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Hyundai Tiburon Vs. Scion tC

n82002n82002 Posts: 2
edited April 16 in Hyundai
I have been all around this site and I have yet to see much about these two cars put up against each other. I have heard that the Scion (being a Toyota) will be more reliable. What I really like about the Tiburon is the look and the SE model looks pretty decent for the price. I also like that both the tC base and the SE Tib come with an MP3 player. The tC would also be around 20k just like the SE after I add the underbody spoiler and other mods. If anyone could help me in this decision I would appreciate it.


  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    I am a Hyundai fan, but I have to admit between these 2 cars, I would go with the TC. I have ridden in both, and that 4cyl in the TC is nicer than the 4cyl or 6cyl in the Tiburon in my opinion. I also found the TC to be a more comfortable car (space, layout, etc...) - and the roof in the TC is cool. However, you will get a longer warranty with the Hyundai, but depending on how many mods you may have planned for the car, the warranty may not be an issue anyway (seeing as to how a lot of modifications will void warranties these days).

    With that said, go sit in, and drive both. Buy which ever you like most. We can't make the decision for you - you have to be happy with it in the long run, so buy what you like.
  • carlisimocarlisimo Posts: 1,280
    I've heard bad things about Tiburon manual transmissions - things like clutches going bad. Also, the tC is very roomy inside, especially on legroom. If you're tall, the tC is bad as a driver though. Even if you're short like me (but it's my legs that are shorter), the top of the windscreen feels like it comes too close to your head.

    The Tiburon is just so beautiful though.

    Try them out and trust your gut.
  • styling more but the Scion tC is a very, very attractive car, too. It does have some issues, though. Hopefully Scion has started building new tC's with something other than glass for the moonroof's windbreaker. It's the first part that rushing wind hits in the very front of the moonroof outside. Apparently some have shattered but I am sure Scion has fixed that issue in production by now (Toyota is usually pretty quick for these problems)and yours wouldn't have them.

    Also, some haven't liked their tC's "cheap" stereo covers. Scion has already fixed that problem from what I've read, on the 2006 tC's. Finally, some have serious issues with tC crackles and pops inside. Repeat popping and cracking issues coming from the hatchback area and I've even heard some complaining about their dashboard areas crackling and popping. BTW, I'm just talking about annoying noises here, not actual tC parts falling off. I like this car a lot and I saw one here at my local Fred Meyer's store in Black Cherry Pearl the other day. I wouldn't let any of the issues I mentioned in here about the tC dissuade you from picking one up.

    As for the Hyundai Tiburon, I absolutely love it. It is the most beautiful car for sale anywhere in the world from any manufacturer right now, in my opinion. This has been my opinion since I first saw them advertised, in the early summer of 2002. No Tibby issues are big enough to stop anybody from buying one, though, once again, in my opinion. A beautiful rig. I would want a manual transmission, so I would plod the salespeople to address that issue and assure me that Hyundai has fixed any clutch issues connecting to the transmission and it's safe, efficient daily usage. That might be a concern, actually. If anybody's found out anything new on this Tibby clutch or manual tranny weakness please post it in here. That would be worth reading up on.

    Happy shopping! :)

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • I have a 2003 tiburon with 31,000 miles the actual production date is april of 2002 so I am guessing I have one of the first production new style cars.

    I say this because I have had to spend a lot of time at the dealership taking care of irritating little problems, an evil you some times have to deal with when buying a first year production car.

    In the cars defense it was never anything major just power window switches, window motors, new battery and paint chipping. A big part of the problem there with hyundai is the service department. Or as i like to call it the oh i didn't know you have to take those screws out before i pry the door panel off. I will say no more and let the word incompetence sum it up.

    I love my tiburon the problems as many as there were it never has left me stranded and is a constant pleasure to drive. I won't let the problems stop me from recommending the car. I have had no transmission problems or anything major I do have an automatic though.

    Ask any one back in the 60's and 70,s that had an MG or Austin Etc.... if you love it its worth it.

    Tc is a very nice car, drove one when it came out good handling, nice interior space, clean styling on the outside. It should be a very reliable sensible car. But what kind of fun is that?

    Get a tiby!!!!

    No, I agree with 1 racefan get the car you enjoy being in and you should be alright. Good luck
  • Yeah I definitely have some more thinking to do about these two cars but I have been really considering the tC as I am starting to feel that fuel economy is a little more of a priority for me right now. I am also leaning towards the tC because I have heard that the tiburon does not have as good build quality as the tC since the scion is a Toyota.

