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Hyundai Tiburon Vs. Scion tC



  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    What kind of milage are you guys seeing on the Tib v. Tc? Right now I'm looking for a sub $20k commuter car for here in the NY/NJ area and looking at all kinds of options:

    Mostly looking for something with good milage and good traction in the wet/snow/dry

  • The 2.7 V6 is getting me about 20 Mpg in the city. If you're looking for under 20K then you won't be getting the Tib V6 (I paid 22K for mine) :blush: , but the 4 Cyl Tib will get you from point A to B with good gas mileage and FWD traction in snow and bad weather.

    Of course it won't perform like the V6, but.... I guess we all sacrifice Mpg for Hp and Ft lbs of Torque. ;)
  • stepdadstepdad Posts: 3
    I hope someone reads this, because I am soon going to plunk down $17-20K for a 2007 Tiburon GT (5 speed) for my wife's 17 year-old son, as a gift from both of us. But, I worry about the problems that may be encountered with a Hyundai. The boy really likes the car's styling, but I am not so sure about the reliability, given the 2003 Tib's history. And the not-so-great rep of Hyundai in general. I have owned nothing but Toyotas for the past 20 years (four different Toyotas), and only had one warranty issue in all thoese 20 years, which the dealer took care of quickly and with no headaches. So, I lean towards the Scion tc.

    Are the 2007 or even the 2006 Tiburons holding up after 25k or more miles? or, are we considering a lemon for my stepson?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  • I would be much more concerned about your teen-aged stepson wrapping the Tiburon around a tree than about its reliability. :sick:

    I've had my 6 speed 07 SE for about 3500 miles now and I love it more than ever... I'm 40 years older than your boy, and even I sometimes have trouble restraining myself on a long windy road. :blush:

    The warranty pretty much speaks for itself, but the Tib's performance makes it more dangerous for a relatively new driver. The scion looks cool :shades: but doesn't have quite the muscle of the Tib.

    The good news is that the back seat is too small to fit many friends so he's not very likely to be distracted.

    I have to believe that the insurance is going to be pretty hefty for the lad too... perhaps if he pays the premium he'll have some incentive to keep it on the road.... :)

    ... so think about all the angles, and make the choice you think is best for him.
  • Just thought I'd give you all an update... 3500 miles, avg. 20-22 Mpg overall.. and... I did quit smoking so I didn't have to re-detail the inside of my door after every rain. :mad:

    It still goes like a bat out of Hades, and my neighbor in his Audi TT always makes sure he leaves before I do so as not to get embarrassed at the light. :blush:

    I love my Tib SE :) :)
  • richs3richs3 Posts: 20
    Who said you're considering a lemon? Whatever glitches there were with the 2003 Tiburon, it's history, unless of course, you have also heard that there were glitches with 2004, 2005, 2006, and now 2007. I suspect you haven't. Think all the good things you want to about Toyota, but sometimes when cars get a reputation, they stretch it, along with your billfold. And next thing you know, a person is no longer getting the deal for the wheel they used to. I had an auto-trans, was excellent. It appears that some (not all, but some) have had problems with the Tib's manual cluth, but other than that. . (?) TC' had a problem with their moonroofs initially, also. Are your qualms from the past readily substantiated with data from the present? Evidently not. But if you've read entries in this forum, you've noted plenty of drivers very pleased with their Tiburon. You love your stepson, you want to be a good steward with your money, commendable, but I would encourage you not to insult a good car. Yes, Toyota TC's are okay, I have one, but maybe you can tell where my patronage and enthusiasm is. At any rate, the shoe should fit the foot, and suit the fancy of the one driving it, if it is a gift. All things being equal. Questions will be: Gas mileage, responsible driver(?), and slightly higher car insurance than Tib. No, I am not a Hyundai Salesperson.
  • stepdadstepdad Posts: 3
    Hyundai just does not have a very good record when it comes to reliability, hence the concern for a lemon risk. And to me, the Hyundai's look kind of "tinny". You had an AT, Tiburon; I am considering a five speed for the boy, because he REALLY wants a manual. But it is the MTs of the Tiburon that seem to be having problems, still, you suggest? The tC did have moonroof problems, but there is plenty of data out there that suggests that Toyota fixed the problem - and I am not considering a 2006 tC, just a new 2007 tC. Also, Toyota/Scion fixed the moonroofs under the warranty; Hyundai claimed that the 2003 clutch problems were not under warranty, stonewalled their customers, and now they have a lawsuit and the bad reputation arising from a class-action suit. These are vaild concerns when you talking about handing over $17-20K in cash. You expect no problems, and you expect when there is a problem, that the seller will honor its warranty and take care of it quickly and with little down-time. It appears to me that Hyundai does not always do this.

