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Ford Fusion Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I was quoted just under $20k without tax and registration for a 2010 SE with Floor matts and SYNC with the 2.5L manual engine and moon roof. That has a $2000 rebate so before the rebate it was almost $22k. The SEL added auto leather 6 disk CD, on top of the SE features I had before, but that was $$23.3k so just over $3k difference.
    Interesting, but sounds a bit high still to me.
    Also have the option to add the reverse detect on the SEL as well as 18" rims, but I like the MPG so I'd expect the 18's would lower that slightly.
    Anyone else get quotes for the 2010 yet? They have a price guarantee so I'm shopping now.
  • austinman7austinman7 Posts: 313
    FWIW -- I was shopping a 2009 Mazda6 last fall and was quoted documentation fees of $489 and $590 at two different dealerships. The other folks on the Mazda thread at the time said that was way above the average of about $200-250.

    I'm still shopping. Drove a 2010 Fusion Sport last night, the first one I've driven since trying out the then-new Fusion several years ago. The power was nice, the car ran smoothly. I got the feeling of the hood and doorsills being higher up, which I think is a trend in cars as they try to make them safer for the occupants, but takes away some of the sporty feel of the car, IMO. I'm waiting for them to get a 3.0 V6 in stock, which is probably the car I'd go for.

    I don't see much chatter from folks who are buying the 2010 model right now, on the Fusion/Milan thread. Is there another place where people are talking about their experiences at owning and driving this new model?

  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    There's not much chatter as of yet because 2010 Fusions are just arriving in showrooms and pre-orders are also just arriving. I ordered my 2010 Fusion SEL on 3/2 and I just got the word yesterday mine has been built and will be 2 weeks for delivery to Minneapolis. Once there's more out there I'm sure owners will be talking them up.

    2010 Fusion SEL
    Sport Blue Metallic
    Moon & Tune
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  • I don't see the Fusion as a sports car or even as a sporty car. A Fusion is a Fusion, . . you can put a wing spoiler and a bigger engine on it, but it still is a front wheel family sedan.

    If you care about performance, you need to get something with rear wheel drive . . maybe a Camaro ..that is in the same price range.
  • austinman7austinman7 Posts: 313

    Yeah, that makes sense. Dealers in my area have had some inventory for a week now, and I was thinking some early adapters would be posting their experiences by now, but it's a little early I suppose.

    Good luck with your SEL -- sounds like a nice car. Are you a current Fusion owner, which would give you some insight into the 2010, or did you just order yours based on reviews, etc.?
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    I currently own an 2007 Freestyle. I had a chance to see, sit in and listen to the Sony sound system, but not drive, a 2010 Fusion Sport in late February. I drove a 2009 a few days later to get a feel for the ride and began shopping dealers that day. All the early reviews were really positive and recent reviews continue to be good. The Fusion is a big leap from my FS SEL in ride, MPG, technology and style. I originally purchased the FS for the utility but my needs and desires have changed. I can't wait to get my Fusion!
  • neile457neile457 Posts: 65
    I'm confused, is the incentives for the 4 cyl the same as the V6, $3500 rebate or 0% financing? Or is it both? I can't figure it out on Ford's website. I am looking at a 2009 SE 4cyl, and trying to figure out the best way to go if it is "or".
  • austinman7austinman7 Posts: 313
    tim 156,

    That all sounds good. The reviews I've seen have been good, including a Car & Driver (March or April) writeup that was on a manual transmission 4-cylinder model, which wasn't all that great for me since I'm looking at a V6 automatic.

    Glad you're excited in anticipation of a new car, and hope you enjoy it. When it arrives, please post your reactions here -- would love to read them.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    The Fusion, much like the Mazda6 on which is was based, is among the more 'athletic' mid-size sedans. They may not be the fastest (although the new Mazda6 with 3.7L V6 is close) but the Fusion can hang with the best of them in the curves!
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    When the '09 Mazda6 was introduced, all the reviews were of the 4-cylinder "i" with the 6-speed manual transmission and the 's' with 3.7L V6 and 6AT. I still haven't seen a test/review of the 2.5L with automatic transmission...even though it's the highest volume powertrain combo, easily!

