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2008 Ford Super Duty



  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
    The new 6.4 liter twin-turbo diesel is manufactured for Ford by International Truck and Engine Corp and makes 350 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque. The new V-8 uses a state-of-the-art piezo fuel injection system.



  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
    The 2008 F-Series Super Duty's side vents, a design inspired by the TONKA concept truck, dissipate engine compartment heat and designate what type of powertrain lies beneath the hood; red for diesel, black for gasoline.


    F-450 Lariat Crew Cab



    The 2008 Ford F-Series Super Duty's patented, hydroformed body structure is made up of two high-strength steel side rails that are welded to the bulkhead and frame. They not only serve to create a very rigid foundation, but the system's modular construction eases assembly and delivers a more dimensionally accurate truck.




    The 2008 Ford F-Series Super Duty's frame features a fully boxed front section that has been optimized for safety. The unique front frame horn design lowers the frame by seven inches meeting vehicle compatibility standards without the need for a blocker beam. The design also provides improved vehicle cooling as well as a solid footing for the hydroformed body structure.


  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
    The following is from Bob Kehoe of The Oregonian August 26, 2006:

    Automakers earn an average profit of $13,000 for each full-size pickup they build, excluding incentives and other marketing costs, according to estimates from CNW Marketing Research in Bandon [Oregon].

    New Ford Super Duty
  • I work in oilfeild transportation, amoung people that put on 80,000 miles a year the 6.0L is about as popular as herpes. People are trading these trucks in at 1/3 of what they paid for them after one year, there just terrible. Ford has tornished it's rep so bad with this engine it should be thinking with a clean sheet mentality. They should have dropped Navistar as there engine builder and picked up a small diesal from Caterpiller. Like Cummins, just the name Car would sell a sizable number of trucks and it would show the general public that Ford saw the problem and did something about it besides wiggling out of warranty work.

    If any of you Dodge owners are reading, sad days are coming, the 5.9L is completly redone for 08 with 70% new parts, and let me tell you with the new Cummins for bigger trucks as their benchmark, they will be terrible.
  • mettechmettech Posts: 28
    I hope that Edmunds will put a '08 SuperDuty PowerStroke in their longterm fleet.
  • What exactly went wrong with the 6.0L???
  • First year '03 model had lots of birthing pains. Took several iterations of engine control software to get it right. There were a bunch of other problems with oil and coolant leaks, turbo tubes blowing off, the "thrum" and the "romp", etc., etc. They had a lot of the problems resolved by end of '03. But there is still a higher incidence of problems than there was with the previous 7.8L Powerstroke. When it runs right, 6.0L is supposedly a wonderful motor, but when it's got problems, it's driving folks nuts. IMHO Ford goofed, Navistar has this engine running great on its own vehicles, but in an effort to save cost, Ford decided to redesign all the engine controls when they contracted with Navistar to build the engines for them. I think the Ford bean-counters shot themselves in the foot.

    Ford went with the new 6.4L engine to be able to meet the new much stricter emmissions standards for diesels, and to be able to handle ultra low sulphur diesel fuel. Hopefully they learned a hard lesson with the 6.0L
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    It is my understanding that the 6.0 was unique among diesels in using both electronics AND oil pressure to control fuel injection. All other engines were one or the other.

    Oil viscosity variations change engine performance. PLUS
    Ford did not get the word out DO NOT MOD THIS ENGINE.

  • The New Super Duty is on the lots!!! Check this one out.
    Ebay #
    This dealer is going for list price. I wish i knew exactly what the dealer pays for their trucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hopefully this hasn't been posted yet. But here is a dyno video I came across of the 2008 Super Duty 6.4L Power Stroke Diesel.

