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Mazda MX-5/Miata: Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ck90211ck90211 Posts: 129
    So April is the time Mazda offers best incentives for Miatas? I thought it would be Oct just ahead of winter and no one buying convertibles. If the best Mazda would offer is $5K off $30K, I am probably better off buying that new Camero at MSRP.
  • dat2dat2 Posts: 242
    just bought a leftover 09 touring 6 spd with sport pack. msrp was 26340, i paid 19000 plus ttl. otd was 21,500 with california taxes and fees. i think there was a mazda dealer incentive to move a bunch of cars because they were extremely motivated with a little bit of haggling. always been a nissan man through and through but think i am a mazda least when it comes to roadsters!!! ;)
  • indyalfaindyalfa Posts: 1
    Two years ago I leased a new MX5 Grand Touring. Nice car and a good price ($349 x 24, inc tax, no down). It has below normal wear and tear (18,000 miles). Now at the end of the lease the scam artist that Mazda sends to inspect the car wants $2000.00 for wear. This includes $1,000 for a slightly scratched rim. Yes, that is correct $1,000 for a Mazda rim. And $750 for a rear bumper with " paint not broken and two 3"- 5" scratches. Now I have to go negotiate with the dealer. I have leased BMW and Saab before and never seen anything like this. Mazda may give you a good deal upfront but they will stoup to to end to get you at the end of your lease.
  • dat2dat2 Posts: 242
    Take the car to carmax and see what they'll buy it for and then see what your buyout is, you may come out ahead that way (or not)...

    Yes that is pretty rude of them. I had a Civic lease about 8 years ago with dents on it and Honda was very reasonable at turn-in.
  • fhs64fhs64 Posts: 4
    How can I get the model I want with the options I want instead of searching a dealer's inventory hoping against hope to find exactly what I want? It seems to me that if I "order" a vehicle, then I don't have room to negotiate a deal somewhere between invoice and MSRP. I can flat out refuse to pay for added items such as fabric protector, paint protector, pin stripping, documentation fees, etc. but to "order" a vehicle makes me feel as if I have no choice but to pay the MSRP. Any thoughts? Please don't tell me to "Build Your Own" as this is nothing more than a fantasty game that ultimately directs you to a dealer who may or may not have exactly what is wanted. Example Bommarito Mazda in St. Louis had the model, trim level, color but had added the Convenience Pkg ($1200) along with about $250 of crap (fabric guard, etc.). Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • I used consumers report to find out the dealers cost for the vehicle I wanted and offered them 3 per cent above their cost in Oct 2009. It was ordered and delivered within 6 weeks.

    You will probaly get a great deal right now on on stock vehicles. I paid $1100.00 over dealer cost for awd v6 fully loaded except for nav package
  • fhs64fhs64 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the response. 3% is a number I can remember. Thanks again. Will get to work figuring my all I have to do is get the money.
  • Had a happy experience with Internet Managers at Menlo Mazda. Picked up 2010 MX-5 Grand Touring, manual transmission, power hardtop, with Premium package and Suspension Package. Car (with destination but before docs and taxes) came to $26,393.
    Out the door price:
    Selling Price: $26393
    Dmv & Fees: $429
    Tax (9.5%) : $2512.56
    TOTAL OTD: $29334.56
    They gave a reasonable price on my trade-in, too, so my final outlay was reduced. No surprises at all at the dealership; everything we'd emailed about was honored with no hassles at all. I had expected at least some unpleasant aspect, but there wasn't one.
    What did surprise me was that I could get actual price quotes from only 3 of the 6 Mazda dealers I contacted. And Menlo was by far the lowest.
    I love my Copper Red Mica roadster --- and the heated seats will pay off big time here in Northern California. :)
  • snowallergysnowallergy Posts: 130
    Trying to bring this forum back though. I did buy a nice used 2003 for 9900. Low miles. The 2001-2005 is the sweet spot for this car, IMO.
  • dan41dan41 Posts: 180
    I recently purchased a 2002 MX-5 with just 36,000 miles for $8K. I bought the car in FL and it looks and rides like a new car. This is my first Mazda and also my first convertible. This car has been an absolute blast to drive.

    I'll keep the car in FL where we have a second home. I expect to put no more than 5K miles a year on it, so I'm hoping to get many years of zoom - zoom out of my new toy.
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