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Pontiac G6 Hardtop Convertible



  • chrissy9chrissy9 Posts: 8
    I'm with you rjent- I love my car! I got mine in June of 07 & I couldn't be happier. I've had a few rattles too, but they were successfully taken care of. I've got the 3.9 liter as well and I find that my gas mileage is right around 23 mpg. I can definitely live with that.

    I'm getting antsy for spring to break in Northern Michigan so that I can drop the top & cruise! Hope all continues to go well with your toy! :shades:
  • aaamorrisaaamorris Posts: 21
    I agree with rjent -- it's a great car. I also have the 3.9 engine, and it apparently makes a huge difference based on what I have read here. Any faster and I'd be in big trouble. Especially peppy in the mid range, when you punch it to pass. I like that they are still relatively rare. Other drivers often compliment the car and ask what I am driving.
  • doeydoey Posts: 4
    yes, the 3.5...i don't have an issue with the power but that was never a big deal to me...i just like the ragtop, i'm not much of a speed/power fiend...
    plus, i used to have a 4 cylinder grand am, so compared to that......
    p.s....i play around with the manual shift and that does perks things up...
  • I've been interested in one of these for my wife's '08 convertible. Can you tell me what you paid for it (your substantial discount) and who you bought it from? You can reply to if you don't want to post it here.

  • billdamanbilldaman Posts: 37
    Hi Harvey,

    I bought the windscreen on ebay for $200.+ Shipping from LKQ Auto Parts online. It was in the box unused. They and some others sell windscreens on ebay, but its hit and miss as to when they become available. There is a GM parts seller that sells them for $355 plus shipping which was the best price I had seen before I purchased mine. BTW the windscreen works very well and looks good, but you have to remove and store it if you have a passenger and buy more than a bag of groceries (top down)!

    Good luck

  • howardpmhowardpm Posts: 28
    Anyone read the latest consumer reports on convertibles. The G6 was listed #8 of out 10 cars tested. Said the G6 is not recommended because of low reliability.
  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    i have not had problems with my car--it's just not an exciting car.
  • billdamanbilldaman Posts: 37
    I will second that. I have the 2007 3.9L GT and it is not an exciting ride. Traded in my Solstice which I loved in order to get a vehicle better suited for the northeast, with room for the family. At the present time the roof will not open, the roof and doors rattle like crazy even on smooth pavement at low speeds and I only have 6100 pampered miles on it. That is an embarrassment

    I am aware of the TSB, so maybe I will feel better when the dealer gets a crack at fixing it. All this aside it is a looker vehicle when its polished up
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,447
    6100 miles...and those issues???

    How did you like the Solstice when you had it? How was is reliability-wise?
  • billdamanbilldaman Posts: 37
    Loved the Solstice, a great 2 seater, not the best performer in the non turbo verson but fun to drive and great to see the BMW and Mercedes owners buyers regrets when they saw the SOL side by side their over priced rides at the fuel pumps.

    THe Solstice had a differential problem that was replace N/C otherwise no problems.

    GM knows full well about the problems with my G6. They spent 2 weeks working on solutions to the roof and door rattle problems a couple of months ago ( I know...I worked as an engineer for GM for 14 years until 2007 ) The problems with the G6 are correctable, and its still the best value in a RHTC. The closest thing is the VW "ERO" which is a POS in my opinion. At least my vehicle stays dry inside going through a automatic car wash. VW ERO.s owners manual specificly says "dont run the vehicle through automatic car washes" Now that is very poor engineering.
  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    my dealer fixed the ratles.

    I wish it had a better tranny--but obviously the price point dictated that. My trans also lurches at slow speeds--ie on highlway heavy traffic--say 20-30 mph--when i step on gas it lurches-almost everybody else has 5 and 6 speed trannies now (which would have helped mileage)

    Same for the cheap "monsoon" stereo.

    Some of the electronics--I would have set up and programmed differently-ie auto lights on/off--I really wish it did not have auto lites, and wish when I turn on fog lites they did not reset eveytime I turn off the car.

    Heating system is a bit noisy esp front defrost.
  • Thanks for the info on your windscreen billdaman. $200 is a great price, and if you want to sell yours for $210, you have a buyer!

    Sorry to hear about your problems on your G6. So far, at 1200 miles, we haven't had any issues. The driver's door clunked over a few stiff bumps, but I adjusted that little spring-loaded door jamb pin and the noise has stopped. Also, our top has already been up & down about 100 time (we live in Florida) and it hasn't missed a beat. Not even a squeak.

