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Honda Civic Coupe / Civic Si 2006+



  • bmxxxbmxxx Posts: 1
    I'm getting a new car in 2 months and I still can't decide between a new civic si or a cobalt ss.
  • The civic will be a little more fun to tune, a cobalt will be fun too but I'm sure that as soon as you sign the paper work to get your cobalt the price has dropped 5 to 6 thousand. They just have little value, I'd go with the civic. I think the cobalt was a good attempt at the sports compact car line but I really can't get over how fast they lose there value. And just think, honda doesn't put out a 6 speed that often. I think they have done it only 3 times I may be wrong, once on a 2004 or 05 Accord coupe, I'm not sure but I think the S2000 and now on the 06 Civic SI. So you might be getting a rare car going with the 06 Civic SI not even knowing it initially.
  • The Cobalt will be faster regarding straight-line performance, but that's because it's should be faster;on the other hand, the relatively low-grade, Fisher-Priceish interior materials, lackluster handling and steering, lower resale value, and poorer reliability of the Chevy should swing your opinion the other way. I confirmed these concerns (printed in various car magazine reviews) with a personal tour of the el-cheapo Chevy at a local dealership and was most certainly not blown away by the product.
  • Kalamazoo,
    The glare from the (ivory) dash bothered me a lot at first but I don't notice it much now, thankfully. Maybe that will be your experience too. The mirrors are all quite nicely placed and big enough, and they "partially" compensate for the field of vision that is not great. But be sure to actually turn your head for left blind spot moves, - do NOT depend on just the mirrors for THAT.
  • Do you Mean Cobalt SS or Cobalt SS SC (Supercharged)

    The SS is available in sedan and coupe, with a 2.4l 171 hp engine and available 4AT, while the SS SC is only a coupe with 2.0 Supercharged with 205 hp and 5MT only. Price difference may be great enough of a deciding factor.

    I'd say the SS SC would win in straight line performance and be close in handling to the Si. The SS would still be fairly quick with better torque than the Si.

    The Si has that great 6MT and high revving 2.0 K engine. You also get the "legendary Honda reliability" although the difference between Honda and others reliability isn't as great anymore, IMO.

    Six speed manuals are also available in Accord V6 sedans starting this year, so not really 'rare' and I think not a deciding factor.

    So, basically I couldn't decide either. You're posting in the Honda forum, so undoubtedly the responses will be more in favor of the Si. Perhaps indicative of a subconscious preference for the Si? Test drive both, then may it will be easier to decide?

    Back on topic of the Civic Coupe, have any coupe AT owners noticed the 'growling' problem at ~1500 RPMs that the sedan owners have been talking about?
  • Strumelia, Kalamazoo or any of yother lucky ones that have already got the 2006 Honda Civic Si let me ask you a question:

    The literature says the first 5 gears are close ratio, which is good. That implies that 6th gear is a tall highway cruising gear which is even better.

    What speed in Miles Per Hour are you going per thousand RPM in 6th gear?

    I am not sure when my car will arrive since the little asterick says "Rallye Red" is not available until early 2006.

    2006 Civic Si On Order,

  • promikepromike Posts: 35
    Was told by a dealer today that he is only getting 1 SI per month for the next 6 months. He said that I could have one at sticker. Does anyone know if the SI is really going to be that scarce?
  • Initially it appears it will be scarce. I am not sure of the capacity of the Great Britain facilities where the final assembly of the Si is performed.

    Waiting patiently ......

  • Sorry Midcow, but I have a 2006 EX Coupe, not a Si.
  • Heck, I don't really understand what "tall" means here. At 75mph in 6th, rpm is around 2700. We are having our last warmish morning with no ice today, it's raining here in Michigan which is unusual for January, but Pepper is going out today again. Tonight ice is on schedule and snow tomorrow. I'll see if this new puppy navigates snow. If not a trip to Tire rack is in order for Winter tires. Hubby is taking the SUV to Houston for 3 months. He want the Si, but he really doesn't deserve it!
  • The new Si is built in Alliston(sic?)Ontario. Last year's model was in England.
  • I have heard from over 6 dealers, 15k builds this year. Each dealer is getting 1 per month for the first 3 months. A dealer in Ill.last week when we were passsing through had an unsold Black and said they have 6 on order, and will get 6. But, the Si's seem to be coming in as Honda wants them built, not as ordered. My Si was to have Summer tires and shipped without. All dealers we stopped from Houston to Michigan last 2 weeks were without Summer tires or nav.
  • Kalamazoo,

    Thanks for the info 75/2700* 1000 = 27.78 That is very good. The IS300 I have is only 22 in 5th gear which was about the same as a 95 Integra GSR I had. The Accord V6, I have is around 30 in 6th gear ( nice an tall, highway mileage = 29-30)

    The 27.7 is pretty tall which mens it should get good highway mileage, close to the EPA rating of 32 mpg.

    Soon to be double sixes ( 6-speed 2006 Si, 6-speed 2005 Accord Coupe),

  • Okay thanks, the web site I polled apparently updated some of the stats to 2006, but not all of them :)

    Si on order,

  • chuckd2chuckd2 Posts: 12
    At 80 I tach a bit over 3500 and I know that at 75 I'm over 3k...I'll do a very accurate test on my way home tonight and post the results tomorrow but 6th gear does not feel "tall" to me at all.My average mpg is 30. It feels like it could use another gear.
  • Chuckd2,

    Thanks for the Info. I have a 2002 5-speed Lexus IS300 and in top gear I only get 22 miles per thousand rpm. At 80 mph I am gong 3600 rpm. It is not geared tall, but very low and could use another gear. However, maybe Lexus luxury is lazy because from 40 mph up you really don't have to downshift to pass.

    My 2005 Honda Accord V6 EX Coupe on the otherhand is geared tall in 6th gear at around 30 miles per thousand RPM. At 80 miles per hour the tach is only at about 2600 RPM which alows it to get 29-32 mpg on flat highway driving.

    I am getting the 2006 Civic Si as a fun commuter car and hopefully get good mileage.

    soon to be double sixes (two 6-speed standards),

  • At 70MPH the tach is around 31-32k. I have a silver 06 SI i picked up in late december. I lover everything about the car. I don't like how the computer holds the RPM's for 2-3 seconds after you take your foot of the pedal.
  • This "tall" concept is new to me. I agree, that the si seems like it could use another gear. No acceleration in 6th. I have only had 5 speeds in the past and have not experienced this. This car has a WOW factor with the under 25 yr old males, which I like, improves resale factor and old lady coolfactor.
  • dude the colbalt got the worst rating in consumer reports for everything including reliability. I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole and 10 peolpe pushing me,,, just the cavalier replacement and everybody that has any sense, knows the cavaliers are junk. my wife had one for her first car and the front passenger wheel broke off and rolled her seven times,,, resulting in $250,000 in medical bills.
  • Something is amiss vinman reports "At 70MPH the tach is around 31-32k." That means the miles per 1,000 RPM are only betwenn 21.9 and 22.6. That is about the same as huck2d reports "At 80 I tach a bit over 3500" = 22.85 and much different than Kalamazoo reports 'At 75mph in 6th, rpm is around 2700."= 27.8 I am hopeing that Kalamazoo is right . 22 miles/1000 RPM was what the previous Si and Intergra GSR owners got with a short geared 5-speed.

    Is anyone planning exhaust and intake modifications?

    Soon to have a Si,

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