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Volkswagen Golf Electrical/Lighting Questions



  • The power locks are pneumatic. Sometimes the hoses come loose. Often times, they come loose at the door. Try to locate the hoses goining into the doors and see if they have come loose. Otherwise, they might be loose somewhere else and you will need to trace hoses (lines) from the air pump in the rear of the car to the doors.
  • Hi, i have a 1998 VW Golf TDi and to date the only problem i had seems to have been common-engine still ticking over with igition off/dead battery issue (sol:igition relay fault). However just driving today and mid-journey-stereo died as well as power sourced to bluetooth in-car kit. I know its a fault with one of the fuses but not sure which one feeds. I would very much like some help, ideally someone with diagram details so that i can simply replace the faulty fuse myself. Thank you in advance.
  • dhoadleydhoadley Posts: 1
    Hi there, my mk3 Golf GTI has exactly the same problem; it sounds sero=iously metal on metal banging; after several trips to different garages, the problem has been identified as worn suspension bushes on the trailing arms, allowing the banging to occur as the arm bottoms out against the subframe . I have been quoted about £230 to get it fixed, which I am going to finally do in the next couple of weeks....
    Hope this helps - note at least 1 VW dealer failed to identify this problem !!!
  • i have a similar problem like white nova but i have a 97 golf , when i turn the key in the door, none of the door locks open, i hear that same noise for about 30 seconds. do i need something or should i try and trace the problem as well? thanx
  • suds1981suds1981 Posts: 2
    I got this 97 Golf K2 and its been doing well, however recently its given me weird problems. First the coil was bad, got that replaced. Then plunged in $$$ to change all the spark plugs and wiring. Now, just this morning, I push down on the clutch to start the car, and turn on the ignition.... there is rough grrrrr grrrr sound... and it doesnt start right away, after a few attempts it runs just fine.
    The gurrring seems to be coming from area under the clutch.
    Please help. I am a student and really broke. Could it be a timing belt issue, since I already have 137,000 on it?
  • salloumsalloum Posts: 1
    i have a manual 2001 golf, before a while the rpm meter started swinging whenever it;s on neutral, the problem seems to get more serious; now the swinging is huge, that sometimes the engine goes off!! and i have to start it again... does anyone know anything about that??
  • tazzagtazzag Posts: 1
    I have similar problem, have a mk3(95) golf GTI. My Central locking pump is staying on for hours sometimes overnight and draining my battery.
    Do you think its the pump and needs replacing or the vacuum hoses that and loose or split making the pump over work??
  • asavsasavs Posts: 1

    I am currently removing my complete dash cover from my Mark5 Golf.
    To get it from the car, it requires (for ease of removal) to take the indicator & Wiper stalks from the steering column.
    I already have the steering wheel & Airbag out, but I'm not sure from here as to how to remove the airbag clockspring & more importantly..the stalks...

    Any ideas would be appreciated


  • hh0395hh0395 Posts: 1
    hello guys,
    I got a 97 golf gti. Now I met a weird problem. After I driving my car for a while, if I turn the steeing to the left, the horn is beeping, but to the right, nothing happened.

    what should I do?

    thx in advance.

  • matthewj1matthewj1 Posts: 5
    I recently purchased a used 2002 VW Golf TDI from an Audi dealership. The Carfax report looked good, including routine scheduled maintenance throughout the years, and it only has 46,000 miles on it after 4 years. However, after driving it for 140 miles, the emissions light went off. I brought it in and they replaced a plug that was full of carbon. I am not great with cars, so I am not sure what that means. Anyway, I was driving it home last nite and the emissions light again went off. Does anyone have an idea? Thanks.
  • haguehague Posts: 1
    Just noticed your message. I am having the exact same problem with my L-reg 1.9 Golf Estate. The windows seem to come down more often when its been raining a lot. Did you ever find out how to cure the problem? Short of taking the fuse out (which I have also
  • matthewj1matthewj1 Posts: 5
    I looked at my receipt from teh dealership and it turns out that they replaced the EGR valve, which was "full of carbon." Does anyone have any other suggestions as to what to look for next with this on-going emissions light issue? Thanks for your help.
  • jdiaz3jdiaz3 Posts: 2
    Does anybody have the relay location diagrams???
  • mfandrusmfandrus Posts: 1
    I too have a VW Golf 97. The same thing happened to me over a year ago, it's an issue where the contact inside the steering wheel is triggering the horn. I just took out the fuse for the horn and have lived without a horn ever since.

