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Honda Civic Coupe / Civic Si 2006+

patpat Posts: 10,421
Let's talk about the new Si and Civic Coupe for 2006. In case you haven't seen it, have a look at InsideLine's First Drive: 2006 Honda Civic Si and let's go!!


  • woohoo!
    anyone have a link to the Dana Patrick??? something commercial with red Civic Si?
  • A big thanks to our moderator, Pat, who listened to our request and set up this forum distinct from the Civic sedan. Does anyone agree that with a spoiler, the new coupe will look a lot like the Si ? One of the biggest San Diego dealers told me the new coupes are flying off the lot. None there at present. I'd love to have an MT LX silver coupe and put some 205/55-16 Falken Azenis Sport tires on it. It would be a lot of fun, and would go around the local mountain twisting roads very well. There's no red for the coupe. Guess they've reserved red for the Si. There's a great two-page photo of a wine red Si on pages 80-81 of the November Road & Track that arrived yesterday.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Glad to help and let me just note that ClaireS is your host here and she was involved in setting this up - I'll be going back over to Sedans now. ;)

    Anyway, enjoy!
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    I don't think the Coupe is a "poor man's Si." Budget sporty cars are Neons and Focus ZX3's in stripped configuration. The Coupe is $17,000 from a manufacturer that doesn't rebate or offer employee incentives. I view it more as a practical (read: reliable) alternative to a MINI.

    But we have to wait and see how owners rate the actual handling on the Coupe. I hope to drive one at the Honda event in San Francisco this weekend; they have been hard to find at dealers. I had a 2003 Coupe and was not happy with its handling; it wasn't a dog, but it was no better than any competing econo-box.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    I did a check of the local inventory at 4 dealers here in the Twin Cities, and each had anywhere from 4 to 16 Civics in stock. Without doing the math I would say that about 75% of these were coupes, so at least here it would seem that the sedans are outselling the coupes (unless they are just getting more coupes in than sedans so far).

    Also as far as colors go, I believe Honda's web site shows a red color being available in December - comes with a black interior.
  • the online inventory doesn't mean they physically have the cars...
    I bought a Mazda 3 (which probaly works the same for honda dealers). Their dealer inventory is linked to the Mazda site. the exact Mazda 3 we bought was already shown in the inventory. Well, when we bought it (after "watching" it for weeks in the inventory) it still was on the way from Japan. Took additional 2 weeks to actually pick it up. After we already had the car it was still in the inventory. so, the inventory is more about cars that are coming soon or were there some time ago. doesn't mean the cars on the lot are the ones in the online inventory.
    (why did we go through that huggle?.. we wanted Xenon headlights.... and the one with these actually on the lot was white brrr.... so we had to wait for the one we liked to arrive... :-)
    Well, checkin the local honda dealers... their inventory system is even worse than the mazda-one. somehow they have their own, not linked to Honda site. weird....
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    herrkaleu, yes I realize the dealers' web sites probably don't match what's actually on their lots at any given point in time, but I was merely pointing out that at least here there seems to be more coupes than sedans, either now available or soon to arrive. It's just a relative measure of which style has the better supply in this area, shortly after launch. One of the dealers also had 10 or so new '05's listed on their site, and all but one were coupes, except one Si hatch.
  • I love the looks of the Rallye Red (available in December). It looks a lot like the Milano Red that was available on Civics for years.

    I wonder if it will be available on the Si or if they'll only have the Habanero Red they've shown in so many of the publicity photos. That one is too dark and burgandy looking for my taste.

    At least the Rallye Red has black interior, my favorite by far! Will the Si have black interior on all models or a choice of others? I remember when you could only get a black interior on anything with an Si badge on it. Those were the days...
  • I'm happy to say I got wrong info somewhere about red for the coupe. Here it is in Rallye Red, "available in January 2006:" - - jpg

    The fact that the coupe has 2 inches shorter wheelbase and is 3 inches lower than the sedan makes it appealing to me as a sporty car.

