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Hyundai Tiburon Vs. Scion tC



  • i own a tC...I recommend you buy the hyundai!
  • richs3richs3 Posts: 20
    Not for me, per se, but for the person you addressed, could there perhaps be articulation as to why you would say so to them? I'm sure that specifics of your experience would be of interest. Elsewise, there is not much chance on anyone really banking on such a brief statement, although it does notably express your preference.
  • jonnyleejonnylee Posts: 17
    The RWD Tiburon will have around 300HP
  • How does that one Wiz song go . . .? "Somewhere over the Rainbow . . "

    Anyway, is it of big event or import, considering (if it ever emerges)it will also probably cost just a little bit lower than anything else having 300hp, like the GT35, etc.

    I could not help but to laugh when seeing all the pics of it on this web site. In every one I saw, they had it semi-veiled with a car jacket on the lower half of it, almost as though they were afraid to expose their up-vamped product. Something that they hesitate about?

    Anyway, it's just a car, and cars are just cars, they are not our salvation. There's a lot of heavy marketing everywhere, but only Jesus can truly bring one lasting joy and satisfaction., and only Jesus really cares about you, for reals. Unlike some cars, He won't steer you wrong. We were like cars in the junk yard, when He found us, crushed and in great disrepair, yet He bought us, at His cost. Now there's a truly compelling event, if. If we ever want to get out, and get really rolling, . . onto His High Way, lest we should find all of our money and hope spent, leaving us at a dead end, without a cell phone, and no Triple A in sight and everyone that marketed and milked us along the way conveniently unavailable for comment. Like the TV show "Lost". Lost in a world of marketing. Lost in a lost world.
  • Hey Richs3, Eric here from Post 36... well we took your advice, including test-drivng both the Tib and the Eclipse. Hands down, the Tib handled SO much better and was a dream to drive in comparison. Significantly tighter turning radius, fewer and smaller blind spots, GREAT handling. No contest.

    To sum up, the Eclipse was beautiful to look at, but the Tib was and is beautiful to look at and to experience. Have had the Tib for 8 months now and we are 100% satisfied. Thanks!
  • Also, with 2008 beyond the last model year. The Tiburon is priced a lot lower. You can get it well below MSRP now. And with the Scion tC, they have that annoying supposedly no-haggle price.
  • fellrainfellrain Posts: 1
    I was just wondering linqpanda, you mentioned that you can get the tiburon well below msrp now.

    What exactly is "well below"? Are we talking about like 2,000 under, more?
  • For an automatic 2008 GS with Premium Package (Sunroof/Cruise Control), the MSRP was $19,895. Invoice $19,045. TMV after Incentives/Rebates $18,779.

    I got an out the door quote from the Internet dealer for $17130.99 in Virginia. It's not great. But this is with no haggling. I am not really an expert when it comes to buying and haggling car prices, but I think with a little haggling, I could get it for a little less.
  • im really glad i ran into this. im looking into buying one and just today it came across to me that insurance would be high. i didnt know for the gs it would be different though so THANK YOU! :)
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