up getting a Silver 2010 Ford Fusion S for $16,400 (with a $2500 rebate).

    Cost me a total of $18,100 OTD. I think I got a pretty sweet deal :D. A few of the dealers I spoke to said that there was no way I'd get that quoted price because it was too low!

    Btw, where do you guys suggest buying all weather floormats for the car? I'm concerned with getting a generic brand as I've read about the floormat pedal sticking issue with the Fords, and I'd rather have the Ford floormat that is anchored to the floor with a hook.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    For the floor mats, look at weathertec, the Ford Factory ones are nice, but leave a lot of open area that gets grungy. The Weatherteks cover more area and are from fitted, and lock in place as well with no pedal interference. Husky also has some decent mats. I got the Ford Fatory ones, and regret I didnt go with the Weatherteks now, my carpet needed a good cleaning after last winter.
  • chinorth,
    Did you end up getting your Fusion? If so, what do you think? How did you do?
  • looking to possibly lease SEL '10 w/ leather, moon roof and nav. 4 cyl.
    terms: 36 months - zero down - excellent credit - 10,500 miles / year.
    quote: $451/ month including PA sales tax or base of $413 w/out tax.
    early in the search process. is this a good deal ?? thnx in advance :confuse:
  • muigi84muigi84 Posts: 2
    I went to Lawrence Toyota on Rt 1 near Trenton. I wanted to say that the total was $22,700 out the door, which included the $2,500 rebate, not in addition to. I also supplied my 2007 college transcript which allowed for the incentive. The MSRP was $24,655.
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Seems kind of high. I got a 2010 sport with everything except NAV and pay $500 a month, non lease. I'm fairly certain the Sport with the V6 costs more than what you are looking to lease. IOW, a lease should be less expensive than an outright purchase since you are in essence paying the depreciation for the term of the lease. I would keep looking for a better deal. Also keep in mind, leasing also reduces the chances of getting a better deal on a car than outright buying it.
  • jvosjvos Posts: 61
    keep in mind, leasing also reduces the chances of getting a better deal on a car than outright buying it.

    It shouldn't! You should always negotiate your best price first. Then go into cash, finance or lease. The dealer makes the same regardless of how you pay for it.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 1,590
    I agree, DO NOT get caught up in your final payment, this is how dealers make the money.. On a lease your down payment should be less then 1K down, first, Security deposit and tax and Lic. Granted the more you put down the lower your payments, but that defeats the reason for a lease. Edmonds has a wonderful tool to help explain what a lease is and how to understand all the terms that is used in a lease. They also have a work sheet that I highly recommend people to use when going to a dealer to get a lease.
  • jkbrilljkbrill Posts: 6
    edited August 2010
    Yesterday morning (8/21) I came across a special being run by Al Packer in White Marsh (dealership in Baltimore). They advertised a NEW 2010 Fusion no options at $14,884. I lived in Texas and went on Ford's website and started looking at all the dealers I could fine that had 2010 Fusions at an MSRP of $20,440 (cars identically equipped to the Fusion advertised in Baltimore). This is the base car, 4 cylinder, manual.

    I called four dealerships and told them I had a firm offer at $14,884 + TTL and would be placing a deposit with them in about 3 hours time, unless they could match it. One dealer never called me back, 2 told me if I could get one for that price then to take it, and one local dealer said they would do it and match the advertised price.

    Before driving to the dealer I confirmed the details, $14,884 + Tax, Title, & License (No Dealer prep charges, I don't pay that). I showed up and everything went seamless. Some of the upgraded options would be nice, but I think it is a tremendous value. Simply a great car for less than $15,000. This price was after the $2,000 Ford rebate, meaning I got the dealer to discount $2,294 below his invoice (which I know is not a real number).

    Anyway, if you are interested in a base Fusion, I hope sharing my experiences help in your negotiation. I think this a lot of car for the money.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    That's an AMAZING DEAL- CONGRATS!!! For $14,884, I could certainly live with a few less than features than I would normally expect...but I just took a look at the 2010 Fusion S standard equipment and it has all the important stuff-

    Power Windows & Mirrors
    Auto Power Door Locks with Keyless Entry
    AM/FM/CD/MP3 4-speaker stereo
    Manual A/C
    Cruise Control
    16" alloys w/ P205/60HR16 tires
    ABS, Traction Control & Stability Control
    Side-impact and side-curtain airbags
    2.5L 175hp engine & 6MT good for up to 31mpg highway and 0-60 in under 8.0sec

    That's a LOT of car for less than $15k. My guess is that the 6-speed manual version of the Fusion S is a slow seller for many dealers, so when they have a bite on one they're willing to slash their profit to move it. Most manual-transmission 2010 Fusions have been the SE (often with Appearance or Monochrome Package). So the S 6MT turns out to be an even better deal thanks to that!

    What color did you get?
  • Really nice work and thanks for sharing! If I could get a 2010 Sport for ~$2000 below invoice plus cash rebates then I'd jump on it instead of waffling over 2010 Sport vs ordering a 2011 Sport vs trying to find a 2008 G35 for a reasonable price, like I'm currently doing...
  • jkbrilljkbrill Posts: 6
    Yes, I am sure the MT and the 2011's starting to come in had a lot to do with getting this kind of deal. Choice on this was limited and the car was white. I personally do not like white cars, but if we have a few more summers like this year's I may change my mind.
  • Just an FYI, the performance difference between a 2008 G35 and a Fusion Sport is *huge*. I moved from a 2008 G37Sport coupe to a 2010 Fusion Sport, while I like the Fusion Sport - the driving dynamics, especially braking and obviously acceleration and handling put the cars in vastly different categories.

    Again, I'm still happy with my Fusion Sport (its 5 months old now) and the deal that I got.
  • Thanks for the info sigma1914, the more I know the better decision I can make. I was definitely under the impression that the G would far outperform the Fusion in those categories. But I'm not an aggressive driver, I'm just looking for a sedan that feels "just right" in size, has a great reliability rep, good safety scores & features, good connectivity options, well crafted and comfortable interior, enough power for a quick pass at 60+ mph and doesn't sway like a Camry in the corners. My research has continuously pointed me to these two cars in my price range!
  • Looking at 2010 Fusion Se Auto with rapid spec 202....Msrp 23,720 invoice 21,878 . What would be a good offer below invoice before rebates?
  • Had a great experience at Soerens Ford in Brookfield, Wisconsin. It helped that I had no trade in and didn't need financing. Purchased a Fusion SEL with rapid spec 301 and white tri-coat. I've had it about a month now and love it! Here's the breakdown.

    MSRP: 26,770
    Service Fee: 119
    Discount: 2,013

    Cash price: 24,867
    Tax: 1,269
    DMV: 164
    Rebate 2,500

    Final: 23,808

    This was the exact car I wanted and I knew there was only two in the nation. The other one had been sitting on a dealer's lot since last November and this one was fresh off the line.
  • fordx3fordx3 Posts: 2
    can you tell me what dealer you got this at? city? i live in texas and would love to get in on this deal if i can.... any sales person you might recommend as well? thanks! nice deal by the way....
  • I live in the DFW area an very interested in buy a 2010 Fusion within a couple of days . What dealerships did you call?
  • I do not remember who all I called, but I found Bankston to be the most agressive a few weeks ago. That is the only dealer who was willing to match that price. Bankston FW off of I-20 and Campus is the dealership I purchased my fusion through.
  • its not in ft worth but bluebonnet ford in new bransfuls had an add for this price on the base model fusion ....they had quite a few in stock when i looked last a few days ago ....
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