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Pontiac G6 Hardtop Convertible



  • redbulredbul Posts: 13
    I bit the bullet and bought my "wind blocker" at the dealer. Pricey but a good investment. Watch it when the passenger drops his/her seat back. Mine has withstood several blows that way.
  • I was just told mine needs to be replaced. Dealer wants over 600.00. Who replaced yours?
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 869
    I did myself, dealer replaces whole system. Just go to a muffler shop, get an estimate.
  • Hello everyone,
    My G6 HTC has the light taupe leather interior. As with just about every G6 that I've seen, the driver's seat tends to wear the coloring off the outboard piping edge of the backrest. I've searched for touch-up dye everywhere to no avail. I decided to try something sneaky that worked out very well. I'll pass this tip along to anyone who wants to try it.
    I removed the headrest and brought it to a Home Depot paint department to do a color match. I had them create the color in one of those sample size bottles of paint for under $3. The match was perfect. With a small hobby paint brush, I applied the color to the worn out edge of the piping. It looks brand new. I'll probably apply a coat of clear paint on it to seal it.
    What's the worst that can happen? If it wears off, then I'll just redo it.
  • twosmgstwosmgs Posts: 11
    Interesting workaround to a difficult problem.

    Although the G6's perforated leather is somewhat thin and not of the same quality of higher-level GM vehicles, many of the inevitable discoloration and cracking problems which occur with all leather interiors can be delayed with the application of a brand-name leather conditioning/cleaning cream every 3 - 6 months. I prefer Meguiar's Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner/Conditioner for my own G6 HTC light taupe leather seats, but other brands will deliver fine results, too.

    Regarding touch-up colorants, a web-search will turn-up many low cost products which can be custom mixed at home to develop a good match. There are also some touch-up pens, which are available for various leather and leatherette (a.k.a. vinyl) colors for both domestic and foreign vehicles. A less common product for these sorts of problems , which I have used successfully in the past, is Duplicolor Vinyl and Fabric Coating. It comes in many colors, but only in spray cans. (As always, just spray a bit in a cup, and use a fine artist's brush to apply it where the touch-up color is required.) This product is typically only found in specialty auto supply stores, including NAPA. Or, it can be easily purchased on-line.
  • Thank you for your reply twosmgs,

    After reading your suggestions of where to get leather touch-up dye, I still drew a blank. Duplicolor appears to have only generic colors (i.e. black, white, burgundy, tan, gray, etc.). As far as me creating the correct color from a kit, I doubt if I could get that accurate. If you ever run across the specific "light taupe" color for a General Motors car, please post the information.
    By the way, my 2007 G6 has only 15,000 miles on it, so there is no wear on the seats other than that piping edge. I have used quality leather treatments on the seats as you also suggested.
  • redbulredbul Posts: 13
    After looking at a number of alternatives including the BMW "1" series and a used SAAB, decided to buy my G6 at lease end. Buyout price was close to posted sales prices for about 6 examples in my area. One condition was that they fix the wooble (dead spot in middle) in the steering. Turned out it was a warranty item. Something wrong with the steering box. Steering is now taught, feels better than new....actually.

    Also found a "new" spray product at Lordco for treating door seals. Seems to have substantially cut down of the creaking and "popping" although it seemed to work with some delayed effect.

    So evertything is working well and I have two years left on the extended warranty!

    Any suggestions on cool aftermarket additions to the car?

    Vroom, vroom, looking forward to summer!
  • g6guyg6guy Posts: 10
    hey just want to say i have seen and read some very bad storys on the g6 but i have to say my 06 gtp htc is running pretty well so far and havent had any major problems that needed to be addressed i have that check engine light that pops on every now and then all of a sudden have had it inoto the dealer about 2 times trying to figure out what it is my dealer is very patient so iam content with useing them other then that and a few rattles with the top iam very happy if anyone has any ideas on how to fix the rattle i would love to hear....
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001

    Please keep us posted on any information from the dealership. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us directly.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • streuangelstreuangel Posts: 1
    Had a new stereo and Din kit installed: now I get "Check Cargo Top" on the driver info when I try to drop the top. Anyone have any idea what's causing this?
  • redbulredbul Posts: 13
    It certainly enhances the driving experience to get rid of the rattle. As mentioned in a posting above, I have seemed to have substantially got rid of the rattle after applying a product I got at Lordco. It is called kleen.flo Honey Goo Rubber Care (Stock No. 809.) It seems Lordco had it in on a trial basis as I don't see it there now. I have half a spray can left....and I ain't sharin'.

    The worst rattle was one that sounded like ball bearings rolling around in the roof. The dealer fixed the latches once and it seemed to work. It came back and I could get rid of it by lowering the passenger window a bit. It stopped sometime after I put the Rubber Care product on.

    About the time I had a dead spot at top dead centre of the steering fixed. It could be that the wobble in the steering was causing a unnoticed vibration that caused the rattle?

    It could be that after 80,000 kl the car just settles in and the rattles get less; or maybe the car is just happy now that I own it rather than the leasing company.

