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Pontiac G6 Hardtop Convertible



  • I worked for GM for 14 years before resigning in 2007. I know the Car (I owned a G6 HTC until recently), And I can recommend exactly what you need to do. Let the interior dry out. Make an appointment with the service manager to ride with you to a "Laser wash" touchless car wash. Run the car through. Afterwards, note the leaks and wet spots. Tell the service manager you want the documentation on the service order to read "customer complains of water leaks in_____-locations, Verified by service manager. Tell him that the carpet is beginning to smell and you also want that replaced. The shoddy material under the carpet will begin to mildew if exposed to water. Let them have a a go at it. If its fixed, fine, if not repeat the proceedure getting all documentation exactly worded, each time.

    After three times if these leaks are not repaired go directly to a lemon law lawyer with your documentation and have the letters sent directly to Pontiac . demand that they buy your vehicle back - no comprimises. It is a fact (I know this from the data) that "water leaks" are the #1 reason for GM vehicle repurchases. Water leaks are a serious matter,never normal in a HTC and you must get the quality that you paid for. Good luck, hope it all works out and you get satisfied with your new car.
  • When I put the car in reverse to get out of the garage I hear a clunk underneath.

    Also happens when I slow to an almost stop at the bottom of a highway exit ramp and then release to go forward after braking.

    Is this an easy fix at the dealership ?
  • Hi all. I've had my HTC for over a year now. This summer I've noticed some rattling from the doors & rear quarter panels when going down bumpy roads. This only happens when the the top is down. I don't remember having this problem last year when the car was new. Is anyone else having this problem? If so, did you get it fixed? Or is this pretty common in a convertible? :confuse:
  • rjentrjent Posts: 19
    I couldn't agree more. Ours has been flawless and a total joy to own. Some squeaks, yes, mostly taken care of with silicone spray on the rubber seals. I have three convertibles, and this one is the driest, quietest, and most comfortable of the three. Oh, it is also the cheapest.

    I am a happy camper! :)
  • had this in my 07 G6 HTC. Door rattles due to Striker pins rattling against the b pillar locators. Sprayed lithium grease spray on the pins to quiet the rattling doors. The roof is another matter. Many TSB's out there. Inherent defect in the design, should have been 3 panel roof instead of 2. A 2 panel is cheaper to make and looks better, Dealer may be able to remove some squeaks through TSB, or may make it worse. Karmann (the roof supplier) quit making dealer service visits to fix this issue months ago. Root cause of Problem is in Lake Orion assembly plant body shop.. My advice is to let the roof rattles go, and enjoy the vehicle. I enjoy mine a lot more now that its sitting for sale on my GMC dealers used car lot
  • I appreciate the response and recommendations. The dealer has the G6 now. I gave them 72 hours to fix or I will return it. Pontaic Rep from customer service (GM Pontiac) said a district rep will contact me today. I also own 1994 Cutlass Convert for the past 14 years. Problems with leaks in both rear windows; only when left in the rain; the car is garaged mostly so we never noticed the leaks until later. I just expected too much from the G6 HTC and I didn't check this site before purchasing, lesson learned (after the fact). Again, enjoyed talking with you all and I will keep you informed, thanks much!
  • Good Luck with GM customer service. I spent almost a full month going back and forth with them related to my G6HTC. All you will talk to is a corporate blowhole who believes that they are appeasing you, but they have absolutely no power to do anything of value. Not sure where you live, or under what laws, but a simple "return" is not an option like at Wal-Mart. My car has been in three times for a cracked flywheel and torque converter, and they have now decided to replace the transmission. So, if they wouldn't do a buyback on a car with major engine/motor problems then I wish you luck with leaking windows. Even after multiple returns for the same problem, over $2,000 dollars in rentals, being verbally attacked in the showroom by the owner of the Pontiac dealership in Thibodaux, Louisiana, and a month on the phone with GM; their answer is "we would like to refund one month's note payment for your troubles. Needless to say, GM has lost a loyal customer after 40 years; and the Thibodaux, Louisiana Pontaic dealership will hopefully "benefit" from the truth of my story every time I tell how I was treated and attacked. The story is much more detailed and troubling than I have room for, but know that GM, Pontaic, and your dealership likely do not have your best interests at heart :lemon:
  • Two days after delivery of my 2008 G6 HTC in 1/08, I noticed that there was some water in the wheel well. (It was built in 9/07, and had been sitting in a distant dealer lot in wet/cold/snowy weather in the interim.) Upon return to my excellent, long-time local dealer, body shop did a water test and found that 2 seams around trunk gutter were either not sealed correctly at the factory, or had cracked. They were immediately repaired satisfactorily, and the repair was invisible due to the perfect color match (black). A review of past posts will show that others have had similar trunk leaks, so perhaps there is / was a quality problem at the factory. Maybe your leak came from the trunk gutter rather than from an area around a rear window?

