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Honda Civic Coupe / Civic Si 2006+



  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    uh...make sure you are pulling it out the right way? take it to a locksmith and the car to a dealer?
  • john500john500 Posts: 409
    A workaround for a lot of the old cars was to wiggle the steering wheel while you try to remove the ignition key. There's probably a more significant issue, but I would try the cheap route until it doesn't work any more.
  • blutacblutac Posts: 27
    anyone know how to separate the driving lights from the headlight switch. On my Tacoma there was a mod which by putting a jumper between a couple of fuses in the fuse box bypassed the headlight switch so the driving (fog) lights work independently.
  • bsherwoodbsherwood Posts: 2
    I decided to use AMSOIL in my 2007 si sedan. From the tests I read, amsoil is a class 5 synthetic and mobil 1 and others like it are class 3. The oil I used is supposed to last 35000 miles and the filter they sell is a 25k filter. That means one year without oil changes. And they guarantee it. I could tell an immediate difference after changing the oil. Not huge difference but better none the less.

    According to the tests this new oil had a wear rating of something like .01 and Mobil 1 had a .05, this means the amsoil is protecting 5x better. It's not overly expensive either. I paid $60 for 5 quarts oil, filter, and bottle of cleaner that you only use the first time when you switch to it. You can google amsoil and see what I'm talking about.
  • bsherwoodbsherwood Posts: 2
    Any one done a turbo yet on the new si? Been thinking about one once my warranty runs out.
  • I chimed in shortly after getting my EX Coupe last year, too. Since that time it has become my wife's car, and I drive a Prius. I recently got back in the Civic and wow, what a lousy car. Rattles everywhere, the steering feels weird, the body moves around in corners, and the stereo sounds muddy. It's been in for squeeks and rattles several times and is headed back in next week for a noisy steering wheel airbag cover. My Prius is much higher quality, which is saying something about a car that's basically a hybrid Echo, and it even handles better on a mountain road. Of course, don't tell any of this to my wife. She loves it!
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    a haa haa haa!

    this is rich!

    the prius has got to be one of the lousiest handling vehicles on the planet! dunno about the squeaks, but to call the steering weird? do you really drive a prius? no feedback WHATSOEVER from the road. the most artificial feeling eltromechanical steering setup i have EVER driven.

    handles better on a mountain that made my day! :P
  • Clearly a difference of opinion, eh? My idea of good steering is probably not a majority opinion. I shuffle steer, that is, I always have my hands in the bottom half of the steering wheel, feeding to the left hand or the right. I never cross my hands over. I prefer the light steering of my Prius for my style of driving, which others may consider uncommunicative. I'm sure I'm also biased from all my years of driving Toyota Tercels and an Echo, all cars with light steering and small wheels. I got quite good at passing bigger/faster cars on tight roads with these things, and in comparison, the Civic actually feels big and unwieldy to me. My bigger complaint with the Civic's steering isn't that it is heavier, though. I feel it has an unpredictable change in ratio through a constant-radius corner. These are minor nits, though. The car handles well enough, and is great fun. My main issue with it is it rattles as bad as my old Echo!
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    still very weird; if thats how you drive, than the prius must be murder; it has this huge empty lack of feedback and is totally numb on center, i'm suprised that they way you hold it is actually telling you anything about the road.

    the civics wheel is tiny and the steering is light and straightforward; this suits your prefrence much more than a prius would.
  • My friend has a 2006 Sti, Engine already blew. now saving up 5.5k for new engine. I do love the car though :D
  • hey, did you use 10w30 or 5w30 amsoil in your car? hows it work at 6-8,000 rpms? thanks you
  • about those turbos for the Si, id wait a little bit longer to put one in, im sure more will come out. But, if you go to youtube and type 2007 civic si turbo, or something along those lines, many people have done it. Some good races on it too. Si racing a m3 on the street for a loong time, pretty much neck and neck everytime, sometimes Si barely comes out in front, sometimes m3 barely comes out in front. Quite cool. :D
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    there should be plenty of turbo kits for the new si, since the k20 has been around for awhile, even if its tuned slightly different for the 06+ si's.

