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Pontiac G6 Hardtop Convertible



  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Yes, I don't blame anyone for doing that. I have my G6 sunroof open sometimes in town if its over 35 or so. Feels good to have fresh air! Finally it is warming up, and I think the G6 has a summer appeal. It feels good to have the music on, the roof open.
    If I had the the convertible, I would so open it all up, you got heated seats for the would be awesome!
  • nowaczyknowaczyk Posts: 5
    I have a 2007, pontiac g-6, convertible, with 16,000 miles, just our of warranty, but have the gmpp, major guard,,, the dealer did not know what causes the whistle sound, I investigated on this web-site, bad baffle in muffler, now dealer will only cover half the cost of new exhaust system,,, (since muffler comes as whole unit, with exhaust system), I read on these sights, that dealers or g.m., are covering all costs, since this bad baffle-muffler noise problem is a defect from the start... how do I get my dealer to cover the cost of this g.m. defect???
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 871
    Actually the resonator is the problem. GMPP does not cover exhaust, it's right in there what is not covered section.
    Your lucky the dealer will cover half. Call GM and see if they will cover it on there customer satisfaction program.
  • Hello,
    I'm certainly no expert about that whistling sound, but I will relay a story about a dealership encounter I had. Last year, when I had my 07 G6 HTC in the shop for a defective battery, I got to talk with a tech who apparently knew his stuff. I asked him about the "weak spots" that plague G6's. My conversation dealt with exhaust noises too. I have the 3.9 engine and the exhaust seems a bit loud (in a sporty sort of way). He said that was normal and the only exhaust complaints dealt with the whistling sound. He said that he had replaced several exhaust systems, but since the replacement part was the same, the noise had a habit of returning after a while. I believe the noise comes from a drain hole, which is a common design in many exhaust systems. I wonder what would happen if that hole was just plugged up??? I know that if it ever happens to my car, I'll be experimenting with whatever it takes to silence it. Please let me know how you make out with your repair.Thank you. Steve
  • catkccatkc Posts: 10
    You know I love my G6 HTC too! It had a few issues in the beginning and I posted them but it has been a joy is the 2007 model. I be interested to hear more about the modification to the radio for the iPod. Please let me know more. Thanks for sharing!
  • I’m not a ‘regular’ on this forum, but since my 07 G6 GT just rolled past 75k miles, I figured I’d give a short owners report.

    I commute 100 miles a day and find it to be a decent highway car with the top up. Less noise and rattles than my 03 Corolla. Doing the speed limit I consistently get a tad over 30 mpg. Wear and tear on paint, upholstery and controls has been as good or better than my other 4 vehicles.

    Top down driving is a blast. Very pleased with the low level of wind and noise. Steep rake of the windshield makes you feel a little more cocooned. Frankly, I like the little bit of shake and rattle. A convertible should be more visceral, I don’t want it to be just a big sunroof.

    My favorite feature is the adjustable pedals. I don’t know why they are not standard on every car. Every driver in my family from 5’ 2” to 6’ 3” has complemented the ability to find an enjoyable seating position. The front seats seem an oddity, though. People seem to either think they are the best or worst they have ever sat in.

    I’ve hauled adults in the back seats for hours. No one has ever complained about the comfort (and I almost always ask) but they do have a hard time getting in and out of the seat with the top up. It’s just annoying with the top down. Except my teens like to jump over the side.

    I really don’t understand the complaints about the trunk space. In all my miles, I have never had a time where I have needed to haul more than the trunk can hold with the top up. And I have completed several cross-country two person vacations with the top down and placing some items in the back seat.

    The exhaust was replaced twice for the whistling noise. First under warranty at 25k, the second at 55k for customer satisfaction at the dealer where I bought it. No recurrence, but should it happen again, I’ll just replace it with a non-pontiac exhaust.

    At 67k (mostly highway miles) I developed a vibration in the front and thought it might be a warped rotor. It turned out to be the original tires were delaminating, even though they still had good tread and appeared fine visually. Not the car’s fault, just a warning to others, if the front end starts vibrating, have them checked.