    Vroom vroom........vrooooooooooommm....mmm.....mmm
  • g6htcgxpg6htcgxp Posts: 2
    I'm a car dealer and have sold several G6s and all my costumers love it. Great style and easy and cheap maintenance.
    Having owned several convertibles I had settled with a Pt Cruiser GT Turbo convertible for being affordable and easy to maintain.
    After so much complaining about how ugly the car is, although I like the style, I decided it was time to move on and look for a new convertible and as a requirement it needed to have seats for 4, possibly a hard top.
    After considering the options, besides a bmw or a sebring, there isn't much choice for a real 4 seater.
    Sebring is crap, bmw too expensive, so I decided to go for the G6.
    After several months looking for one that would catch my eye, I finally found a 09 diamond white with low miles.
    I don't get all the haters on this thread, this car is great, handles awsome, very little shake and lots of room inside.
    Pontiac did a great job on this car for the price, and maintenance is a breeze.
    I made some changes to it, put on a front bumper from a GXP and the rocker moldings, even though they are not made for a convertible, and the car now looks awsome.
    It put a smile in my face everytime I see it or drive it.

    Being a car dealer, I know life will not be perfect, exaust issues or rattles on the top will eventually happen, but if a car makes you happy, those issues will never be a problem.

    Looking foward to the summer with the new ride......
  • g6guyg6guy Posts: 10
    its very nice to finally see someone rnjoy there car without comments and negative comments no car is perfect and no car ever will be the main thing is u like what u have and enjoy it question was it hard getting the gxp front added to ur car i have a gtp htc and always wanted to change the front to gxp but didint know if it was possible..thanks an good luck
  • g6htcgxpg6htcgxp Posts: 2
    It's no problem, fits right in. Only issue is if you buy the whole bumper assembly like me, there are 2 air ducts close to the fog lights and it might rub the condenser.
    So make sure to grind them down at least 1/4 inch before installing it.
    I'm not sure if you need the bumper absorber, so I would recomend finding one with all the parts included, if you have to order all grilles and inserts it would get very expensive.
    Now the side rocker moldings are a pain, they don't make them for the convertible, so I bought the ones for the coupe and found a way to adapt them.
    Not perfect since the mounting tags don't match and sheet metal is completely different, so I'm not sure if I would recomend.
    I hope you are enjoying yours as much as I am.
  • Hello,
    I've posted several times before, and my main objective has always been to DISCUSS issues about G6's. Of course no car is perfect, and the G6 HTC is a complex piece of engineering that is more prone to issues.
    My G6 has lived up to my expectations and I love it. Maybe I'm a bit luckier than some owners, because I've never had major problems. My G6 is a fully loaded 2007 with less than 16,000 miles.
    I would have expected slightly better gas mileage, but I guess that 20 MPG isn't that bad (3.9 engine). I've used spray lubricant on most accessible roof parts and I have no rattles at all. I built my own windscreen and it definitely helps prevent drafts on cooler days. The only handling problem I've found is that the car wants to follow any grooves in the road and it takes a certain amount of excess steering force to pull out of the groove. In all honesty, I wish the air conditioner didn't come on every time I start the car (automatic climate control). I have two Malibu Maxx's and the A/C system is wired differently.
    To anyone wanting to "dress up" the front end of the G6, you may want to consider purchasing the factory chrome lower grilles. I bought mine two years ago on Ebay when they were cheap and so anymore.
    Happy motoring.
  • g6guyg6guy Posts: 10
    i do enjoy my car very much so far iam at the 51,000 mark on my gtp htc.. i have the same issue it tends to follow the grooves in the road..iam gonna have my car checked out my only issue i have noticed is a clunking noice when turning ther wheel in the parking lot only not while driving and turning i have heard of lubrication issues i will have checked out just ot make sure..but all and all i love my car.. i have tired a few lubricants but so many seem to either dry out or just turn white and idea of a good lubricant to use on my top to keep the rattles i tend ot hear at times?
  • I'm sure General Motors has a specific lubricant, but I just used a spray silicone lubricant. Make sure that the door pins are lubricated as well. Those pins can cause quite a rattle. I used Lubriplate on them, and that worked out fine. I live in New Jersey and don't really use the car all winter long. When I do take it out, just to exercise it every week or two, it rattles for the first mile and then stops abruptly. I believe it's just the plastic parts behind the rear seats.
  • Hello Everyone,

    This is an update to my own posting regarding touching up the outer edge piping of the light taupe leather seats. The perfect color match attained by HomeDepot in a sample bottle (under $3) and applied with a small brush to the worn out area worked out perfectly. I also sealed the paint with an aerosol can of clear. It looks great and hasn't worn off at all.
  • g6guyg6guy Posts: 10
    thanks for the post jersey guy here as well..and also love my car,..iam looking for a good lubricant for the hinges and gears of my htc currently looking at some auto part stores and ideas?.....i do have rattles when going on very horrible pavement..........
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