    Also I am starting to consider the new civic, mostly because I like the new look of the interior. But do I like it enough to give up my factory warranty covored led lights in the footwells and cupholders? :confuse:
  • richs3richs3 Posts: 20
    Well, I see I am responding a bit late, relatively to your question, but having owned both cars, I will say this (sorry other TC owners). Before I totalled my Tiburon, I was VERY happy with it. I am "okay" with my TC, it looks nice, and gets nice looks from people, however, I will only speak from my personal experience and framework of perspective, if you like speed, and you like 'zippy', and you like comfort, and you like bang for the buck, go with Hyundai, because they provide, at least for that car model, more results, even though perhaps with less rhetoric. Sure, you can add accessories to the TC until you're blue in the face, or in the pocketbook, but with Hyundai, you get it coming right out of the gate. I have never really experienced love for a car before, that Hyunda, and sorrow somewhat, that I totalled it in a mishap. I did not have it for more than 6 months, so I cannot comment authoritatively on how it holds up over time, but I only know that it "fit" me, much better than TC, and that while I had it, I never had problem with it, and was always very satisfied. So, rhetoric and market all you want Toyota, but it takes more than hype, it takes true value for the dollar. I had leather seats, and most everything else, right out of the gate, plus a better engine, and better road feel.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Why did you not then buy another Tiburon?
  • richs3richs3 Posts: 20
    More roomy is it? Not for the driver. How tall are you, no I do not want to know, but in relation to your legs, in particular your right leg, do you find your right leg having a whole lot of room as it rubs up against the console? I am only 6 feet tall, do not think myself to be tall, and yet, I feel my right leg to be overly confined by the console, I would say that it is bad design, oversight, and/or neglect by the designers of TC. Roomy, but not for the driver? Well, sorry, but the driver should come first, as they are usually the one always in it. (humor)
  • richs3richs3 Posts: 20
    Interesting thing about Toyota/Scion/TC. It (conveniently for the dealer) usually has to be ordered in, you cannot simply go to the dealership and take a look see, or test drive. One would think, Toyota having been around for a while longer, and its (supposed) good reputation, all things being equal it would be a safe bet. I feel that I listened to their rhetoric and marketing too much, and went against my instinct in buying a car that most lots didn't even have one to look at in person. It sounded like a slightly more economical deal also. That is, until you go to dealership, and they advise you that if you want to buy it, you need to add a number of its options or accessories to make it worth their while, because otherwise they will not make much on it. Sort of a no-haggle haggle, so to speak. Another marketing ploy.
  • richs3richs3 Posts: 20
    The performance of a car, i.e. it's acceleration in this context, is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of reality. To compare the TC's 4 cylinder to Tib's 6 cylinder, (?) It in no wise has the pick up or the zip of a Tiburon, and especially towards the top end. Yes, you could get their turbo booster for a mere 3,000 more, but then . . . you could do the same for the Tiburon also for that additional price. And as far as drive and comfort goes, (okay here an opinion) I had much more of a smile on my face with Tiburon. The best thing TC has going for it are its looks, and yes, it is roomier in the back seat, and perhaps the side seat, but what is the driver's first concern? I prefer the moonroof, and its functionality in the Tiburon, to the TC, it opens higher, if my memory serves me correctly, and they don't have problems.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    I bought a 1976 Starfire, with a stick, without testing one. Well it took an weightlifter jab of the left leg to get the clutch to move. After some years of doing this, the bracket which holds the cable actually came though the firewall of the car. It was a slow, but fun enough, piece of GM junk. Heck, I traveled a lot, and had fun, be it slowly. In those days the speed limit was 55 and the car revved super high at anything over 65. I imagine top end was like 85. My bet is that they had spare truck gearing and clutches they put in those cars. Assorted things broke off, like the inside door handle, then the outside had the rust around the window. Typical of the years of decline. Too bad, since Oldsmobiles, like the 442, and Toronado and such were once great cars.

    Anyway, always test out a car first. I did enjoy the test drive of the Tiburon. It is not as sporty a handling as is say the Celica, or a Miata, but non-the-less fun to drive, and the engine feels and sounds better. Interior looks rich and solid.
    I am amazed at the Hyundai comeback!

