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BMW 3-Series Run Flat Tires



  • idoc2idoc2 Posts: 78
    I am an avid roadbiker and drive a 2007 328xi. I ride a 2002 Cannondale R2000. I can assure you that with the front wheel off, a typical roadbike with dropped handlebars will easily fit into an e90 3-series with the rear seat down. If your bike only has 12 speeds it must be very old as modern road bikes have 18-20 speeds when equipped with a double chain ring front crank.

  • occdnoccdn Posts: 3
    I am not sure if these issues are related, and frankly I can't spend the next week reading through this thread so I am hoping someone can help.

    I bought a 2006 bmw 325i from a VW dealer. The car has had issues on the roads past 45, where the front end vibrates very badly. Not only that but it pulls the car from side to side. It feels very unsafe.

    This is not a road noise issue. But since the dealer changed the tires to pirellis the BMW dealer says they won't even look at the front end because the tire change voided the warranty.

    What is my next action?
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,353
    Ask your dealer to fix the problem.

  • occdnoccdn Posts: 3
    Yes, we will be doing this as soon as we get the car back. BMW said they will diagnose the problem for free so we can take it to the VW dealer. If they refuse to fix it that way at least i know what the problem is and have an idea of cost.
  • occdnoccdn Posts: 3
    The dealer replaced our front control arm and bushings. Apparently they were cracked/leaking. Also our runflat has a nail in it. $500 for a replacement. So that was causing the vibrations.
  • they want to charge me $180 for an alignment. shouldn't that be part of the 100% labor? or is it right for them to charge me?
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    Well, technically an alignment isn't 100% necessary so I guess it's a judgment call. Recommended, but not essential.

    If they recommend one with every tire swap, then you could try arguing that it should be part of the service.
  • Spoke to CS there. No more Conti rfts for production, only Bridgestone and Goodyear. They told me bridgestone fixed the problem with that tire model. Anyone hear differently?

  • bobsapbobsap Posts: 14
    Well, after 2-months of deciding whether my 5th BMW is worth the aggravation with respect to the RFT issue, on 29 Jan I drove home the little beast, the 335xi coupe...having had a 740, 2-540's & a 545, this car is pure ANIMAL...the Conti's are not that bad, I reduced pressure to 31 in the front & 32 in the rear...while its a bit rough coming from a 5-series, its also a great sport ride..and, when you kick it into gear on the highway, you are up at 80-plus in 3-yr lease, 10k/year, with 7 multiple but refundable secuirty deposits came in at 645/month, the car listed for 51175...i picked up the GE best tire protection at a discount of 695 for 3-yrs, so if the tires wear badly &/or rims are damaged, all taken care of...if they do NOT offer Conti's, I would make them put them on the car!!! Also, you can get the Conti repair kit ofr $69 bucks, which will inflate & seal the rft,and you can drive another 100-200 miles...
  • Like everyone else we had the usual cupping and wear issues but we didn't discover them until one tire was randomly punctured. Fortunately we had only 19,400 so BMW agreed to abide by the TSB and replaced 2 for free. We replaced the other 2 at a local tire dealer where the price was much better (<$200). We insisted on Conti SSRs. So far so good (though we had another puncture after 5k :( )

    My advice to anyone who still has OEM Potenzas from the 2006 era - replace with Contis, hopefully under the TSB, you'll be glad you did.

    What really cheeses me about these tires is the lack of a spare. Most dealers do not carry them in stock so if you blow a tire on a rural interstate you may be able to limp to the next town but you'll be stuck until you can get one delivered. Fortunately our dealer let us keep one of the defective OEMs to use as a spare, but we don't plan to travel with it in the trunk.

    Would definitely like a link to that Conti repair kit which would be quite useful, given the lack of a spare...
  • kodakkodak Posts: 1
    I just had all my tires( Turanza) replaced ( 2006 325xi) with less than 10k as per the TSB.
    I actually read it here on this blog and went to the dealer with my complaint and he had them all changed to the Conti SSR only because they were out of stock from the Turanza's( Sheesh was I lucky ). :)

    So I thank the member who posted the TSB for this info
  • Do you have the 17 or 18' rims on your xi? What tire did you go with?-doing research to do the same.
  • Where would you put a spare?? Thats my prob if I switch to GFT
  • To new and confused buyers: On my previous 3 series coupe I replaced with GFT Michelin Pilots, which was a "hot" tire according to tirerack at the time, replacing the Bridgestones. Especially after reading the boards. My 2008 coupe came with Contiprocontact, and neither my brother who has also bought into all this hysteria around RFT and replaced his tires on his 330 with high end Michelins, not I see any major difference, including handling. BTW there was a rumor that these conti tires are unavailable. Not true. Look them up at Tirerack. They're also a bargain. And check the driver rating on Tirerack. It's quite good, with a large sampling. There's a lot of hysteria about RFTs on the boards.. I drive the car hard, and as for some of the crap here of demonic RFT possession (tires taking control of themselves, going out of lane on their own, etc) frankly, this is a lot of [non-permissible content removed]. If you want to get max performance suitable for warmer climates get an RFT summer high performance tire. Tire rack has a number of them them now, including Pirelli, Conti, Goodyear, etc, etc.
  • Still no luck...
    I'm trying to replace my performance tires on my 18' rims that came with the SP. I''ve been doing a lot of research to find a good-to high performance all seasson tire to put on but have yet to find anything. As I live in Ohio I cannot keep these tires on the car. I would like to replace the tires with another set of 4 RFT's.

    The sizes are 225/40 18 front, and 255/35 18 rear. Searching through Tirerack has been little help. I have only found the Goodyear Eagle F1 Ultra High Prfrmnc all season. It says it has reinforced sidewalls but I take it that it is not a RFT? I am not sure if I want to switch to GFT because of not being able to carry a spare with me? Your help would be really appreciated!
    Thanks again hope someone can shed some light on my serious concern.
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    The sizes are 225/40 18 front, and 255/35 18 rear. Searching through Tirerack has been little help. I have only found the Goodyear Eagle F1 Ultra High Prfrmnc all season. It says it has reinforced sidewalls but I take it that it is not a RFT? I am not sure if I want to switch to GFT because of not being able to carry a spare with me? Your help would be really appreciated!

    When you look up tires look them up by Tires then type in the Size, then you have to check a bunch of boxes. check the box that says RFT's only.
    I came up with 3 tires for your front tires size.
    I suggest GFT's and a can of fix a flat if you don't want to lug a spare tire in the trunk.
  • If you use falt fix in a can it will void any of the tire mfg's warranties for that tire. Flat fix softens the rubber on the inside of the tire and can cause blow-outs.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Can't say that I've ever heard that before. Could you please provide links that indicate this?

    Best Regards,
  • I'm not sure that makes sense. because there aren't any dealers in this area that will fix a runflat. Once it is punctured, you are done, no repairs. Your only option is to buy a new tire.

    So if you have a puncture warranty for an RFT, they have to replace the tire.

    Of course, you can still use flat fix yourself, but then you are risking a real blowout.
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