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2008 Ford Super Duty



  • Took my 08 in for the computer update last week. I noticed the mileage increase immediately. Can't really say about the power, I haven't had the chance to work it hard yet. MIne has always had great power. My first thought was they simply recalibrated the mpg display to placate crabby owners. If the mileage is in fact that much better, why didn't they do this in the first place. Would have saved a bunch of money over the last 45000 miles.
  • I feel the same about the recalibration deal. It worked for me, I sure get excited over a few mpg lol! I guess we will just have to wait and see the real numbers in a few weeks.
  • I’m in the same situation with my radiator leaking however since my warranty expired they are charging me 1,100 bucks to fix the issue. I have done all the recalls because ford does all my service maintenance and I can’t believe I’m being treated this way. I have been a loyal Ford customer with 7 purchases in 10 years but they are willing to do nothing. Were can we as a group send emails and complain about this issue so maybe they will issue a recall on the Radiator?
  • Jubilant-I'm shocked about how you are being treated. I think it's time to bring out the big guns and meet the owner of that dealership and explain to him your situation. Show him all the forum responses to the radiator recall. Under the current economy, I'm sure he doesn't want to loose you as a loyal customer, including all of your referrals. BTW, who is your dealership?
  • The Dealer is Waldorf Ford in Maryland, they said they did talk to him and gave me a discount but I'm still not satisfied. I think Ford needs to recognize this is an issue and resolve it. I’m still working on the dealership so I will post the outcome. If anyone has any additional information please share.
  • Call the number that is on the recall notice. The leak is a manufature defect should not have to pay for it.
  • Just picked up my "08 from my dealer. Leak problem solved. 100% covered by Ford. Truck is running great right now. No current problems. I'll contribute to this forum in the future if anything comes up.
  • Well I went to the dealer today to get the reprogram done. They said Ford has stopped them from doing them because of problems they are having after it is done. Has anyone heard what these problems are or has anyone else not been able to get it done.
  • I have not had any problems out of my truck since the update. I have only driven it around 300 miles. I have noticed a significant increase in pulling power at a low rpm. I haven't took any long trips on the interstate yet.
  • I'm taking my F350, 6.4L diesel to the dealer on Friday for the reprograming and the backflow preventer on the radiator and will report on the same day. I have 11500 miles on the truck with numerous trips with my fifth wheel with no problems. So far, so good.
  • I just checked my mpg the old fashioned way today after getting the update two weeks ago. My mpg was 17.4 no towing, taking off very carefully and not exceeding 65mph. That is up from 13.5.
    I asked the guys at the service department why Ford didn't do it a long time ago. They said "We just got the program".
  • I got my programing done two days ago. So far the computer is saying I am getting worse mileage. I filled up last night and will be checking it by hand. It does seem to have a little more power but I will not be testing that much while I am watching the mileage under normal conditions.
  • I am going to be putting some type of air intake on very soon. Has anyone tried any that are out there? I am leaning toward the K&N because I have had those previously. Want any advice from someone who is running one on these 6.4L. I am also looking into changing the exhaust. I am not sure if I want to go with a cat back system or go with the expense of removing the particulate filter which involves a lot of electrical stuff. I am also concerned about doing a cat back because I have been told the particulate will not work correctly with out those finned tail pipes we have on these trucks. I just want to get air in and out faster and cooler. I believe these engines have potential they just have to have the right components to run with them. Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated.
  • I put a S&D cold air intake on my 6.4, I wasn't able to tell much difference. I think if a person could open the exhaust up like you said would help alot. I have saw some DPF and catalytic converter delete pipes on ebay that have places for all the sensors to plug in. Of course it will void your warranty.
    I just bought a superchips cortex programmer for my 6.4. I haven't had it long enough to try it out much yet. I asked the mechanic at my dealership if it would void my warranty, they said it should be ok as long as I didn't turn it all the way up and try to tow 18 wheelers up mountains. But they did tell me not to mess with the exhaust, they said if it didn't have those finned tailpipes it would burn whatever was sitting next to it.
  • I plan on purchasing my first Ford F250 Super Duty this month.
    It is a 2008 I found today on a dealer's lot.

    On the window sticker , listed under Options , it states :


    What does this mean ?
    Is it important ?
    ( pros and cons )

    Take Care
    George in Bristol , CT
  • Job #1 is what they Ford referred as the first run of HD trucks for that model year. I purchased mine and it was a new 2008 F-350 and was called Job #3. They difference are minor modifications to the truck, i.e. the size of the front end air dam, or the rear differential standard gear ratio. I love my truck and haven't had one iota or trouble as of yet, with 11,350 miles on the odometer. I have a 6.4 diesel, 3:55 gear ratio rear end, two wheel drive, crew cab, long bed. No modifications, getting 14.5 mpg around town, and 11.5 towing a 12500 # RV.
  • skip21skip21 Posts: 16
    I have a 2007 super duty diesel.It has the same problem with the head gaskets that started in 2002 of which there are at least two ford TSBs out on this.I was told by the diesel tech where I bought my ford that it also happens on 2008 diesels.Ford dose not want to fix it and if you have one after market product on engine they will try to void your factory warrentee{they tried that with me except that there is the moss magnuson act of 1975 section 2302 that says they can not do that,]they told me that they were cancling my warrranty till I mentioned that actand they backed off.There are other messages in this forum about this,check them out in the 500 area of messages.
  • George here are my thoughts and I hope they help in some form. First thing is that I don’t want to talk you out of buying one, by any means. I just want you to understand as much as I can tell you. I have driven every truck out there since my toes could touch the pedals. The Super Duty (Ford) is the best. Dodge isn’t too far behind but I never settle for 2nd place. In my opinion Ford made improvements to the Super Duty or Heavy Duty every single year they ever made them all the way up to 2003. From then till now they have been going backwards. Although the 6.4L was a huge improvement over the 6.0L. With all this said it is not all Ford or any other manufacturer’s fault, they have had to work around so many government regulations. I do really want you to understand that the days of the Super Duty’s being the unbelievable machine are not quite what they were. The 20 miles to the gallon are gone. The unstoppable black smoke rolling and never ending power are no more. You can still do a lot of modifications to them but at a much higher cost and with much less results. But still if you want the best driving, pull anything and generally feel good about yourself when you are setting next to a kid with a jacked up F-150 wannabe, because you know you have em licked in every possible way the Super Duty is still that. Oh yeah and you can move anything that God has made moveable at the same time.
  • 9,016 miles on my 08. EGR valve went out. Check engine light came on and it had a loss of power not long after. Found out that it is a big problem with these tucks. So much so that there is a national back order on them. They pulled all of the old ones off the shelf and are building new ones. In the mean time, after a short temper tantrum, I'm cruising in my Pontiac G6 rental until they can get some in.
  • dtdmdtdm Posts: 5
    2008 F-250 Crewcab 4X4 auto 3.73, 16-17 interstate and 13-14 city. 2008 F-250 regular cab 4X4 4.10 6 speed manual, 18-19 interstate and 14-15 city. I have towed 7,000lbs for 600 miles with the Crewcab. Not bad on flat rolling hills, lacks on mountains but hey its a V-8. MPG towing 9-10 interstate.
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