  • richs3richs3 Posts: 20
    I understand that Miatas are one of the sportiest cars to handle and manuever. That is definitely a 'success car' for its niche. (For its niche.) The TC is a good car, I don't mean to overly diminish it, it does have distinct qualities of its own, just that I felt more secure and natural in the Tib. Again, that's all a personal thing. Someone else might not. It is interesting that the T-dealership did not want me to take TC onto the freeway at all in my test drive, even though close by, whereas I got to take a substantially longer ride in the Tib before I bought it. And it just seemed to fit me in its feel and handling.
  • ederekbederekb Posts: 4
    See this post
    $2000 in service on my '03 with 30K Miles. Warenty wont cover it.
    -Derek :lemon:
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Actually it has the longest warranty of all the makers of automobiles. Clutches on stick shift autos are not covered, and will not be on most warranties, if any, of other makes of cars. It is simply not going to happen. If they supplied defective parts, and it is proven to be the case, then and only then will the company be held reliable. In all other cases it is not covered. Check the details on other manufacturer warranties. Once again, this is not a debate on the clutch issue, but rather what the warranty shall cover.
  • I suppose that by 'reliable' here, you meant 'unreliable'. Am I understanding right that the originator of complaint is saying that clutch (parts & service) from Hyundai would cost 'ederekb' around 2k? What I don't get though, is why in particular one would want to be focused on only going to Hyundai to get a part replacement, when it seems there are plenty of aftermarket shops and products for people, offering either better or 'as good as' parts (for the most part, so to speak) for the money, in contrast to the car manufacturer. There are alternatives. With clutch not being covered, I would see it as an opportunity to purchase better, higher performance clutch. However, obviously, if/when a person is put at an unnecessary loss, due to no fault of their own, not good. That should not be the result of investing into a company by buying their product. That would make it a lose/win situation, instead of a win/win situation. It is a known fact, by car insurance companies that Hyundai parts, in general, are a bit pricey.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Oops, it should have read liable. Held liable for repair, if they did in fact produce a faulty part. I have no way of knowing, and it will be settled in a court of law.

    Anyway, I accidently type reliable.
  • i have tc and have drove tiburon V6 couple of times.
    TC's suspension is soft compared to tiburons.
    tiburon is little more powerful but tc is smoother. Tiburon has good manual transmission, they felt smooth and easy to engage(dunno about relaiblity, someone metioned cltuch problem above). also tiburon has 6 speed. I wish tc had another gear(it would be better for gas milage)tc is at 3000 rpm at 60-65mph. tiburon has stiffer clutch than tc yet Tiburon in manual form is much easier to drive smooth in traffic. I find tc hard to drive smooth in traffic. there is too much lag in throttle and i find engagement point too high on the clutch pedal travel.

    As far as interior goes, they both have nice interior. tiburon was little better casue once i drove was loaded with leather seats and everything. But at 6'2" tiburon has no headroom. no way i can drive tiburon daily. TC is way roomier than tiburon. there is so much leg room front and back. Not much headroom in the rear tho. and glass roof make it feel even roomier. tc is a hatchback but has very little cargo room wiht seats up but with the seats down you can fit alot of stuff. TC has worst rear visibilty in rain at nite. NO REAR WIPER. its dangerous to merge onto highway on a rainy nite.

    if you like to drive fast and take corners fast tiburon is a better car. stiffer chassis. TC would be a better car for you if you are looking for a affordable daily driver that you can have some fun with. Oh and tc is a way better looking car in my opinion, but its for more show than go..
    Often people think its a more expensive car.

    alot more after market stuff for tc if you are considering modding your car. TCs have as much after market as honda civic if not more.