    And Hyundai is having labor problems in South Korea, with its very aggressive unions, who are conducting wildcat strikes - which can only affect quality on the negative side.

    While this may be a gift from me and his mom (his dad is a [non-permissible content removed] and cheap as well, even though he makes a lot more than me and his ex, combined), it is also going to be me and his mom that have to shell out for repairs that suddenly are deemed not under warranty. And the tC is actually lower car insurance cost vs. the Tiburon, at least in Northern Virginia. I confirmed this with my Allstate agent of 15 years.

    and you have a tC, yet you seem to be pushing the Tiburon.

    I have not made a decision, yet - I am still trying to find a driver ed school that teaches stick-shift driving (the boy has test-driven three MT cars in the last two weeks, but test driving does not give one enough experience behind the wheel of a Manual Tranns car, and my wife and I both drive AT cars). But, I am leaning towards a scion tC.
  • wylldsharkwylldshark Posts: 34
    Hyundai's quality has improved immensely in the past five years! Take a look at the JD Power Report for Intial Quality - Hyundai ranks third behind Porsche and Lexus, with Toyota at 4th and Honda at 6th.

    The clutch line that was a problem was updated in the 2005MY; also, it is a wear and tear part so it would only be covered by the 1 year / 12000 mile warranty. I have a buddy who bought an SE, he's an Army recruiter and already has about 12000 miles on his car in the 6 months he's had it and he's only brought it in for the usual maintenence.

    I've liked the Tib since they restyled it in '02 and been a Hyundai fan ever since.

    The car handles great, performs well, and looks awesome; if too much power is a concern for you, then maybe you and your wife can consider the 4 cylinder Tib. Plus, insurance is cheaper because the GS is rated with insurance as "subcompanct" where the GT is "sports car". Besides, and don't tell your stepson, but Hyundai engines are easy to tune so you can bump the HP without too much trouble.

    I love the Tib and Hyundai so much I went to work at a dealership, and the only reason I don't have a Tib yet is because I want the RWD V8! I got my DeLorean instead and my daily driver is a Tucson (which has the same engine as the GT Tib!)

    You're looking at an an excellent car, sir, and one that's a ton of fun to drive and look at!
  • stepdadstepdad Posts: 3
    The most recent Consumer Reports review of 2007 models, rates the Tiburon with a 38 score. The Scion tC an 87. The Honda Civic Si an 89. CR recommends the tC and the Honda Civic Si. It does not recommend the Tiburon.

    The Tiburon is definitely more stylish than either the tC or the Si, but CR is an objective source for reviews, and a 38 score is not even half the score earned by the tC.