  • hey guys i have an urgent question. Do the honda dealers allow for dealmaking or are they selling the coupes off the lot with no bargains whatsoever?
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Some people in the previous combined sedan/coupe thread have reported getting some discount, but it seems that in most areas dealers are still sticking to MSRP. The general consensus is that better deals lie ahead for those who can wait a while.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    I would add - most dealers will make you or break you on your trade-in. They know people talk about cash discounts from the MSRP, so they'd rather sell you a car by over-allowing your trade than by discounting the Civic. It's a lot harder to brag (and prove) that you got $2,000 extra on your trade than to say you got $2,000 off the car.

    So shop around, and don't give up!
  • allfiredup,

    Looks like all your wishes are coming true. The Civic Si will come in Rally Red -- the only colors it does not come in are Atomic Blue Metallic and Royal Blue Pearl. Also, all interiors are black. This is right out of the Coupe brochure, which is in front of me.

    I just put my money down to get first dibs on an Si. Of course, I can get my money back if we can't reach a deal. I expect to pay MSRP, but also will push for a good trade-in price. I expect that will be the only way to get the Si's price down at the beginning. Actually, I think there is much interest in this car and it will likely sell at a premium for a while since I hear they are not planning to make too many. My only concern is that I will get respect from the kids at the pump, but the other executives I work with (I'm 49), with their BMWs and Audi's, will look at me cross-eyed for trading in my 328 and getting a Civic. I know better, I had a '00 Si and loved it to death, until it was stolen. Bought the 328 to try and make it a positive experience. I also love the BMW and it is more polished, but I want something I can wind-up to 7500 rpm again.
  • I own a '00 Si currently and love it as well....I plan to sell it in a year or so and then will be looking at the new Si, in addition to the RSX Type-S (supposedly there is going to be a new model for '07.....I imagine that Acura will add a limited slip and probably more HP to separate it from the Si, so it will be interesting to see what Acura does). I'm no spring chicken also (in relation to the stereotypical Civic crowd)--I'm 33--but love playing with sport compacts, minus the ridiculous body kits and massive wings and neon glow kits, etc...
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    One of the enthusiast websites tested an 06 Coupe on a dyno and said:

    Note that the higher of the two runs was performed in 3rd gear. The lower was in 4th gear. Power and torque at the hubs indicate that this engine is producing more like 150-155 hp and 135-138 lbs-ft of torque at the engine. Also note that the power peaks and torque peaks correspond almost perfectly with the advertised peaks of 4300 rpm for torque and 6300 rpm for horsepower.

    I posted some comments on this excerpt on the sedans board - I won't repeat it here lest I spam, since most of you are probably reading the sedan board already.
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378
    Just curious....did you take a big hit on your 05 Jetta TDI__assuming you traded it in?
    What kind of price did you get on the 06 EX CP 5 speed?
  • I am female and don't care for black interior. I have been informed that it is MUCH hotter in the summer months than tan, grey or others. Does anyone else find the temperature to be a lot warmer than the other colors?

    Also, I haven't seen the black but to me black is a lot more bland in other cars.

    In addition, won't the SI be stick shift only?
  • ezpilzeezpilze Posts: 29
    uh... not me, it's more like FEELS hotter, my mom always complains about my car being hot even though I have a grey interior compared to her black one. Hey, if its hot, its hot, the extra 1 or 2 degrees aint gonna make that much of a difference no?

    Yes, the SI is stick only, much like the acura rsx the joy from driving this car comes from its high end revs, so automatic would not be an option unless if you got one of those dinky auto-manuals, but the SI is relatively easy to drive compared to other cars out there.
  • I think black interior is sort of a "guy" interior.

    In addition, if you park a car with black interior at the mall and come out after 3 hrs. in summer heat even a great AC takes a while to cool it.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Other than the premium fuel requirement, what extra maintenance does the Si need, as compared to the non-Si Couple?
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