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Isuzu Rodeo Check Engine Light



  • ccarnesccarnes Posts: 1
    My 1998 Rodeo keeps throwing code p0401. With a little research I found that usually indicates a clogged EGR valve. This has been happening off and on for 2 yrs. The 1st time I cleaned it (take it off, spray it and attatched lines w/ carburator cleaner, replace it) it worked and eventually the code cleared. Then the same code popped up 2 months ago. I cleaned it and the code cleared. Since then the check engine light has come on 2 more times each time w/ the same code. Should I buy a new EGR? Could there be another reason for code P0401 to appear? Thank you for feedback.
  • mrhenaomrhenao Posts: 1
    DID U FIGURE IT OUT....???? PLEASE HELP ME I SAve the same problem with my rodeo...please respond
  • justagirl7justagirl7 Posts: 9
    I had no code error, but my check engine light was corrected when I turned the gas cap to click 3 times as it directs on the door of gas tank...
  • thehulk19thehulk19 Posts: 3
    I did the EGR cleaning and the new Gas cap, and clicking it at lease three times also, and I still got the same code. It is an emission code and was a problem with the vent line from my gas tank.
    Apparently there are many items in the emission system that can cause the light and the same code.
  • fooyatzfooyatz Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with my 2000 Rodeo S 4cyl 5 speed. My friend is a mechanic and at first he thought it was a gas cap problem because of the emission error code. So, he suggested that I change the gas cap. I did but still the same. Now I am going to work on changing the EGR and the whole wire site until I find this irritating problem. Quick tip, if you want the check engine light to go away without having to go to a shop to reset it, I say take out the battery cable negative first then positive and put them back. It resets the check engine.
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