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Pontiac G6 Hardtop Convertible



  • I've had my 2007 G6 convertible for almost 2 years. I love it! I do have to take it to the dealership soon though. I was recently driving down the street and heard a lound noise like my tire blew out. No problem with any of the tires. I noticed a dent in the back corner of the roof a couple days later. There is no scratch on the outside so I'm sure nothing fell from the sky. I put the top down while my husband was checking it out. It looks like there's a metal braket that may have slipped and made the roof pucker from the inside. Has anyone had this problem? I want to have some amunition when I take it to the dealer so I don't get the run around.

    Any info would be great....Thanks!
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,703
    Why hasn't the new model or "revised' G6 been posted on the Pontiac website. You know, you would think they could at least keep the websites updated. Start advertising the revised model. Most company's start posting for the new model way before it arrives. To get the word out. I am not sure though even when the revised model does arrive how much it will impact people to get one. Its still an older model now, when compared to the competition. I am not dogging on the But just wondering how GM thinks they are going to get the game on...?

    Could you imagine if they pulled the plug on a few SUV's from hitting the showroom, because we have enough, then put some $$$ into a new car, perhaps even into the new G6. Re-do the whole car, design, fit and finish, the whole package. That would be amazing!! Instead, they just keep building as many cars as possible. With very little money to work with.

    Honestly, with no disrespect to the Pontiac or G6, I own an 08 G6. I think its dying very slowly, almost painful, a little embarrassing for them if they call the new model revised. When compared to its competitors. You sit a new Mazda, Acura, VW, Honda, Sorta looks a bit silly,looks like a Hot wheels car. Its so done. The non revised model looks much more classy. Simple, and really is a sporty looking concept.

    My dealer sells VW, Benz, Audi, GMC, Pontiac, wide variety, you can compare all of them, the G6 looks quite dated, and I think the revised G6 makes it look even more dated, as weird as that sounds. Leave it alone or kill the whole car.

    lol, I like my G6, grown to love it. I am still not a GM fan though. Its a love/hate Hate, mostly because GM is not spending wisely and I am supporting them now with my payment.
  • "It looks like there's a metal braket that may have slipped and made the roof pucker from the inside."

    If you could be more specific on where this pucker is, I think I could be of assistance.

    Front panel or rear panel (I am assuming front), and then where on the panel you are seeing the pucker (driver side, passenger side, approximate distance from the panel to panel seal line, and approx distance from the door glass seal)? This will help me on what "zone" of the panel you are in and what might be causing it.

    Hope I can help
  • My 07 HTC makes a whistling noise every time I accelerate over 2000 rmps. As soon as I release off the gas and drop it below 2000 rmps, the whistle stops. I've had it to the dealer a number of times for the noise along with rattles with the top and the sqeaky brakes. They tell me that there is no fix yet for the whistling noise when accelerating but they know that people are having this problem. Does anyone else have this problem and if so has your dealer found a fix for it yet? Out of all the rattles that I have had with the car, this noise is the worst. If someone is outside the car while you drive away, you can hear it for at least a block.
  • catkccatkc Posts: 10
    It is an exhaust issue. My 2007 does it and the dealership has the part in to fix mine just need to get the vehicle in the shop to do it. I will post an update on the part after I get it fixed.

    I also met someone in the parking lot the other night with a 2007 and she also had the same issue with the whistling noise and it is something to do with the exhaust.
  • I finally found a low milage G6 GT Convertible. I have read about all of the off and on top issues and I have called the original selling dealer and he has told me that the only warrenty issues it has ever has is that it had the top locating pins replaced twice once at 4K miles and onle at 8K miles it has 23k on it now and seems to be in great shape. According to the VIN number it was the 530 to roll off of the line so it is a early model anything I should watch for before the factory warrenty expires?
  • Do you know by any chance what part they are replacing? Or do you know if there is a tech bulletin out about this noise? My car goes into the shop on Thursday to see if they can find it but service guy keeps saying that he hasn't seen anything that will fix it yet. They tried telling me that its a fuel sensor that was making the noise but you would think that they would try replacing that part. But I keep hearing more and more people are saying something about the exhaust. Let me know what part they replace after they fix it for you and if it took care of the problem.
  • open148open148 Posts: 5
    Which top locating pins did they replace? There are 2 sets (1 set at the windshield header & 1 set at the front panel to rear panel joint). They should NOT have to replace anything to do with the set at the windshield header.

    Please let me know...