    My wife's son is getting a Scion tC, or maybe a used Acura. But, not a Tiburon.
  • richs3richs3 Posts: 20
    That's cool, to each their own. I guess I will have to look up the Consumer Report regarding, and see how and why their point system, except for that fact, that I've owned and driven both cars, and know my own spirit, and don't need their "objective" opinion to make conclusion. Anyway, driving is an experience as well, very much so. But, I've read some reports before, and wondered about the objectivity. For instance, receiving a Scion which came to test site with items like a special muffler, and a cold air intake, they didn't really consider that, but said, in so many words, that the TC was on par with Tiburon for power and performance. Well, I've driven both, and I know better. Gee, funny how Toyota/Scion accidentally sent them a TC with after market performance enhancements for their testing purposes. Probably just a fluke though, I'm sure Toyota wasn't trying to gain an advantage in any way. I don't know about Consumer Reports, but I've seen plenty of reports before, both in electrnoics and in cars that seemed weighted towards a 'favored' side. I have no desire or agenda to change your mind or argue. I apologize for responding. "But not a Tiburon," almost sounds condescending tone. For whatever reaon, you pleaded for input from others, and then decided to regard their advice as lowly and invalid, after you did.
  • mxjake41mxjake41 Posts: 1
    i bought a tc in january and im very pleased with it,it came with a no extra cost unlimited drive train warranty for as long as i own the car(this includes the factory installed performance accessories too like the supercharger)i wouldnt call it fast,but zippy and fun to drive ,the only things i dont like are the cabin noise and the instability on the highway when close to larger suvs and tractor trailers(not noticeable after being lowered 2")i drove the automatic and it felt kind of sluggish compared to the manual,it kind of reminded me of driving an auto corolla,which is fine if your not looking for performance because it is very smooth,i purchased the tc spec due to its lighter weight and lack of unecessary options(still comes with power windows and nice stereo system,fold down rear seats)sure it comes with wheel covers,but i was going to buy new wheels anyway so i came out paying about 3 grand less(compared to regular tc) for exactly what i wanted,i average 28mpg driving mostly backroads and some highway,they are also very easy to work on,ive worked in a toyota dealership as a body tech for awhile and they are built to be worked on,most of the american makes are very difficult,especially the pt cruiser,this can mean minimal time in the body shop if it is ever wrecked,another con though is insurance,the salesman told me that it would be the same as a camry,due to it having the same motor,but is simply not the case,the cheapest insurance i could get was though unitrin for 190 a month(im 20),but was quoted as much as 500 a month through allstate,so if you are a young driver,i would advise insuring through your parents,as for the tiburon,ive never driven one,but i think they look very nice and like that they have the 6 cylinder option,but the warranty alone would turn me back to the tc any day,not that im tryin to sell it,just my opinion,i think the tc is worth it for the price,warranty,looks,and the customer service from toyota is very good,ive been checked up on many times by the sales manager and have been given 2 tanks of gas and a free mini detail since
  • richs3richs3 Posts: 20
    Forgive me, somehow, I didn't see this (your May 10th) post before. It is a good and fair post, and gives me more perspective to what you're saying. If you don't feel safe with Hyundai, then of course, you have to follow your heart, and that should be the way it should go. As regarding your son wanting a stick shift though, (and I don't propose Hyundai on this, but) just as a note, their syncrho-shift, or whatever nomenclature they give it, is really quite like a stick shift, just as it is in other cars, such as Nissan, Chrysler, etc. that use that tech feature.

    It is really pretty cool, a sort of clutchless stick shift. What I did find out though in driving (although I liked using that feature very much) is that the computer in the AT version shifted it better than I did, I regret to say. If I just stepped on the gas and concentrated on the steering, that was enough for me. So personally, I see no need to get manual shift in Tiburon, except slight initial discount at outset (which I don't think is worth it, at least not for me). I would not seek to 'push' the Tib on anyone, that would be wrong, only sought to bring forth some of my truthful perception. I have not experienced Tib past 16K, but up to that point had no problems, until someone made a left turn in front of me, that caught me unawares, and Tib got totalled, although it protected me very well, and took the brunt of the crunch for me. (By-by Tib.) However, I do salute my TC. I am now at 28k-ish, and keeps running great. Not exceptional, but very good. Nno problems or maint. prices.

    The Tib was quiet, and as another person mentioned, the suspension noticeably stiffer, smoother. I had plenty of rattles in TC, quite noticeable. I got them to fix most of them, but I still get an odd rattle in the right rear, around the back wheel on bumpy freeways at times. Not a good feeling, a rumbly sound. Yet, Toyota said they didn't hear a thing, in two different testings. Hmmm, It still continues, and the overhead sliding panel to moonroof, is rather flimsy, actually cheap, not like the Tib's. Also, for similar price with Tib, I got leather seats, and tilt-able steering wheel. No tilting steering wheel in TC, where I could use it, although I never really used or needed in Tib.

    Maybe Honda will work nice for you, or else that your step son won't even notice any minor neg's about the Scion, as I have. Actually, it is a good car overall, and I thank God for it. It's a good ride, in a sporty way, I find it outperforming most other cars around me, probably due in part to my aggressive style, I did add a few small enhancements for handling, etc. Respectfully yours, Rich
  • karateboikarateboi Posts: 2
    I'm driving a Toyota 2000 Avalon XLS.. it's extremely comfortable and well equipped but I kind of get tired of the boring ride and would prefer to have a sporty car..