    So far, the Fusion has been the Hybrid, 2.5L/6MT and a few reviews of the Sport Model. But nothing on the 2.5L/AT or 3.0L/AT combos that will represent 80%+ of Fusion sales! It's irritating!
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    CR reviewed Mazda6 I4 auto in January 2009 issue. I would assume that they will get around to the new fusion at some point. The enthusiast oriented sources of reviews generally rarely do reviews of automatics, if a manual is available.
  • gth743bgth743b Posts: 13
    I just bought a 2010 SE today with the 201A package (Sync, spoiler). It was a 6-speed. MSRP was $22,790 with destination included. After tax, title, fees, and a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 100k miles 4x4 V8 trade, the price came to $18,000 with 0% for 36 months. It could've probably been driven a bit lower, but I was still happy with it. This car drives like a dream and was surprising leagues better than the 2006 Fusion that we have. Beat the tar out of the Mazda6 too, was disappointed in that one. Bought it at Malcolm Cunningham Ford in Lithonia, GA.
  • austinman7austinman7 Posts: 313
    Congratulations on your purchase!

    What are the qualities of the car that you especially like? What is the color combination?
  • gth743bgth743b Posts: 13
    Thanks, the color combination is the UH Tux Black Met with Black cloth interior. For a manual the car shifts very smoothly, its quiet on the road, has a stiff enough suspension to make it fun, but not so that you get broken by potholes, the SYNC system works magnificently and is probably the coolest thing ever, fuel economy is good, instrumentation is neat and different with the ice blue backlight effect. The seats are comfortable and provide good support, there's tons of should and leg room, I'm a big guy at 6'3" and 220lbs, but i don't feel cramped at all, the trunk is enormous and the fold flat front passenger seat opens a lot of room up (i can lay down in the car and have a foot on either side), the factory sound system is surprisingly good considering its the base system, and the car is very well laid/thought out. I've driven in BMWs, Range Rovers, and the lot, and this car has the best overall ride and feel out of all of them I IMHO. We have an '06 Fusion and it was tremendously better than it, and I thought the '06 was a good car. If this is what Ford has in the offering for its recovery, then they should have no problem once people test drive it.
  • iowahikeriowahiker Posts: 1
    I just purchased in Des Moines a 5 spd 2009 SE Sport for 15.5k. This is cheaper than buying a used 08!
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 790
    I've been checking out several '09 Fusion SE/SEL models with the Sport Appearance Package (SAP). I really like the look with the 18" wheels, spoiler and various trim details. The 2.3L/5AT didn't suit my driving style, but the 3.0L/6AT suits me much better. But there aren't many '09 SE V6 models with SAP still available...

    This weekend, I drove a 2010 SE with the new 2.5L/6AT and was surprised at the difference compared to the 2.3L in the '09 model. The additional 15 horsepower (and 16 lb-ft of torque) and additional gear in the automatic transmission feel more powerful than they look on paper. Motor Trend recently tested the 2010 SEL I-4/6AT and clocked 0-60 at 8.9 seconds (very respectable figure and at least 0.5 seconds faster than the 2.3L).

    Ford even offers the same 18" wheels from the '09 Sport Appearance Package as an option on the 2010 SEL. Just my luck, they're not offered on the SE, which is the trim level I prefer.... but a 2010 SEL with the Moon & Tune Package and 18" wheels is looking like a real possiblity! The MSRP is $25,890 and Edmunds TMV is showing $24,767. I'm holding out for bigger discounts, though....
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Sport Blue Metallic
    w/ Rapid Spec Pkg 202A
    6 spd auto
    rear spoiler
    reverse sensing
    remote start
    MSRP $23,975
    Purchase 21,575

    Daughter's car_She loves it!
  • gth743bgth743b Posts: 13
    For any interested in real fuel economy, I finally got a good 450 miles of interstate just run on my 2010 SE and it was from Atlanta to West Virginia, so there were mountains involved. Average mpg was 34.0 for the whole trip, with an avg speed of about 71 mph. That's 5 mpg over what it says on the sticker...makes me wonder what the S gets with its 34 mpg rating. In downtown Atlanta, fuel economy is not 22 though, its more like 17-18, but that is extreme city traffic I guess.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,950
    I assume you are driving an I4 auto. Isn't that rated 31 hwy which would make your mpg only 3 better than estimate? Still darn good mpg though for a mountainous trip at over 70mph. Also, I don't know exactly how the EPA estimates city driving but I doubt it uses the extreme example of downtown Atlanta or Chicago or LA. Probably some sort of combo of big city/small city so real congested areas will get a little less mpg and downtown city driving like Des Moines, IA a little better. That's why they say "your results may vary".
  • gth743bgth743b Posts: 13
    Yes, its an I4, but no its not an automatic, I got one of the few manual ones that they decided to make. Commuter to and from each day, about 10 miles each way, with mainly 4 lane that's 45 mph, and then drops to 35 mph I get about 25.5-26 mpg.
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