  • kevgretkevgret Posts: 35

    I had the same EXACT problem as your car. I would hear a loud whistling sound when I would accelerate the car above a certain speed.

    After a visit to the dealer I was informed that there is something wrong with the exhaust system and there was a recall on this exact problem. The dealer informed me that the car is fine and can drive another 50,000 miles with this problem.

    I told him this is unacceptable and embarrassing to drive a car with this loud noise coming from it.

    The car was then left in the shop for 3 days and it was corrected. I think a whole new exhaust system had to be installed.

    This was done almost a year ago and I have not had any problems with the car since.

    It looks like these cars all have some of the same issues: rattling top, exhaust system blowing, air bag sensor going bad, etc. I will have my car 3 years in august and I can't believe the amount of issues my car has had to go though.

    I will say that I have not had ANY issues with my car for almost a year...

  • I am currently looking to buy the 2006 model with low mileage at what seems to be a good price. This will be my first car purchase and do not want get stuck with a costly repairs for the conversion mechanism of the vehicle. Owners that had problems...would buying used be a potential risk and headache more so than buying directly from GM? I guess i am new at this and don't quite understand the whole warranty thing.

    Also I live in Montana and would love to have a convertible as my only car. This seems to be a good fit, am I mistaken?

    Also when looking at the car is there any signs that I could spot to see if this is one of the cars that has problems? Any good questions that I could ask the previous owner to reveal potential problems?

    Thanks for your insight,

  • I wasn't able to find out which pins they had replaced. The original owner told me that they were not sure and I can't tell by looking at them. The original dealer had the car for almost the first year as his personal car he kept in Florida then had the MSO transferred to the selling dealer when the owner bought it so there really isn't much history on the first 4K miles of the car. The only issue we have with it is I didn't know about the crazy low gear ratio in the transaxle and the fuel milage stinks I don't know of anything to do to make it better got any ideas?
  • billdamanbilldaman Posts: 37

    As a former owner of a 2007 G6 and former GM engineer, when the 3 /36 warranty is expired on this vehicle you do not want this type of vehicle as your first car unless you have deep pockets. The vehicle is beautiful for the price, handles like a piece of junk and is ful of roof and door creaks and mechanical/electrical issues that need to be repaired by bubble gum fixes at the dealer. The Monsoon sound System is a POS.

    The G6 GT with the "lamella" multipanel roof would be a better choice, the body is significantly stiffer and the roof mechanism is problem free.

    If you want a vehicle that will hold its value throughout the ownership cycle look for a 5 year old BMW. You will still have the repair cost issues but the soft top is a lot less complex.

    Dont let anyone on this site tell you the G6 convertible is a great trouble free vehicle. They are either dillusional, or trying to keep the resale vale of their cars up by drinking the koolaid that this is the best vehicle they ever owned. Dont believe m?. Take one out for a drive and do a quick lane change at 65mph (like you would do for passing a vehicle on a two lane road). Feels kind wierd and unstable doesnt it?. Other convertibles dont share this issue. GM put the vehicle into production before it was ready plain and simple

    Hope this helps. Its MHO, but just drive it on the bumpy roads and do the lane change you will see what I mean. If on the other hand gas station ooooossss and ahhhas are what is important to you, buy it, but those people will be the only ones impressed!
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,703
    Wow!! This is very interesting. I totally agree! You should opt for a higher quality car for your first. Honestly, the competition is so much more ahead. I know that you cannot get a convertible hard top for this price. BUT, Sometimes you get what you pay for. I would explore all cars, while looking at quality, build and most of all... value!
    This car (GM cars) suffers from MAJOR depreciation problems anyway, not to mention any repairs you might have to do on that crazy top.

    I believe once you test drive as many cars as you can, you will realize what we are saying. You want to be able to have a car you like, minimal costs to own and enjoy it. Take pride in it. I have an 08 G6, I like the car, but don't obsess about it as much as I did with my leased honda. The engine sucks!! Not saying you go get a honda, but think a bit longer before going GM, let alone a brand that is going to die soon!

    Look at its reviews, 7.9, it only has 4 reviews.

    Too each their own, but I will not get a GM after my G6 lease.
  • kevgretkevgret Posts: 35
    As a former owner of a 2007 G6 and former GM engineer, when the 3 /36 warranty is expired on this vehicle you do not want this type of vehicle as your first car unless you have deep pockets.

    Kev says:
    or a GM Warranty. I will have another 5 years once my 3/36 expires. The extended warranty does indeed all roof issues that could up in the future.

