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Dodge Nitro



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    That thread has been moved to er0si0n, "General Questions about Leasing Vehicles" #53, 3 May 2007 6:26 pm

    tidester, host
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  • tcsmpsitcsmpsi Posts: 31
    We have an SXT w/C package (fog lights, power, cruise, alum wheels, etc., etc.) full size spare, 3.73 rear diff. and 4 spd auto.

    Hmmmmm...I'll go and try to 'hit my butt on something hard in the seat', but so far haven't done such. Hmmmmm.

    We only have a few hundred miles on it so far, but have NO complaints about it.

    I like the simple interior, as in my '05 Dak Quad and our '07 Caliber.

    I reckon anyone can nit-pick anything to death, if they so desire.

    My wife...well, it was her decision and I was only there for back-up. She is quite tickled with it. It actually drives better and smoother than I had anticipated. When I finally did get a turn at driving it. :)
  • Has anyone seen this on Autoblog? You can win a Nitro!
  • npgmbrnpgmbr Posts: 248
    I have to admit that I really love the masculine styling of the Nitro with the exception of the rear. Unfortunately, when i went to check one out I was very disappointed with the interior materials.

    I simply don't understand who Chrysler could launch a vehicle thats so hot on styling then do a total 180 on the interior materials. Considering that GM and Ford upgraded their interior materials almost two years ago its difficult to understand what Chrysler executives were thinking. It tells me that they are not committed to being a major player and would instead prefer to just do enough to keep up with the competition. Whats sad about the decisions they made on interior plastics is that no other company in the industry is using that much plastic.

    I still would like to buy a Nitro but they would have to seriously upgrade the interior and do more to address the Nitro's fuel consumption.
  • mb789mb789 Posts: 89
    Hello. I'd like to hear from some Nitro owners on how they like their vehicles. What features do you like best? Like least? Are you happy with its performance and handling, etc.? Have you encountered any problems with your vehicles? Thanks.
  • Well I've only had mine for two days now but I can tell you immediately that the handling is a little sloppy but you get use to it. The performance is great for me because the previous vehicle was a 2.4l and the bigger motor suits me better.

    Features? It doesn't really have anything to get too excited about unless you get NAV system or the MyGIG.

    I got mine with a moon roof, love that. The compass and temp gauge is a must have for me and you only get that with the customer preferred package. I don't really care for where the parking break is located, mostly because it's oddly large.

    I test drove one with the running boards, hated those as I banged my calf on the them every time in and out of the truck.

    As for appearance definitely upgrade the wheels, we got the 17" aluminum wheels over the 16" steel faced ones. The R/T wheels are amazing..I wish the SXT came with those.

    Keep in mind too that you can get the SXT with the color matched fender flares, it's only $200 or so option. My SXT is color matched and doesn't have the grey cladded bottoms.

    You can see pics of it in my carspace.

    ETA that I LOVE my Nitro!
  • Are there any changes or improvements from the 2007 model to the 2008?
  • Not sure about that but I was told the rebate on a 2007 is $2,500 and the rebate on the 2008 was only $1,000.
  • Has anyone experienced a brake failure on their Nitro after the brake recall. I owned the car for 8 months. A week after having my car fixed at the dealer relating to the brake recall notice, the brakes failed and I couldn't stop. The incident occured exactly like that explained in the recall. I guess Chrysler's fix for this problem didn't work???????
  • Like to hear what kinda mileage people are getting from their Nitro's? Please specify engine 3.7 or 4.0. Thanx
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Everyone is posting their mileage in Dodge Nitro Real World MPG which is where you should go! :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Has anyone had any problems when driving in 4WD. When making a very tight turn (i.e. parking) the vehicle will lock up and it becomes incredibly difficult to move. I have to switch it to 2WD, stop, and it will correct after a short time. This is described in the owners manual (essentially the car is tricking the stability control system???) but this just doesn't seem right! Love the truck aside from this--not problems but have only had for a couple months.

  • I haven't experienced that yet. I've used mine in 4WD quite often too.
  • When I looked at the Nitro, I asked about the 4WD option. I was informed it is part time 4WD and is meant to be engage only when driving in a straight line.
  • Well MY Nitro has a switch I can change it from 2wd to 4wd see...


    The round dial is where I change the setting.
  • When I looked at the Nitro I tried to find out more about the part time 4WD that the vehicle has and how to use it. Part time 4wd does not respond well turning on dry pavement. See message 65 and 66 in this discussion for more info on how to properly handle the part time 4wd that the Nitro has.
  • trap100trap100 Posts: 2
    help how do i remove the shift knob from my nitro r/t. the r/t is different.any clues??
  • shady276shady276 Posts: 1
    Im not a nitro owner. I however have driven dodge and chrysler products for the past 10 + years. "Mopar or NO car!" However I recently had my Pacifica in the dealer for a coolant leak and my eyes lit up as the service man pulled up a Glossy black dodge nitro as my loaner car. I loaded my things in and climed in as if I were a kid at christmas time. The car is very agressively styled on the outside. The fit and finish of the vehicle as compared to the other cars that I have owned (98 Neon, 00 Intrepid, 01Sebring, and 07 Pacifica) it seamed cheap! The Nitro is more of a truck based suv. The foot wells were overly cramped, the seat position was all wrong and the handeling..... oh the handeling was just terrible. Maybe I have become spoiled as a pacifica owner but there is just no comparrison between the two. I am not making a slam intentionally to the Nitro but i have driven the durango and was greatly more satisifed with the ride in it than the nitro. I just hope they can bring the nitro up to par with the rest of the line up or just kill it off and let the Journey replace it.
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402
    You do get use to the handling differences, I too felt mine was "sloppy" when I first drove it but as with any vehicle you get use to it's quirks :) .
  • barbara22barbara22 Posts: 8
    Has anyone out there had any transmission shuddering, 4-wheel drive shuddering with their 2007 Dodge Nitro. I have had my Nitro in the shop 4 times for this problem and they keep saying all it needs is to have the computer "flashed", but this has not corrected the problem........also, while driving 55-60 miles per hour sometimes a beeping sound is heard and all the dash lights come on, brake light, seat belt light ( as if you have just turned the key to start the car), the last 2 times it has done this the radio has cut off, but the car does not seem to lose power.
    It is going back into the shop again tomorrow for this same problem, but of course the dealer says he has no "bulletins about this problem and actually suggested that the car is "possessed".....................I think this is the only Nitro I will ever own. Had a 2004 Durango before this and it was wonderful......should have my head examined for trading!!!!!!!!
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