    dunno about huyndai service but toyota service department was very nice.. coming from vw.. and tcs power train is used in almost all toyotas (rav4, camry, next gen matrix, next gen XB, tacoma 4 cyl.) so you know it will be cheap to get them fixed. Also when you buy scion you wont have to haggle. Just pick watever you want, pay and drive away.
  • richs3richs3 Posts: 20
    Good coverage. I think those are fair balanced and unbiased comments for the most part. I am contemporary to you, except I once owned a Tiburon, a black Tiburon. Somehow when I walked away from the car, I found that I kept looking back . . . like in the parking lot, like, okay horsey, stay there I'll be back in just a little, in admiration, or at least I should say, a sense of satisfaction. Okay, granted, it's not Rolls Royce, I'm easily enough satisfied with just a tidbit or tib-bit of acceleration and style. Yup, the Tiburon came packed up enough, with leather seats, and the (I know this is not a big thing to some people, but to me it made notable difference moon roof that tilt-lifted more like 5 or 6 inches, instead of just two, before it totally opened up. Plus, there were no recalls on that feature for the Tib. The seat was more comfortable, and more ergonomic to my back, which I have pulled more than once. Now, I see it's not that hard to get a whole 'nother seat, I see a lot of "after-market" items, but then . . why not get it right the first time? As for head-room, is it my imagination, or did I have more in Tib, sure seems like it, though maybe for leg room in back seat, but I don't usually sit there when I'm driving. And certainly less head space in back for any passengers I might have that aren't children, or short gals. The TC looks better? Yeah, I think it looks pretty neat definitely a plus, and it is a consistent ride, and plenty of things to fix it up. My Tib was automatic trans, but I agree about the 5-speed. However, third gear can work pretty nice to wind up to 65-ish (don't sue me if you go to far and redline though) Fourth gear will pretty much cover most freeway driving with punch, if you want to waste the gas, and at first, 5th gear seems to progress into high rpms sooner than wanted, but it really travels rather slowly towards the red line. It's all you need on freeways (though more could be desirable). I won't risk talking in great detail about high speeds. :-) The tires that came with my car, okay, but too touchy with grooves and paving on some freeways and on-ramps, be careful of any gutter balls, I'd recommend other tires. As far as the Tiburon being "smoother", really don't know what that means, unless it pertains only to comparing with manual trans in Tiburon. Certainly it was not smoother that auto. As for Tiburon having stiffer suspension, yes, even the professional reviewers echo that for Tiburon. I like my TC, and find myself liking it more and more as time goes on, but end of this long entry for me would be: I look better in my TC, but I felt better in my Tiburon, much better. On the other I don't know if Tiburon ages as nicely. Excuse me for the lengthy comment, but maybe will be of interest to someone. r.s.
  • richs3richs3 Posts: 20
    Oh, although I rambled a lot in my previous response (not as well structured as yours), still one more thing I would like to respond to was your comments: > Actually, you get used to that somewhat. I can drive it fairly smooth, though I don't drive other manuals, so, I lack that perspective. BUT, for 1st gear at least, DEFINITELY could be a smoother engage process. What!? Do they want to embarass me with my date who's used to BMW's? (Oops, too late.) And second gear is a bit whiney, sort of like me, I guess. I did adapt somewhat though, I have 2005 version, if that makes a diff. In no wise does the clutch feel 'cheap', by any means, but I think they (the Ty-people) should have worked more with the ratios, and experimented more. Heck, if they could do it right, I would just as soon have a four speed, and not have to shift into second so quickly. If it's fair to compare automatic to manual, the first gear in TC seems to pick faster than the Tib did, though for just a few split seconds, and it offers a little bit of sound sensation with scratch. It still doesn't compare much though, even to the Tib-automatic. Nevertheless, if you wind out the gears a bit, good passing action. Hey, anyone want to loan me about .75K $ + tax + installation costs, so I can add high performance muffler, and cool air induction to increase anywhere between 7 and 12 horsepower? (kidding, but yes I'm open to, maybe the Toyota people will read this and feel sorry for me.) In all fairness, TC, as 4-cylinder, vs Tib 6-cylinder, competes very well for its size. But does it compete very well for its cost? It does get better gas mileage than Tib, and has good upgrade potential if you don't mind extra investments, above and beyond normal maintenance, to achieve a bit more 'entry level' edge.
  • I have to weigh in with my two cents on this issue. First of all, you can compare the Tc with the Tib on this site and see the difference in horsepower, headroom, legroom, etc between the two vehicles. The tib wins most of those, t least in the front seat. I admit, I'm short (5'8") but I'm fat (290 lbs.) and that front seat is more comfortable than my expensive executive desk chair.

    In my opinion,how the engine sounds in the first two or three gears doesn't matter one bit. I'm not in any of them long enought to hear it. OK... I stay in third gear in most local driving, but once I'm on the highway, I'm in 5th or 6th (did I just admit to 6th?).

    The clutch is stiff enough to keep me from riding it, but responsive enough to let me shift the early gears as quickly as I like.

    I also agree with Richs3's comments about how it looks. Especially the new Carbon Grey color for '07.

    My only complaint is that the window design doesn't allow for a ventvisor, and the windshield design brings rainwater right into the driver's window. Like I said in my review, it's almost enough to get me to quit smoking.
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