    I looked at the Tc and Tib before but I'm not particularly impressed with either one.. The Tc doesn't have too much originality in it. Its powertrain is handed down from the Camry and a few other Toyota's. It's not really built for its own purpose and certainly, I would say it's not very sporty overall. The tib is decent, but reliability is average (according to consumer report). The tib's four cylinder lacks power, and the V6 is too thirsty at the gas pump.

    Right now I'm looking at the Toyota Celica, Acura RSX, and Lexus IS300.

    The Celica is better than the Tc in most aspects. Better gas mileage, better handling, better ride. The engine is smaller in displacement which would make the celica not as strong in low end torque as the Tc, but acceleration wise I believe they are not much different since the Celica is much lighter.

    The Acura RSX is a pretty nice car too. Honda's steering is better than Toyota's. RSX also has good handling, and gas mileage is good.

    The Lexus IS300 has an inline six so it does get bad mileage (it's worse than my Avalon's V6 which has same displacement). It's the only one that's rear-wheel drive though. Good handling as well, but acceleration isn't much faster than the other two.
  • richs3richs3 Posts: 20
    Your observations concerning TC and Tib seem vivid enough, you do seem to go full circle though regarding Tib's gas appetitite, and then ending with IS300's gas setback. I am too lazy at this moment (actually around 12pm) to do research on the Lexus, but generally, when I see them I like them, and there are some that seem to me to be quite sporty,even when they have four doors. They seem zippy, and eloquent to boot. As I said, I have not researched IS300, but I would think them to be in a quite different (higher class, but also substantially more expensive) than TC or Tib. (by far). As for Acura RSX, I thought I saw it rated around 151 hp, though I could be wrong. They look to perform well, but their entry price is around at least 21k+, last I looked. An attractive car, but . . . I would not push the Tib, but, for the money, you can get pretty well loaded (no, the car, not you) with leather seats, tilt steering, 7-speaker stereo system, Sycnro-mesh (or whatever techno-term) auto-trans, a more functional moon roof than TC, etc.) As for Toyota Celica, I could be wrong but imo they are not going to be making those anymore? A few seemed like they were trying to race me when I had the Tib, or else, I couldn't tell. But they are rated higher hp than TC, though they might be lacking torque, and their hp is at high rpm, still, I'm thinking they are faster than TC, though I could be wrong. Nissan seems to make very nice sporty cars, though in a higher price bracket, Passats seem nice, again, a substantially higher bracket, as is also the Subaru WRX, and Mitsubish All Wheel drive entries. Mazda RX seems of consideration in 25K bracket, as is also Eclipse, in about 23K bracket. But eclipse is heavy, and Mazda, seems to go up in price dramatically with just a few extra options, also, their torque is a question to me. And then, there's the Chevrolet niche competitor that comes with turbo, and around 210 hp. Certainly it's not overly eloquent or fancy, but it meets performance expectations, fun driving, and some good looks, as well, for a fair price.
  • ebchicagoebchicago Posts: 2

    We are buying a new car, and it's either 6-cyl manual Tiburon SE or the 6-cyl manual Mitsubishi Eclipse GT. We've been researching on this and other sites.

    We both noticed the HUGE difference between Tiburon owner ratings on multiple web sites (all high) and the Consumer Reports rating (very low).

    This gap seemed paradoxical, so I read the reviews to see what Consumer Reports had to say. then I read other reviews as well on the Consumer Reports site.

    Now I understand: The Consumer Reports review of 2007 models is NOT objective when it comes to the Tiburon AND to other sporty models.

    Here's why: Consumer Reports consistently TRASHES just about any car with BOTH of the following:
    - sport suspension
    - 2-door with a smaller back seat

    The Tiburon and Eclipse both qualify (and the Scion does not), and both get very poor marks from Consumer Reports as a result. Read the detailed reviews for both cars, and you'll see that I am accurate.

    Consumer Reports seems to assume that drivers of sporty cars want soft suspension. News flash: they don't!

    CS also seems to assume that a sporty car drivers are expecting the back seat of a 4-door sedan. Well, they don't!

    I rode in friend's Tiburon back seat (I'm 6 feet tall) and was reasonably comfortable for at least the 5-mile drive that we were on. Yet, Consumer Reports says that the Tiburon back seat is "unusable". Is CS biased? I sure think so.

    Read their reviews again with what I have stated in mind, and you'll likely come to the same conclusion.

