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Audi A4 2005.5 vs VW Passat 3.6 2006



  • I looked at the 2.0 passat vs. the 2.0 A4, and went with the A4. Liked the passat, but the A4 seemed more solid. Not that the passat seemed poorly constructed, just not as solid as the A4. I didn't need the bigger back seat but if I did I would not have hesitated to get the passat, but that being a non factor liked the A4.
  • I don't understand. I just drove 4500 miles in my 2006 Passat 3.6L with leather seats (Indianapolis to Las Vegas to El Paso to San Antonio to Indianapolis). Very comfortable. I have owned Cadillac, Chrysler 300, and Maxima. None of them would have been any more comfortable for that 4500 mile drive.
  • I have a leased 2004 A6 Quattro which has never let me down in the worst of snowstorms. That said, however, it annoys me that Audi's brochures fail to disclose full technical details on the various Quattro systems that are used by the VW group. I understand that the Quattro used on the A3 is not the same as the Quattro used on the A6 or A8. The Quattro brand has been devalued into meaningless marketing hype.
    Other manufacturers are just as bad. They create opportunities for their marketing executives with short-term vision to abuse the brand and to make it difficult for potential customers to do business with them by making it dificult for the buyer to obtain complete information.

    When I buy a vehicle whose essence is the 4WD system, I need to know more than just what the 4WD system does. I want to know exactly how it is designed so I can assess its reliability and durability. I want to know, for all differentials, without marketing weasel words, exactly what type of differential it is (open, limited slip, or ...) as well as the manufacturer or the supplier brand (e.g. Torsen, Haldex ....)
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Unfortunately, you are in the minority. I would venture to guess that 95% of the people who buy AWD/4WD cars could care less about open, limited slip, etc long as they can drive in moderate snow and feel comfortable on wet surfaces they will be happy!!!

    If you have questions regarding specifics of a drivetrain, ask the dealer service manager.

    Honestly, do you really think the general buying public cares if VW/Audi/Infiniti uses Torsen or Haldex? :confuse:
  • I have to agree with fish8 that 95% of consumers don't care about technical specifications; however, that is because they simply do not know how to interpret them. They therefore leave themselves wide open to intellectual fraud on the part of marketing executives. The danger for companies with inferior products is that savvy technocrats see right through the marketing hype that pervades our advertising messages and warning lights go off in their minds when offers are made without full disclosure. These technocrats make it their mission to educate all of their non-technical friends and act as a lever in free word-of-mouth advertising.

    A brand is a promise of value and it's a shame that Audi has devalued the currency of its Quattro brand by allowing the AWD system on the A3 to be called "Quattro". I note that Jeep uses "QuadraTrack", "QuadraDrive 1" and "QuadraDrive 2" to describe the various systems (with different performance characteristics) used in the Grand Cherokee and Commander. Audi's marketing executives should take a page out of Jeep's book and find a similar way to differentiate between Quattros of different designs.

    I will probably stick with Audi because of consistent excellent personal experience with the A6 Quattro. I will not switch to Honda's SHAWD because of a reliability/durability issue I have with constantly slipping (and wearing out) clutches used to accomodate the slightly different rotational speeds between the front and rear axles in the RDX and MDX. I will not switch to Mercedes' new 4th-generation 4Matic unless there is fuller disclosure about its technical details because I am concerned about the complexity of having an intermediate drive shaft running through the oil sump in the engine.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    "however, that is because they simply do not know how to interpret them"

    Again, It is my opinion that most consumers just DON'T care. they don't WANT to interpret the specs of the drivetrain. As long as it works as advertised and is relaible, they will be happy. But, your thoughts are valid!
  • Has anyone found out about trailer wiring an audi a4 . I built a hitch and went to wire the car and found it had a 1 filament bulb doing mulitple things. HELP Charlie :confuse:
  • alltorquealltorque Posts: 535
    Here in UK, and doubtless Europe, Audi offer two towbars for the A4 & Avant. A "fixed" version and a "removable" one. If you go to this site, then click on A4 then Accessories and scroll down to "Towing" you'll find them. As Audi market these themselves I cannot understand why a USA dealer would say no-go. Point him at the official Audi site and stand back. However, malking your own probably just complicates things and may even kill your warranty if something goes wrong.
  • Hello,
    I have the same problem. Did you find a source for the 2006 A4 wagon hitch wiring?
  • Charlie,
    Did you find a wiring kit? I have the same problem.
    Thanks, Mick
  • Hi Mick , no I havent. I thought you might be able to hook into the wires on the car and use led lights on the trailer. They seem to use one wire and vary the current to get running or brake lights. Very cool system but I cant see a easy solution unless you would run the same on the trailer. I would think if you had a small trailer with just lights at the rear with leds that it could work. Charlie
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