    The vehicle is beautiful for the price, handles like a piece of junk and is ful of roof and door creaks and mechanical/electrical issues that need to be repaired by bubble gum fixes at the dealer.

    Kev says:
    I really can't refute this statement. I am very dissatisfied over the number of times I have had to keep my car in the dealer because they had no idea on how to fix my issue. My local dealer only has one convertbile "expert" on staff.

    The Monsoon sound System is a POS.

    Kev says:
    Can you please explain further? I don't really have any issues with the sound system except when the bass is turned up it rattles the doors and my mirrors.

    Dont let anyone on this site tell you the G6 convertible is a great trouble free vehicle. They are either dillusional, or trying to keep the resale vale of their cars up by drinking the koolaid that this is the best vehicle they ever owned.

    kev says:
    Well I am not drinking the koolaid but I definitely lovemy G6. Even with all of the problems there is nothing like dropping the top and going out for a nice drive. My car has been trouble free for over a year and if there are future issues I am sure it will get corrected.

    Dont believe m?. Take one out for a drive and do a quick lane change at 65mph (like you would do for passing a vehicle on a two lane road). Feels kind wierd and unstable doesnt it?. Other convertibles dont share this issue.

    Kev says:
    This is kind of subjective, isn't it? I would people aren't doing "quick lane changes" for the sake of seeing if it is weird or unstable. I have drive many cars and this car handles no better or worse than any of them. You get comfortable with the car the more you drive, just like any other car.

    GM put the vehicle into production before it was ready plain and simple

    Kev says:
    I would agree with this statement. I think it GM waited another year it could have eliminated ALOT of issues the car came off the line with.

    Kev says:
    In the end I am still happy with my 3 yr old car. I don't know what the future will bring problem wise but for now I will enjoy each and every time my drop gets dropped and I get a great drive in.

  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    as some may know my g6htc was totsaled in a low speed accident a year ago--I was not too happy withthe car buy I recd original cost repl from ins co--so i took teh money and bought a 335 htc. Yes--more money --but more car--in many ways. I had 2 problems--service engine lite came on when I got home the first night--2 minute fix--still working on a rattle in dash--

    but, the 335 is loaded with everything so on many levels its apples and oranges. Stereo--no comparison--seats were upgrades above good ones, nav, etc.

    Mileage is about 15% better than g6 city and 20% better highway-more than makes up for premium.

    Now my point--the G6 would have been a 3 year car at best and I would have taken big depr--my book value of my 1 year old 9000 mile g6htc would have been 18k in excellent condition (I got 32 from ins co) . Who knows what 3 years value would have been and I am positive after 3 yrs the bmw retains more, and more important I would keep the BMW for a number of years making the BMW a better value long term imo.

    Philsophy--buy better and keep longer. more upfront cost-better long term costs.
  • twosmgstwosmgs Posts: 11
    Too much negativism has overtaken this discussion. Has anyone seen Edmunds first review of the new 2009 Infiniti G37 S hardtop convertible? If not, then take this link: 2009 Infiniti G37 S Convertible Full Test and Video. Interesting, as they say. Smaller back seat than the G6, even less trunk space with top down or up (per's own specs), and more issues, and all for $54K+, about double the market price of a G6.

    My 2008 G6 HTC has exceeded expectations during my 15 months of ownership, and is rock-solid during top-up or top-down driving. Only one problem has occurred: an intermittent cold-weather roof rattle was fixed by my excellent dealership via a quick, minor adjustment of two hinge pins near the rear of the second panel. No big deal - he had done this process before for other owners.

    I have been lucky enough to personally speak with other G6 HTC owners, both local and non-local (during vacations), and all were very satisfied with this vehicle. A fine value for a high-tech, "fun car," and it's American-built, which helps us all.

    For every negative aspect of this automobile, can we also please cite something positive to keep things in perspective?
  • Thanks for the responses, I think after reading this forum I will choose another car. It just seems like a HTC isnt exactly capable of being my only car. I will probably go for a honda/toyota lease return instead.

    The first days of nice spring weather in MT got me thinking irrationally...Convertible is still a few years out. oh well I hope to make it the second car in my garage!