    Billdaman, email me at I'd like to hear more about your engineering days at GM.
  • giff2giff2 Posts: 6
    After a long cold winter, it is finally top down weather. Well guess what, it won't go down. Trunk goes part way then stops. Call the dealership, have the car towed, because you aren't supposed to drive it. Hydraulic line is leaking, and the fluid is all over the side and back seat. That was Thurs Apr 17th, this is Tues Apr 22 and there are no parts available. Maybe Wed or Thurs. They did give me a rental, a 2008 Grand Prix. I'll keep this car. The point I should make is no one at this dealership is qualified to work on the G6. There is a special course the tech's are supposed to take. So my car goes off the auto glass co. again. They are not qualified to work on the roof. I found out from the Chev dealer techs, that there are 23 sensors that have to be adjusted every time work is done on the roof. So tomorrow I am phoning the Pontiac dealer and asking them to take my car to the Chev dealer. I really don't want my car being the First One they play with. As for the roof squeaks, I think I wish I had them back because all this trouble started when they fixed the squeaks.
    I feel better now. Good Luck to all who own a G6 Hardtop, I wish I wasn't one of them.
  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    i put top down yesterday for first time--was not smooth--and also looked around and saw a gaping hole at front part passenger window where the roof meets the front and side windows--great quality built into GM products; not.

    still have tranny lurching, no fix.

    I know someone who had car replaced after 4 years (pontiac) under lemon law. anti lock brakes did not work properly and after 4 yrs of bs GM gave in.
  • I've been having a completely opposite experience with our G6 CV so far. Everything has been great, no top issues, no tranny issues, an absolutely great ride, good solid feel (minus normal cowl shake), 23 mpg average, etc. We couldn't be happier with it. I guess more time and use is needed to get a taste of it's reliability, but so far, it has been a pleasure to own & drive.
  • billdamanbilldaman Posts: 37
    Hey Morris, I will take you up on the windscreen offer. (+shipping) after I part with the G6!! Actually the windscreen makes a HUGE difference. After running with it in place for a couple of weeks I decided to put the kids in the back seat so I had to remove it. The wind buffeting, and noise is significant without the deflector. Now its back in place and all is well, so its worth the $390 - 450 at the dealers.

    On the roof cycling issue, I have cycled my roof at least 150 times, and it only started failing recently. I make it work by pulsing the power button quickly untill the top not secure displays on the radio, then it works. Door rattles are still bad. I am going to contact the design engineer that manages the Karmann roof supplier and see if they can be at the dealer when my car goes in for service. Quality problems on the Orion Assembly line for this low runner are still not fixed 3 years after introduction.
  • Billdaman,
    I'll buy it from you now at 210 + shipping if you're willing. Just say the word and we'll strike a deal...You can contact me directly at
  • azg6azg6 Posts: 1
    When I look at my 2007 G6 Convertible from the rear, it looks like the driver-side tire sticks out about 3 inches farther from the body than the passenger side tire. Maybe the body is twisted a bit? I read that some of the hardtop convertibles need to be aligned to stops squeeks and noise, and I also read there is some adjustment that twists the body slightly so the top fits better. I have had to 2 dealers and they both said they adjusted the rear wheels - but nothing has changed. I have NEVER has them do anything to the top - it makes almost zero noise.

    Anyone have this issue?
  • billdamanbilldaman Posts: 37
    The body is definately different from side to side on my vehicle. On the passenger side rear there is almost 1/2"" different between the Quarter outer and the package shelf. I know that framing fixture shim moves were changed in the orion body shop this past February to try to fix a host of problems..3" sounds like a lot. I will have to check mine!
  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    had an accident today with G6 HTC

    Interesting secquence of events you should be aware of.

    First, a cabbie turned right in front of me from left lane--hit the Crown Vic in right frint fender.

    My front end is pretty well gone--axle broken.

    Airbags deployed but feable--like a ballon--was able to watch accident over the top of bag. It did not even hit my chest.

    But the force of the accident threw rear end parts off the car and jammed the trunk area, where I had my suitcase and briefcase, with laptops (actualy on airport grounds about to catch a plane)

    Absolutely no way to open back area. Called 2 dealers and they had no answer--so the fire dept had to cut the trunk open.

    The car obviously wil be a total loss.

    But I was disappointed in the airbag deployment and the trunk jamming up.

    I probably will not get another G6.
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