    I’d buy it all over again, but I could be convinced to trade it for a Camaro or Corvette….
  • nowaczyknowaczyk Posts: 5
    I wrote that my convertible whistles, and the selling dealer would pay half the cost for the new exhaust system,,, when I asked what half was, I never received an answer,,, it just happens that they lost their dealership, and are in arbitration. My wife told me to stop at the local Cadillac dearlership, where in the past; they preformed minor work on the G-6, while in warranty... I asked the young service writer, he just laughed, then I talked to the server manager. I told him the short version of my difficulties,,, he said "O.K.",,,
    I said "O.K." what,,, he said "O.K.", I'll cover it... There is a God.
    Thursday the Cadillac shop replaced the entire exhaust system at no charge...
  • rjentrjent Posts: 19
    That is great news! Maybe GM is finally seeing what it takes to keep customers. I am happy for you! :)
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,721
    Do you know if they cover a rattling speaker. My rear left speaker is rattling. I am not one to play my music real loud either too. I am going to ask them about it when I am in next. Though, after a week of sitting, its not doing it anymore. hmm...
  • alexmilsalexmils Posts: 1
    I have been looking at new Pontiac G6 HTCs. I am able to buy one with the Sports Package and the Premium Package for $26,000 out the door, is this a good deal? What should I do? What would you do? I've really only looked at Pontiac's and no other HTCs, should I look at any other cars? Your advice would really be helpful. Thanks!
  • jpavlickjpavlick Posts: 12
    I would buy it... I bought mine in 06 right when they came out.... I now have 67,000 miles and it still looks new and still turns heads. For this type of car its a great deal.. I live near Chicago so it goes through some ruff winters.. I still love this car...
  • rjentrjent Posts: 19
    I would buy as well. That is at least 10K off retail. A phenomenal deal, and you might, since this is the last year of production, get them down even farther.

    As far as the car goes, I would buy another in a heart beat. We have over 30K on it and have done a couple of coast to coast trips (one all the way to Miami from NM) and it is a absolute pleasure to travel in. Got as high as 29MPG on that trip.

    Go for it! :)
  • twosmgstwosmgs Posts: 11
    Due to the late-2009 $7K dealer rebate, by mid-January ’10 there were absolutely no new Pontiac or Saturn vehicles of any model remaining for sale in the Northeast, and only a handful could be found in the rest of the country. If you uncovered a new G6 convertible, especially a 2009.5 model, you are indeed very lucky. Forget the color, buy it now! At $26K, it’s a great deal. Except for a cold-weather roof rattle, which was quickly fixed my dealer, my 2008 G6 HTC has been trouble-free, and has exceeded all of my expectations, which as an engineer, are typically “impossibly high.”
  • g6guyg6guy Posts: 10
    hey guys just wanna say this is my first day on here and the site is very informing i must say there is a few people who tend to complain and do nothing but complain....but there is just as many that love there car so i will stick with car is perfect ,,....i do have a question i notice some rattles seems like from the back driver side when i do drive over rough pavement or bumps in the road some people i see hacve fixed there own problems is it something that can be fixed at home ?
  • twosmgstwosmgs Posts: 11
    On both doors, there's a spring-loaded pin which gives additional support to the latch, which will hopefully reduced flexing, and thereby keep the door in alignment. If this pin begins to stick, it has the potential to cause door/body rattles. Keep it lubricated with a thin coating of synthetic grease, such as "Super Lube," to enable free movement.

    If rattles still persist, take the vehicle to your dealer, since the roof's 2nd or 3rd panel mechanisms may require adjustment.
  • g6guyg6guy Posts: 10
    thanks.. i kinda think it could be the roof becasue i dont hear a thing when the top is down.. but once u go over some bumps in the road u here some rattle comming from the top at first i thought it was the drivers door or some people say the back quarter panel either way i still love my car just was wondering the dealer did say they would have to pull it all aprt to find the rattle to me its not wirth it its water proof and i want to keep it that but thanks for the info
  • steph418steph418 Posts: 1
    I had the same problem with the rattling - I took it back to the dealer 3 times and they have it for over 8 days total. FINALLY they actually called General Motors and found out it was the "bushings and grommets" that had to be replaced on the convertible top. Mine only made the rattle when it was cold - not driven first thing in the a.m. - before the sun would heat it up. After the first 2 trips to the dealer - I left it overnight and showed up first thing the next a.m. and told the Service Manager we were going to "take a ride" - he actually heard the noise that time - ha ha ha ha ha
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Hello Steph418,
    I am from GM Customer Service. So has the dealership fixed your vehicle or is it still at the dealership? Please let me know how the repairs go. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • g6guyg6guy Posts: 10
    funny thing i happened to lift the cover on my spare tire of my 06 gtp convertable and noticed some water in the spare wheel .. the rest of the car was bone dry even when it rained out side.someone mentioned there could be a leak when it goes threw the car wash but i everything is bone dry very odd i cleaned up the wheel well and havent seen any water since anyone have the same problem
  • I've had water in the spare tire area on several cars over the years, and really never could figure out how it got there. On my G6 HTC, the spoiler nuts loosened twice, which could easily let water come in through the trunk. It's worth taking a look.
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