  • Hello everyone! I would like to say I was raised on Fords and had always been satisfied with them. This past summer I decided I wanted a new car. My last two vehicles were a Ford F-150 2001 with the big V-8 4X4 ex cab and 2005 Jeep Wrangler. Happy with the truck, hated the Jeep! I jumped on the band wagon and decided to buy a car for the gas mileage. My choices went in this order... Pontiac G6 convertible (loved the way they looked), Ford Edge (more practical), Jeep Wrangler (thought maybe if I bought brand new I might have better luck and it would suit my horse and offroad needs), and Ford Mustang convertible (my all time dream car). So we stopped at the Pontiac dealership first and they weren't willing to negotiate the $35,000 price what-so-ever! So then we just went ahead and went to the Jeep dealership and the wranglers got about the same gas mileage as my truck. So off to the Ford dealership. We were about to check out the Edge's and I completely by passed them and walked straight to the black GT convertible manual transmission mustang. They let me test drive it and I fell in love!!! We negotiated the price down to 28,000 with sales tax included from the original 35,000 (only because it has some hail damage from a recent storm). We were seriously thinking of signing papers when my husband thought surely if we could get a Mustang down that far we could at least try one more time to get the G6 down some. I wasn't so happy about this idea anymore, but he insisted since the Mustang is horrible in snow. I test drove it and was seriously disappointed in the lack of acceleration and it seemed to have a delayed response to the gas. They wouldn't negotiate at all, so we had them look for an 08 model since all they had were 09's on the lot. They found one and we bought it for $30,000 on my b-day. It was the best b-day present ever! I loved the car in the beginning but in the back of my mind still wished I had bought the Mustang.
    Fast forward almost 7 months March 17th 2009. I'm driving on the highway and in the slow lane behind a very slow little lady. So I move over to pass her and try to go and my car goes up to 5000 rpm's and is barely getting any faster. So I try again, same thing! I had to switch it to the manual mode and keep it in 3rd and run at about 3000 rpm's till I could get to where I was going. It kinda quit once I let it sit and got back in. But before I got to where I was going it started again. I was at a stop light and it turned green, I went to go and it just revved up then all of a sudden kicked it and the tires spun and there I went. It was shift very strangely after that. So I called the dealership and they set me up for a Monday apt. By time I took it in it had kinda stopped doing it. They couldn't find anything wrong. So I was a little pissed cause I knew I hadn't imagined it. So I figured I'd drive it till either the check engine light came on or I drove it into the ground.
    Fast forward a month... I noticed it wasn't shifting quite right, but still no check engine light. Wednesday April 15th, 2009 (husbands b-day) I drive it to help a friend out that lives around 40 miles away. By time I get off the highway it is having alot of trouble. I try to go from a stop light or sign and it just revs up and barely moves. I get to where I'm going and realize I'm in the way so I try to back up and my reverse goes out. We had to push my practically new car backwards out of the way. By this time I was livid! I called and told the dealership about it and they gave me the number for the tow truck. I was so mad that I was in tears. My car doesn't even get driven that often. We ended up keeping my truck, so I drive it more than I do my car. My car only has 9,000-10,000 miles on it. I'm not sure if that is high or not for an 8 month old vehicle.
    I found out on Friday it has an internal transmission problem and they are going to rebuild the whole tranny. The worst part is they stick me in a Chevy Cobalt 4 door that looks like an egg on wheels. I am seriously disappointed with my car and am now paying extra on it to get it paid off faster so that I can get my Ford Mustang that I have always dreamed of. I don't know if the transmission trouble will effect the worth of my vehicle down the road or not, but I think if it will I should be compensated for this. I am too upside down on it right now to trade it in on anything.
    Other things I have had wrong, the plastic moldings on the sides of my seats are popping off and when I try to pop them back in place it doesn't look like they belong there. The change holder to the left of the steering wheel eats credit cards. It took me 3 credit card losses before I realized they were being eaten by this thing and not flying out the top, lol. I don't know if this was something that had something to do with the tranny problems or not, but when I would have 4 adults in my car is was very slow and sluggish. It would build speed very slowly!
    So pretty much I'm just trying to figure out if I'm the only one that absolutely hates my new car. I am really hoping stuff keeps going wrong with it so maybe I can do the lemon law thing. I think this car is the biggest mistake I have ever made! It's pretty bad when I can truck my old beat up truck over my brand new car. Sorry so long, done venting now!
  • jpavlickjpavlick Posts: 12
    I have a 2006 no problems till last week, THe trunk would not open for the top to go down. THe dealer said it had 2 bad senors, 1400.00 to fix anyone else have this problem???
  • open148open148 Posts: 5
    Let me do a little research and I should be able to let you know if your dealer is full of it or not. I have a couple of ideas but need to run it by a couple of folks first.

    Should be back to you in a day or so, please hold tight.
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