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Acura TL vs Infiniti G35 vs BMW 330xi



  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    Infiniti's strategy is to offer the performance of the M3 for thousands less. I agree with you about the G37, it ought to use gas like a FORD 150 SVt at full throttle.

    Seems like this person invented the jet turbine in the 1920's/1930's. The use of turbos in cars is just another adaption of outside technology being brought into the automotive world.

    But turbochargers in and of themselves have been on engines since the 1920s.
  • factfinderfactfinder Posts: 103
    It's my understanding that the G will pump out well over 300 horses. If you want more, buy a blower to push the power near the 400 mark. Infiniti is walking away from BMW.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    Yeah, Infiniti keeps uping the horsepower ante, but it has to deliver on the driving experience also, and as we know hp isn't everything. I give them a lot of credit, if you want horsepower/$ go for Infiniti.

    The 335i should be very potent and much more balanced then the G37, while the new M3 should run rings around everything. You could add a blower to the M3 and make it into an M5.
  • v_ladv_lad Posts: 27
    I don't understand why people in US want hp - they have speed limits on highway. It will be much more reasonable to value hp in germany...
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    Beyond a certain point it's bragging rights only.
  • factfinderfactfinder Posts: 103
    I don't understand why people in US want hp - they have speed limits on highway. It will be much more reasonable to value hp in germany...

    0-60 times.

    Having enough torque, too, cannot be overstated. The BMW 3 series and TL are running about 50 lbs-ft. of torque behind the G. Torque is really what gives the driving experience.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    But torque is only one component of the driving experience and torque is only one factor in the 0-60. To some people winning stop light races is everything, to other people the buttery smooth handling of a BMW is more important than winning the stop light race.

    The G is also extremly thirsty. With premium approaching 3.50/gallon, thirsty cars hurt one's pocketbook.
  • v_ladv_lad Posts: 27
    just test-driven G35. Impression: definetly better than Lexus in accessory quality and refinement and was very convenient to me. Very nice seats. Sport-tuned suspension is still comfortable. I tested manual and had problems with shifter - clutch setup (like BMWs much more). Not a smooth engine - lot's of vibration.
    You need to try G35 if you are shopping around.

    Can't compare with Acura because I've never driven it.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282

    I think you are wasting your breath on factfinder. I submit two pieces of evidence:

    Item #1, his statement: "Torque is really what gives the driving experience."

    Item #2: He drives a slush box.

    The G35 is a decent car, but I think the above two items of evidence should tell you that his definition of "driving experience" and yours (or mine) is worlds apart. I would submit that anyone that voluntarily drives an automatic "sport" sedan (oxymoron aside) isn't likely to appreciate the finer points of handling, steering, braking, and obviously, the control and enjoyment of a precise short throw manual. To each their own, I guess.
  • goodegggoodegg Posts: 905
    the buttery smooth handling of a BMW is more important than winning the stop light race

    But there are so many more stop lights than there are tight ess turns to weave in and out of. So the buttery thing leaves your hands greasy more often than not.

    And most of us can't fit comfortably in a 3er.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    "And most of us can't fit comfortably in a 3er"

    Most of us don't drive *your* car.

    Of course if winning a stop-light race is your thing, you should go for it.
  • arobsarobs Posts: 1
    I purchased my G35 coupe about 6 months ago and love love love it. I researched against the TL, and the rear wheel of the G made it the obvious choice for me. The TL has far superior interior detailining including a much better NAV.
    I didnt look at the BMW ( didnt want German).

    The only negative is that i am only getting only about 15 miles per gallon...

    good luck

  • factfinderfactfinder Posts: 103
    Agreed. I use to date a gal who had a 2002 3 series and for the life of me, I don't understand what handling advantage these bimmer lovers think the 3 has over the G. It's a little smoother, but that is it. The car sits on the ground.

    The G is an overall stronger package--power, handling & looks. Infiniti melted these 3 attributes together quite well.
  • factfinderfactfinder Posts: 103
    If gas prices are a concern, get a hybrid. People who buy these cars should be able to afford the gas without crying about it.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    "I don't understand what handling advantage these bimmer lovers think the 3 has over the G. It's a little smoother, but that is it. The car sits on the ground."