    It's at the bottom of this *Outlaw Power* Intake System page.
  • The answer to that is most definitely YES, I can not get
    my mind around a company as big as Ford putting out on the
    market such a complete piece of junk. And if you know people
    that have to really work a truck for a living Dodge and GM
    are not much better. Ford, Dodge and GM have been doing this
    to us since the 1970's and than they cry bloody murder and
    try to give use a guilt complex about not being patriotic
    enough when we are forced to buy something made in Japan,
    I for one am sick and tired of them peeing on my head and
    telling me it's only raining.
  • Yes the 6.4 is also a International engine, which they just
    stopped delivering to Ford. Something about Ford not paying
    for the engines. But it has 2 turbo's instead of one that
    way it will cost you 8 thousand dollars to replace them
    instead of the normal 4. I've been buying Ford diesel F-350's
    since the late 1970's take it from some one who knows, get
    the extended warranty and don't do any modifications to the
    truck if you want the warranty to be honored.
  • My father has a 04 6.0 F-350 4X4. Like you say the engine is
    a complete piece of Junk. I have a 99 7.3 F-350 4X4 which is
    a little better. I would like to throw this out for kicks
    for the last 10 years or so all of the major diesel makers
    have been producing engines for a medium truck market. You
    know the trucks we refer to as 2 or 3 ton trucks. Those are
    the trucks you see every day delivering soda pop, Beer and
    things like that to stores retail outlets of all kinds. Heres the deal, these type of small commercial trucks put more miles on their engines in one year than most people will for the entire time they own a 1 ton. Most of these Diesel Engines are in the 7 to 9 liter size and make from
    800 to 1200 ft lbs of torque, because they are used in a
    commercial setting if their is anything wrong with the
    design of the engine they not only figure it out very
    soon after the engine hits the market but it is fixed. I
    don't mean just installing a new part, I mean that the
    manufacturer will redesign the defective part until they
    get it right. Some of these mid size Diesel engines are
    very well proven. Know here's the real point to all of this
    the current engines that are being used in 1 ton size
    trucks weight around 1100 to a little over 1200 pounds.
    The mid sized engines weight about 1500 pounds. The
    differance of 3 to 4 hundred pounds could easily be
    compensated for in the truck design, it;s not really that
    big of a deal when you are talking about a truck that
    weights over 6 thousand pounds. Not to mention the large
    selection of tranny's that can mate up to these engines.
    You would think that instead of trying to reinvent the
    wheel, that one of the big 3 would be smart enough to just
    select a well proven 8 or 9 liter engine, put a fuller 10
    speed on the back of it and mount it in a 1 ton truck.
    You would finally have what people really want and need.
    Heck Mercedes-Benz has a 7.2 liter Diesel called the MBE
    926 that makes 330 HP and 1000 pounds of torque, it weights
    1235 pounds and is considered a million mile engine. It has
    proven itself exstremly reliable in medium duty trucks.
    I'm sure Mercedes would love to sign a contract for 50,000
    more engines than they sold last year. All in all it's
    easy to see why the domestic truck makers are hurting.
    know one running them has any common sense.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    The specifics of the legal issue between Ford and International are over warranty costs of the early 6.0 engines. Ford claimed that International didn't pay their agreed percentage of the warranty costs, and so Ford subtracted that amount from what they were scheduled to pay International. In response, International claimed they "were not paid" for engines as per the contract and halted shipment.

    Ford announced that the Louisville Super Duty plant will be cut from three daily shifts to just one starting Monday march 5 until further notice.

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  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757,0,2083337.story?coll=c- - hi-bizfront-hed

    This is all just legal maneuvering. Ultimately Ford will have to pay a reasonable price for new engines and Navistar will have to pay its fair share of warranty costs.

    This really seems like a stupid lawsuit as no court will likely give either party 100% of what its asking for, as the latest court order shows. They are just running up legal bills. This should have gone to arbitration or mediation months ago.

  • haulin79haulin79 Posts: 7
    Power and torque look very nice. This engine seems quiet, a good thing. Let's just hope Ford can keep that production line moving.
  • automiteautomite Posts: 17
    would someone post the tracking website for new truck orders? saw it on edmunds a long time ago. would like to display the progress of my truck order....thx
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