  • It seems you have a bit of a dilemma since you are in no way comparing apples to apples. I have an '07 Tiburon SE and I love it. I love the way it looks, handles, and performs.

    But it isn't in the same price or performance class as the Mitubishi Eclipse GT. The Tib SE is thousands less expensive (I paid 22 out the door for mine) and consequently there is a significant horsepower differential.

    Not only that, but in my opinion, Mitsubishi ruined the design in 07. I don't believe the '07 Eclipse looks anywhere near as sporty as the '06 and prior years. For me that rounded rear end makes it look a bit stodgy.

    Sorry Mitsu owners, I intend no offense. just my humble opinion.
  • richs3richs3 Posts: 20
    Hey Eric, interesting post. Well there goes, there is the answer to my scrumpled eye brow look like - huh? But as you probably saw in my earlier entry, I know what I know, and I don't have to hang my hat of satisfaction upon some 'removed' report from a person who is getting paid to make his or her (typically his for cars) report. Your observation bears the point well. And speaking of slanted, let me say this, I'm a 6' even just like Steven, I usually don't have people riding in the back seat, and consequently I had never gotten in the back of TC before to try it out. My girl friend's nephew, somewhat shorter than myself while in his teens, visited her from out of state, and needed a ride with us one day. I saw him leaning down just a bit to fit his head. I apologized to him, but he liked the car, and said 'that's alright'. Later, I tried to sit in the back seat. Gosh TC might be more comfortable for wider people than the Tib, but not for height, not where it slopes down so fast. And width wise, in the front seat, my right leg felt much more comfortable driving in Tib than in TC. Also, TC is notably lower vertically in front seat than my experience in Tib. As for Mitsubishi, perhaps a bit more classy look, perhaps a 'solid' car, certainly more hp, although more weight also. I think the other person responding summed it up fairly well with the apples analogy, I don't know how sporty the eclipse feels. It might convey a better image, and more power. I can only say that I found the Tiburon to be a fun car, to me. I suggest you drive them both, and pray about it. It's not every day one buys a car, and you personally have to feel satisfied with your decision and financial feel as well.
  • wylldsharkwylldshark Posts: 34

    I had forgot about this particular commercial, but it's one of Toyota's "hip" CG animated ads for the TC and the car is running along the road while all these parts fly onto it, apparently to show its modifiable look. I swear the first time I saw this, which was at the end, I thought it was a Tib commercial. Then to my disappointment I found it was just a Toy ad. :( What struck me as ironic however, is how TC clearly takes a stab at Tiburon by adding the fins on the back and having the shark appearance.

    And anyone that says the TC doesn't resemble a bloated '05-'06 Tib, especially from back, just isn't paying attention. :)
  • richs3richs3 Posts: 20
    Yeah, we've got to watch out for bloating. :-) But as mentioned in post, I do think the newer Eclipse has that a bit, like a chubby back end. If there's one thing I do like about the TC, I'm fairly happy with its looks. Yeah, it is modifiable a lot, but . . . should that really be a "feature", or can't it be more 'complete', if you will, upon initial receipt of? I mean . . should that overly put a smile on my face? I'm thinking, that a little bit more right out the gate would be great also. It is good that they have third party support though, you know what they say, keep that cash flow going, and 'money makes the world go round'. It's just another marketing slant. "Come and get your car for less" and now "come and get the rest of your car for more". Come on, who's fooling who? :-) (Whatever, . . I realize there are some customer benefits with that . . possibly.)

    Regarding the commercial you mentioned, I saw, but only once, I looked up at tv at Yardhouse, and it went by so quickly, I barely caught it, though it looked cool. I don't watch tv much. Again, if one thing Toyota does well, it's marketing. However, I'd be happy if some companies balance out the ratio between the money they invest into 'marketing', and the money they invest into R & D. I suspect Toy has relaxed a bit, but now saving its bigger efforts on Trucks, new SUV's, and Lexus. Lexus for sure, is no doubt a lucrative justification for them to put some effort in. There are a lot of rich people who don't mind overpaying for a product. As for their (expensive) sport coupe, I think people are much better off for much much lower price with a Nizzan Z, etc.
    Regards, Rich
  • wylldsharkwylldshark Posts: 34
    I think people are much better off for much much lower price with a Nizzan Z, etc.

    And let's not forget the RWD, 4.6L V7 Powered Coupe Hyundai's producing next year! ;)
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