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2008 Ford Super Duty



  • dtdmdtdm Posts: 5
    30,000 miles with out a issue. One problem, torn door seal.
  • dtdmdtdm Posts: 5
    I agree, why would you even think of going 95. The truck weighs in around 8k, so your at 15k+ with trailer. Think of the family in the car your going to kill. I have towed abit and have not had any issues. Dealer maintained and not one issue. If you take care of it and leave it the way it stock will take a beating.
  • dtdmdtdm Posts: 5
    Yhea ask the dealer that question and see how fast they will void your warrenty.
  • dtdmdtdm Posts: 5
    How does the moss magnuson act of 1975 section 2302 interfer with a extend warrenty? The Ford extend warrenty states you will follow the maintenance manual. Why are people buying the 6.4 and paying almost $7,000 more for 3 dollar fuel and a smog filter that costs $3,000 and has to be change at 100,000 miles, which is not that long for a diesel. You can buy a 5.4 or 6.8 for less than a $1000 more than 5.4. I was told the 5.4 in the SD is not the same as the 5.4 in the F-150. I was told this by the dealer, he also said to make sure they put the right 5.4 oil filter on it. I guess theres a different between the 5.4's. Anyone know any thing about it??
  • skip21skip21 Posts: 16
    Jubliant is your leak coming from the over flow tank.If it is you might want to check if it is the problem of the heads lifting and putting compression in to water jacket.This has been going on since 2002 and includes 2008 .The heads on these trucks only have 10 head bolts compaired to 20 on 7,3 diesels.go to messages on diesels in the 500 range of messages,lots of info
  • skip21skip21 Posts: 16
    that act prevents any dealer from voiding any type of manufacture warrenty.When I told the dealer that after they said they were cancling mine they droped it.You would have to chect on how it effects extended ones but I belive it works the same.
  • garthgarth Posts: 66
    I am having this exact same issue with My F350. What is interesting is that I pointed it out to the Ford Store in Morgan Hill about six months ago and was told it was not an issue. Yesterday when I take the truck in for a recall the service guy opens the hood and the first thing he looks at is the radiator coolent and says "oh you have a leak". Let me see how much it will cost to replace the radiator. Bunch of scam artists.
  • Get ready for trouble. I have had 3 new radiators, new EGR valves and Coolers and the thing STILL doesn't work right. The regeneration process comes every 100 miles and no one knows how to fix it. I have 60,000 miles on mine and it breaks down all the time. Contacted Ford and they won't stand behind it. Prepare for a long drawn out tempertantrum if I were you.
  • There is a MAJOR issue with Ford and their radiators/EGR valves. My EGR coolers went out at 45,000, the EGR valve was completely clogged and they had to break it off in chunks to replace it at 60,000 miles. It still doesn't run right. It regen's every 100-150 miles and NEVER says complete. Took it to 1 shop and they said "nothing wrong" took it to another shop within 150 miles and they said there is something wrong. Sick of the whole truck.
  • its the egr valves and coolers, no codes will show up, ford tech's will look at you like a deer in headlights, but they know.

    There is a problem here, MAJOR problem.
  • garthgarth Posts: 66
    I have this exact same leak on my 2008 F350 6.4L. Took it into The Ford Store in Morgan Hill, California and they are telling me that it will not be covered under warranty. The truck currently has 41K miles on it and was in the shop for a routine service in December and nobody mentioned either the recall of that this seems to be a known issue with Ford 2008 trucks. Anybody have any advise as I dnt really want to pay $1690 to have the radiator replaced on a one year old truck.