    It has only gotten worse since then. I have lost the functioning of the windsheild wipers(unless it is on high) the ding when the door is open and the key is in the ignition stopped working... and recently my dials on the dashboard have gone crazy and randomly flip out, the clock goes to 12 and the trip odometer goes to zero. My engine temp gauge has a mind of it's own and tells me I have an overheating engine and a cold engine all in the matter of 5 -10 minutes.
    My question is- is this a very expensive electrical issue that is worth fixing or should I just fix it temporarily and sell it? And if anyone knows a good mechanic in Chicago that specializes in electrical issues with VW's please let me know who to go to!
    Thanks much.
  • saj1saj1 Posts: 1

    I have recently passed my car driving test, and I bought a second hand VW GOLF 1.4 S edition 1999 T reg, for the first couple of weeks of driving the car was OK, but know the engine cuts out and the car stalls, it usually happens when I am slowing down, this is now happening a lot, I took the car to 3 VW recommend garages, and they cant seem to find anything wrong with my car, CAN ANYONE HELP ME!!!!!! Because of this problem I have nearly crashed the car twice now PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!
  • rds_fsurds_fsu Posts: 1
    Hey there, I bought a 96 golf off a guy i know a couple months ago and ever since i've been having a problem with it stalling when it gets wet (either rain or car wash). What happens is, The car gets wet and runs fine for about 10 minutes at the max and then starts sputtering, kinda like its choking for air. This happens for about 5 10 minutes maybe and occasionally the rpms will really drop and the little engine shock light will come on (the light thats an engine with a lightning bolt through it) then it will shoot back up to idle but continue to stutter, then eventually it will just stall. Once it stalls it wont start again for about 15 minutes after i un-hook the battery ground and plug it back on and it fires right up again. I've replaced ignition coil, Spark plug wires, and greased up pretty much everything. I also checked the dist. cap and doesnt seem to be wet or arcing inside of it. CANNOT FIGURE OUT WHATS WRONG!! any help at all would be awesome, love the car and i dont want to get rid of it.
  • zack0000zack0000 Posts: 1
    Hey I had the same exact problem...its the regulator...if you look under the hood there is a little black box next to the firewall. I bet the casing is cracked and when it gets wet it arcs causing a short.
  • I own a 01 VW Golf 1.8 T (manual). i never had many problems with it until now. i have roughly 113000 miles on it. after its been sitting for a while say for example...over night.. i go to start it in the morning and obviously rpms are running about 1150-1200. when the rpms start to go down it starts sputtering pretty bad. lately its been getting worse. to the point where i just wants to stall out. i just did a full tuneup on the car as well yesterday thinking maybe sparkplugs needed to be change because it was due for one any ways. i also did my front o2 sensor (my rear o2 was done 2 months ago) now there's another problem as of today. from the exhaust there's a popping sound as if its a tiny backfire when i downshift. when the rpms get low doesn't matter what gear. :mad: iv done everything in my knowlege... does anyone have anything thy can throw at me as to what the think is going on? and what i should do besides bring it to a dealership so i can pay a fortune.
  • chenerchener Posts: 3
    Hi, Had the same problem. The car just cuts out and if you switch off and on agian it's fine for a while.It may be the relay for the engine management system. All the relays are inside the car behind the fuse box and can be changed in a few minutes and is not expensive. It fixed it for me!
  • chenerchener Posts: 3
    When the car gets hot after driving for a while it loses power and won't make revs higher than 3,500 or so. Struggling to do more than 40mph in top gear!. It doesn't seem to misfire but just won't rev. VW can't say whats wrong but have fitted a new coil pack and air flow meter but has not fixed the problem. Can anybody help?
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