    "If gas prices are a concern, get a hybrid. People who buy these cars should be able to afford the gas without crying about it."

    I'm glad you like the G and also glad you like paying the price at the pump. In the application of the G I'm not sure where the hp advantage really translates into an advantage of the car overall against the BMW. In the class the G is in hp isn't the end all and it's a thirsty car.

    As you say the BMW is a little smoother and the G has a little more horsepower, but that's it.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,258
    I lease the E90 330xi and test drove the G35 coupe. Not apples to apples but handling in the G was excellent but wind ni\oise was noticable. The difference between the 2 come down to choise of style and driving feel which for me is edged by the Bimmer. In the power distribution, coupe felt faster low end, bimmer more controlled at speed.

    I also test drove a 300 SRT8 which is 425/420 hp/Tq and has the Bembro brakes. My take was this was a fast, well performing car but way less refined than the foreign competition. We won't get into gas mileage because as you say, you should know what you are getting into up front. I think some folks might expect too much from 1 vehicle which are designed for ever more specific modes of getting around.
  • rwardrward Posts: 5
    Hi everyone ,

    this is my first post on this forum. Having leased a 2004 BMW 325I with sports and premium packages with smg transmission and now owning a 2005 G35, loaded with manual transmission for four months, I thought I should compare the two cars for anyone looking to buy one or the other.

    Although both cars are marketed to the same audience, I find them completely different. The G35 is much larger feeling and driving wise except for the drivers position in which there are several ergonomic issues, that make the driver feel a little cramped. Left shoulder, left knee and right knee bump into areas of the cabin that never were an issue in the smaller 325I. Drivers seat controls on right seat bolster are a real issue if you are over six feet tall. See other forums on this subject but you have been warned here. Otherwise your family will thank you for buying the g35 as mine has when it comes to their comfort.

    However, I guess I should start off by saying right away that I miss the BMW a lot. Most important isuue in a sports sedan should be to me anyway how it handles. It handled perfect. No comparison to the G35. I really felt one with the road. The g35 feels heavy in comparison and the way over-active stability control that kicks in a lot when I drive around a corner is a pain.

    G35 engine is much more powerful, duh!, but has a lot of vibration that you feel through the clutch and gear shift knob. Clutch is a little heavy and requires a little to much attention to itself when letting it out to shift smoothly. However, to be fair,the SMG in Bmw was fun for awhile but stay away and stick with BMW's excellent manuals.

    Sports LUXURY sedan. Bmw has less bling appeal on the surface but offers way more. Things missing or not quite right on the g35 are no night light on the shifter, no day running lights, cigarette lighters turn off when car is off, seperate key fob on manual in 2005 anyway, no auto door lock when car starts, lots of squeeks in my car anyway, right center armrest on manual is useless, high beem color is off, low beems are not the small round type so the light pattern is not so hot, auto A.C. is not as sensitive to cabin temperature, key remote is not adjustable as in open all doors or just the drivers. There is more but you get the idea.

    To summarize, the G35 just doesn't feel very sporty or luxurious to me after two years with the 325i, just larger and a little less money. This may sound stupid but it has no soul or anything passionate about it. The BMW was really an ultimate driving machine.

    Hope this helps.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Informative and interesting post.

    So why did you get rid of the 325i? Was it only a 24 month lease?

    Back in 2004, I considered the G35, 330i, and Acura TL, all with 6 speed manuals. I felt the same way you did/do about the G35. The TL is obviously FWD limited, but it actually felt lighter and more responsive, with a much smoother revving engine than the G35. The 330i (w/ performance package) was my top choice for handling and driving dynamics, but was a tough fit as a family sedan compared to my outgoing Maxima. I went for the TL figuring it gave me the best combination of size, sportiness, refinement and luxury. Faortunately part two of my plan to get a sports car was completed last fall with a 911S Cab. And it even holds our wholee family, so the TL is getting a little dusty at times.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Great post, thank you! And welcome!
  • I am looking to purchase an Infiniti G35 2006 or Acura TL
    Can someone tell me if the TL has zenon head lights? Does anyone know the warranty for an Acura TL. I use my car in business and drive ~20,000 miles/yr. Which is better for ride and economy?
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