    Ford's only comment is that they issued a directive last year to have all 2008 diesel trucks inspected for this issue but they are not issuing a recall as it only seems to be affecting the early 2008 models. Anybody have any recommendations?
  • They now say it is a bad processor and the word came directly from Ford. The processor is sending out these erronious signals. They have ordered the new processor and I am waiting on it. This sucks.
  • I've read all these posts. I have had the rad problem. About 35000 Km. My dealership knew the problem and had 12 rads in stock. The reprogam was done and all it seemed to do was show me when exhaust filter was cleaning. I had the driver's seat element replaced. My milage is between 13 empty and 25 L/100Km loaded, 4 wheel drive in 6" mud and idling all day (some days I shows 99L/100 km. It won't go any higher. It never shuts off for a few weeks at a time) It's a F350 long box crew and has over 1 ton of tools and pressure unit skid in the back ( don't tell Ford about the overload problem). I'm turning 37" tires with a 2 1/2 " lift. I have ran all the big three and I want to say this is the best damb truck I have ever had. I Just got rid of a 06 Dodge and my back and and hearing will never be the same. I have backtracked on lease roads to pull Chevys that were plowing snow or mud with bigger lifts. This truck has the most power (dodge had more torque but I hated shutting it off at a drive through for them to hear my order). This truck has more cab space then anything on the market. I drive this truck, and all that I have owned, like they do on the commercials. This is the best damb work truck there is and this is the first one that I am happy with in all the aspects of my job. I get tired of people complaining about things like injectors and milage. Dodge goes through injectors evert 15000 Km and brakes every 10000. Chevy acts like a plow out here and the front ends are in for repair all the time. These are the best trucks on the market for the time being. If you have a problem with milage increase your rates. You bought a truck for work and that is what this truck does best!
  • You shouldn't have replied to me, maybe someone else. I'm not fussin about mileage because I know I didn't buy a Hybrid. I owned four Internationals during the height of diesel prices. I love the truck. I shopped every make and model before making the decision. My father has a 350 and best friend has a 250 HD package. My only concern is what I posted and I was seeking others that may have experienced it. I was told the EGR problem was an epidemic by the Ford service peple. Now I'm bein told i wasn't the EGR valve it is a bad processor telling it that the EGR valve is bad. Meanwhile I had the symptoms of a bad EGR valve. Loss of boost/power. Love the truck but don't love the rental car!
  • I went thru the same thing, My F-250 had 41k miles also. Took it in for service and they said they had a few recalls 1 being the value that causes the problem, That recall was issued in Oct 2008 and said to have it replaced by Jan 31, as I did after the replacement my Radiator started leaking and they told me I needed a new one. I had it replaced at my cost. I pulled all service records and started with the service manager, I was able to produce all documents and the truck was fine until they started replacing things. I had to go owner of the dealer ship which I scheduled a meeting for, by being able to produce all documents that I followed What ford had recommended, he said it's not up to the dealership, but he did make calls to ford and Ford did cover this under warranty and I'm waiting on my refund at this time.

    Others, if your truck is under warranty, get this checked ASAP, if you are out of Warranty, keep all paper work, and plead your case properly, also everyone should file a complaint with BBB as instructed in the back of your owners manual. The more of us that do this the better chances are for a Ford Recall on the Radiator.
  • Ironically, I get the call today that the processor came in and was installed. However; They notcied my radiator leaking and have ordered a new one. It will be installed today and ready for pick up in the morning. The service manager said they have replaced over one hundred radiators at this small dealership. Unbelievable.
  • Picked up the truck today and it seems to be running well. Shift points are different but the power seems fine. Ford rep just happened to be there. He said that the radiator I received is the revised one and that will last the life of the truck. They had been replacing the bad ones with "bad ones". That is why they put two and three of them in because they didn't have the revised radiator to replace the bad ones with. With all of that, my hood was scratched and they will have to repair that next week.
    He also said that Ford will have it's own diesel motors begining 2010.
  • dbweaverdbweaver Posts: 88
    I have heard very little about that new Ford deisel engine. Does anyone have any details?
  • I have a 08 6.4L with 21k miles. Had the software updates at 16k and engine ran fine. With 21k started the truck, white smoke, no power, felt like it was running on 2 cylinders. Shift points changed, mileage went in the tank and power was horrible. Managed to get the truck to the dealer; they were clueless for the first 2d and now claim its the EGR valve; and of course Ford has not issued the release date for the revised part so it was setting at the dealer. Picked it up and now its setting in my driveway waiting for parts. For those who have been here, how long did it take for the parts to arrive, did this fix the issue or is this just another ploy to get it out of warranty?
  • See my recently posted email; right now I am not exactly thrilled
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