    They may need some re-working to fit the engine bay though!
  • error438error438 Posts: 17
    I have a normal 140 HP civic with a MT. Sometimes I miss a gear while I'm gunning it so it's just in neutral.(I'm still learning) Will it damage the engine to be flooring it in neutral ar does the rev limiter save me?
    Also I was wondering if anyone would suggest summer tires over the stock all season M+S tires.
  • kork13kork13 Posts: 90
    error, the rev limiter is there for that exact reason. It shouldn't let you take the revs to the level that you'll actually do any real damage to your engine. At the same time, though it's there to keep you from accidentally causing damage, it's best not to tempt fate... personally, i'd recommend getting a bit more confident on the MT before really trying to floor it from a stop. However, in short response to your question, No, you should be okay. Just don't do it too often.

    As for the tires, it depends on how you drive, and where you're at. It sounds like you drive for some performance, so the summer tires would give you a bit more bite in your accelerations. Where do you live? If it's somewhere that you can reasonably expect to get snow/ice (and have it stick around for at least a couple days), it might be good to have the all-seasons. If that's not much of a factor for you, then there's no real issue with getting the summer tires. Another option, if you get the summers and you do have a snowy winter, you can get a set of all-season or winter tires in addition to the summer tires, then just swap them out when the weather turns white. I live on the Rampart Range in Colorado, so I sided for just getting the all-season tires. I still get really nice performance out of them in my Si. It's really just a balance of what you think is reasonable and what you want.
  • bf04bf04 Posts: 6
    I have had my SI for about week with 500 miles on it. It has probably been rev up to 8k 2-3 times, due to dealer showing off, wife..etc. I am trying to baby it little now till I hit 1200-1500 for full breakin. Do you think their could be any damage or anything due to rev it high so eariler? So far it drives awsome.

    I do not live near a honda dealership so I will be going to Jiffy lube for oil changes. I am thinking of going to synth but never used it before. I plan on keeping the car a long time. So is the synth that jiffy lube uses good and anything I should know about switching oil?

  • kork13kork13 Posts: 90
    I don't think the high revs should be an issue for you. It's only 2-3 times, and probably only for just a few seconds, so it's not going to greatly impact your break in.

    For oil, I haven't quite come up to my first change yet, but I'm planning on switching to a synthetic oil. I'll prolly talk to my a mechanic first before actually doing it to make sure it would actually be better, though.
  • bruinftbruinft Posts: 8
    I'm new here, but I'm hoping that someone can answer my question. I'm virtually dead set on getting a Civic SI. But there is one question that I need to have answered before I can make the purchase and it won't get answered by a test drive. How comfortable is the driver's seat in the Civic SI during long drives, like an 90 minutes or more? What about during extended bouts of bumper to bumper traffic (I live in LA)?

    Also, on a side note, I'm going to get the Civic as soon as I learn how to drive manual. My friend offered to teach me how and he suggested renting a manual transmission car. Anyone know where I can rent a MT car in LA? All of the major car rental companies seem to only rent automatics.

  • kork13kork13 Posts: 90
    bruin, I guarantee you that the seats are GREAT. I made a 17 hour drive in my Si, and the seats were VERY comfortable, and the same goes in normal traffic. They're really supportive, and nicely firm. As an added bonus, they really hold you in place when you're playing and doing hard cornering.

    I'm pretty sure you won't be able to find a rental agency that rents out MT's unless you go to Europe. Just find a friend who doesn't mind you learning in his/her car, because you won't be able to find a rental. They don't carry MT's for that reason specifically, so that people new to MT's don't drop the transmission in the rental cars.
  • bruinftbruinft Posts: 8
    Thanks for the input. Since I spend a lot of time in cars, it's important to get an idea of how comfortable the interior is.

    My problem is that I only have 1 friend that's local that knows how to drive manual. Everyone else that drives manual that I know lives pretty far from me. I've read online that people that don't know how to drive manual have learned how to drive on their new car without causing a lot of excess wear and tear. I might have to go that same route.
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