    I can't comment about your door misalignment since my doors, windows, & trunk lid were aligned perfectly. On a related subject, suggest to all that spring-loaded door alignment pins be lubricated with a light coat of silicone grease, to prevent future rattles, especially if you live in cold climates. {Note: a high quality brand is Super Lube, which is commonly used by swimming pool owners on gaskets and O-rings. Has always worked well on my prior convertibles.}

    Per my previous post of 3 months ago, I also owned a 1994 Olds Cutlass convertible for 11 enjoyable years. Only leak I experienced was at the middle of the header in the final year of ownership due to the expected deterioration of the rubber gasket. (Sun exposure and ozone ultimately ruin butyl rubber seals and gaskets, no matter how well they're conditioned over the years with silicone spray or oil.)

    Sorry to hear about your frustrations with your new car. Although rain totals have been higher than average this summer, my family and I really enjoyed our top-down time. If your dealer is as good as mine, and your GM regional manager is customer-focused, you're likely to ultimately be satisfied with your purchase, even if it means that you receive a replacement car under the terms of your state's lemon law. (I once had a new "dog" Dodge, which was in the repair shop more often than it was on the road - a classic lemon. The dealership's owner OFFERED to take it back for a $0.15/mi depreciation penalty, as long as I purchased another new car at a similar, deeply-discounted price, from his mega-brand dealership. He was a good, smart businessman, and thereby retained my loyalty. I purchased a different model, and was completely satisfied. This happened more than 5 years before lemon laws were enacted in any state.)
  • kevgretkevgret Posts: 36

    I purchased my g6 2 years ago and from day 1 I have had nothing but issues with this car.

    1) Top rattled the first year off and on. Dealer did not know his [non-permissible content removed] from a hole in the ground. Eventually they became more knowledgable and the car was fixed.

    2) While on vacation over the summer the top completely failed and was stuck in the up position. Car was in the shop for THREE weeks and they had no idea what happened.

    3) The driver sides window while in the down position rattles while driving. Two trips to the dealer and it looks like it is ok now.

    4) My airbag warning light keeps coming on. I have had the car in the shop FOUR times and they keep telling me they have to order different parts. So far it has not been fixed.

    5) My exhaust system blown and when accelerating the car you hear a loud whistling noise from the car. The dear told me this is becoming common with the G6 vert and there is a service bulletin on how to fix the car. Of course they did not have the parts and the car required two visits and two days to fix.

    I should not have to fight with the dealer every time I have a car issue. I had a chevy cavailer for 9 years before this car and that car had NONE of the issues a car I paid 4 times the cavalier price.

    Why does this car have so many issues? what happens when they don't recoognize these manufacturing defects and wont fix my car? I have one yr left on the bumper to bumper and then my protection plan kicks in,.

    I have 22,000 miles on the car and drive it around 60 miles a week. This sort of useage should not warrant this type of breakdown.

    I have defended this car but I am considering trading this car in immediately.

    Does anyone suggest anything else? I have spoke with corporate customer service and they are not helpful and told me my car is fine. I want the dealer to do a buyback but I am not sure how that works.

  • Kevin,

    I dumped my G6 Convertible and traded it on a fully loaded GMC Envoy. The deals on trucks are fantastic, the sun roof gives me all the sun I need and amazingly the gas mileage of the truck nearly matches the ultra poor performance on the G6 .(24 mpg highway on the Envoy)

    The G6 is built by a lazy incompetent salaried workforce at GM's Orion Asssembly plant. Late to work, early leavers , they let problems get shipped. The workers cant be blamed, The roof is proof that even Karmann roof systems can design and build crap.

    I am so happy I traded, two months since, I enjoy the sunny days so much more by owning and driving a well made vehicle.


