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Which Minivan has easiest seat storage?

cherroncherron Posts: 1
edited March 10 in Honda
It seems like most minivans have some type of "magic" seat option, but which one is the easiest to use? What about 2nd row seats? The Town & Country has the "stow and go," but are the 2nd row seats comfortable? I'm not sure if I want to sacrifice seat comfort, just to stow them into the floor


  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    I can't recall ease of use of the other minivans, but our Mazda MPV 3rd row seat is easy to use. Just pull out the short strap in back and pull on a longer strap to hide it away. Since, the MPV does not have the longer distance between the back of the third row and the rear bumper...I'm guessing one wouldnt have to lean in as much. The MPV 2nd row seats are fairly easy to remove, I think they weigh 40lbs. They are very comforable.

    GM minis dont have the "magic" seat.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Well, the 3rd row is pretty easy to use in the Odyssey. The only one that I would compare it to for ease of use would be the Sienna. One additional advantage to split 3rd row seats is that individually they are lighter (easier to operate) than a single non-split 3rd row. But I think the ability to flip the 3rd row over for tailgating in the MPV is a neat option that I sometimes wish we had in the Ody.

    The Ody 2nd row seats aren't so much heavy, as just awkward to remove/install due to their bulk. Fortunately, I've only had the real need to remove them on a couple of occasions.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Odyssey 60/40 split 3rd row seats were the easiest to fold into the floor, DC minivans 2nd and Sienna took a little more effort than DC. I thought Ody had the most comfortable seats in 2nd row, Ody and Sienna tied for comfort in front and rear seats with DC being the least comfortable...but still comfortable.
    I prefer the 2nd and 3rd row seats of my 02 T&C to the Stow 'N Go for comfort and they are not very hard to remove. My 02 T&C 2nd row seats are much easier to remove and reinstall than the 2nd row in either the Ody or Sienna.
  • aaron_taaron_t Posts: 301
    I haven't compared ease or use between the three market leaders, but I love the split folding of our T&C Toruing. It requires three steps: First to fold the back agaisnt the seat bottom. Next to release the latches on the front, and last rotate it into the floor. Also, one can skip step one for tailgate seating.

    Doesn't someone have a power folding rear seat availible? I know the 2006 Ford Explorer does, why not minivans? I'm sure they are coming.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    The 2006 Sienna Limited FWD has a power folding/adjustable 60/40 Split & Stow 3rd row seat included in Pkg # 3. ;)
    The power folding/adjustable 3rd row seat is NOT available in the Limited AWD.
  • dennisctcdennisctc Posts: 1,168
    Doesn't someone have a power folding rear seat availible?

    I hear that DCX is working on it for T&C.....2nd and 3rd row power folding, for MY 08 though.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    Are we that lazy that we need a power folding rear seat????

    The Quest has the traditional full length 3rd row seat, but it is very simple to use. Grab strap, push button an dpull the seat toward you. Once it is int he well, lift up on the handle on the bototm of the seat (which is now in front of you) and it collapses into the well. Unfortunately you have to reomove the headrest though.

    All minvans should have the deep well and disappearing 3rd row seats. Adds to the versatility of the vehicle.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "Are we that lazy that we need a power folding rear seat????"

    What do you think?

    Actually, I think it's just one part laziness, one part "at least three times in the last decade I've needed to drop the seat at the same time my hands were full, so I really really really need a power folding seat", and a huge dollop of "hey, check-out the cool seats in my new van!".

    But that's just IMHO......
  • dennisctcdennisctc Posts: 1,168
    Are we that lazy that we need a power folding rear seat????

    Well, I have to admit, I thought putting a power hatch on a minivan wasn't too smart, but now I can't imagine not having it. Here in Michigan in the winter, when cars are filthy from dirt and salt, being able to not touch a dirty handle to open and close hatch is FANTASTIC! I bet senior citizen would probably feel same about power folding seats....many SUVs have em already.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    As an Odyssey owner, I have to say that among Pre-2004 minivans, the Odyssey was the king.

    Now, I think the crown goes to the Toyota Sienna XLE Limited with PKG 3, which has those power folding seats :) :D :blush:
  • dennisctcdennisctc Posts: 1,168
    OHh wow, didn't know Toyota had those!! KEWL
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Can't get it on AWD models. Only the FWD Sienna XLE Limited.

    All you do is push a button!
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Now that the rear seat will fold into the floor by the push of a button, isn't it time for another luxury item to save us from working too hard?
    Isn't DaimlerChrysler going to put power operated 2nd row seats "Stow ' N Go" into the Town & Country Ultra Limited?
    Only a matter of time before the driver can use voice commands to select Drive, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Reverse, or Park. Time to reduce the workload for lazy Americans. ;)
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    A bunch of smart engineers had to develop the system, so you could say that its actually making America smarter and more innovative since American engineers are developing the technology.

    I'm not sure who all worked on the Power seat thing over at Toyota though...
  • gg2k2segg2k2se Posts: 109
    All I can add is that the Quest middle seats fold "almost" flat rather easily. I brought home 4X8 sheets no problem. As # 8 above said, the rear seat also goes into its well quickly; it takes longer to clear out the well than to drop the seat. The middle seats are very comfortable but the rear seat is a little small for adults

    I've never seen the Chrysler stow seats and I can't see paying for an optional power stow seat. Sounds like too much to break and/or crush.
  • spend your money elsewhere...not on an MPV....needed new tires, rear heater work and new alternator/battery before 30000 miles..ouch
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    Hi, slovikovski,

    Since this discussion is about seat storage in minivans, you might get more feedback in our MPV discussion here:

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  • Just checked 2006 Oddysey and 2006 Sienna LE.
    Odyssey's 3rd row is easier to operate.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    But have you seen the 2006 Sienna XLE Limited with Package 3? Nothing can beat it. All you do is push a button.
  • I agree. The Ody seats seem lighter; easier to fold down into the cargo area.

    I still bought the Sienna LE though. ;)
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