  • I bought new G6 31 Jul 08: I traded it (ditched it) got rid of it because of the problems I had less than 1 month ownership. My wife drove the car for only 800 miles. Thanks to Hurricane Ike; the car leaked in the rear; it was vandilized (someone broke the drivers side window) and we found that the door was misaligned. No one at Pontiac want to acknowledge it. The GM Pontiac Customer Service represnetatives are the worst I have ever experienced (rude, insensitive, and try to tell you what the issue is). My advice to all get rid of the G6 it is another poor excuse by GMC and shows why the Japanese and Koreans make US auto industry look stupid. I am a loyal buyer of US auto but now adfter 45 years I am giving up. I traded the G6 HTC :lemon: for an 08 GMC Envoy. I've been driving the Envoy since 03, 06, and now 08. It is dependable and guess what; it is really a Isuzu. I wish you all the best; so long to my nightmare!
  • sobeg6sobeg6 Posts: 50
    Hi, It's been a long time since i signed on here but, I do get all the feed back emails.. I'm amazed that people are still buying this car. I have owned twelve cars and this one won the prize for the shortest owned. I had it 9 months and that was tooooo long.. I was so disappointed with this car. it drove/handled horribly. problems with squeaks, rattles.. it was a piece of crap! Can't believe I'm saying this but as mentioned in my posted messages over a year ago.. I now have a Mini Cooper S convertible and it handles and drives amazing!

    Good luck to you all that buy this bad bad car!
  • rad1701rad1701 Posts: 13
    I've had my 2007 G6 HTC since July of 2007 and it has been basically perfect. I put the top up and down daily from about May to Sept. where I live. No leaks, works great! The car has been so much fun. Drives well, people love it - and so do I. Ok gas mileage with the slightly smaller engine and still plenty of power (ave. 24 mpg with quite a bit of city miles). I think you get skewed reports on forums like these because most people come to post to vent when they have problems and rarely do people post positive experiences. I love mine and will be sad when the lease is up in about 1.5 years. I'll probably get a new one then.
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    Setting aside the rattles... a Mini Cooper S convertible and a G6 hardtop convertible are two totally different animals. If you were looking for a very small subcompact with a stiff suspension and track-like handling, then the Cooper S is your ticket. If you want a back seat suitable for average adults, good cargo space with the top up, the quiet of a hard top, a softer grand touring type of ride, the G6 makes more sense.

    Sounds like you bought the wrong car for your taste. Did you test drive it?? If so you would have gotten a feel for the handling and brakes.
  • I like bxd's terminology -- "a softer grand touring type of ride." I've previously tried to describe the ride and handling; how it is so much better than much more expensive cars that I have owned. It just floats, and is so much more fun to drive than that go-cart feel you get with a Porsche, for example. Nothing but glowing reviews when I let people drive it. I just passed the 12,000 mile mark on my G6 with zero problems. Driving with the top down on a cool evening with the XM turned up loud, the sound seems to expand to the surroundings while the car just glides. Closest thing I've had to a religious experience while driving. Get this car!
  • I had the same problem. My dealer did fix it after trying three times. The only problem is that the dealer that fixed it is gone now. You might be able to contact someone at there other location.
    The one that closed was Ideal Pontiac in Middletown , Maryland.
    You might be able to find out from the service manager who the manager of the pontiac dealer use to be.
    Here is their web site.
  • My time is really, really valuable; so I bought two, one for rainy weather (gray), and the other (white) for sunny weather. This way, if it's raining, I simply jump in the one with the top up; and if it's sunny, I jump in the one with the top down. Never have to wait to cycle the top.

    Realizing this might be viewed by people whose time is worthless as an odd idea, I gave one of them (the gray one) back to the dealer, who was thrilled to have it back -- chick magnet factor = way high, you know.

    My girlfriend from 54 years ago liked my one remaining white one so much she agreed to marry me. Guess what she's getting for a wedding present. No way! She's getting the gray one.

    I'm not telling who I am, because it may spoil the fun. :)
  • Since I sold my G6 Convertible a while back I wont be needing the Windscreen anymore. I listed it on ebay with a real low buy it now price. It is less than 1/2 the cost at the dealer and in excellent condition ename=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&viewitem=

  • Damn it....I went to buy the wind screen and someone had bid which canceled the buy it now. I bid $203, but with the idiots on EBAY, you will probably get more than the MSRP.
  • My wife and I had a pretty bad experience with our first Pontiac G6 HTC 2008, but after everything we had been though. We did replace it with a 2009 G6 HTC. Do to issues at a few assembly locations, Pontiac had problem with everything from paint to build. Many of the issue can be taken care of at your dealership, if your dealership is half good. I live in the Houston area and I can tell you that GM/Pontiac replaced my wife's G6 HTC after our old dealership (North Houston off I45) did everything not to fix the issues. Many phone calls and a few letter and fighting with the GM DVM. Car was replaced and we are even debt free. I bet most of your alls issue are not being taken care of by your dealerships, find a better one and make your dealership contact the DVM.
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