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Mazda5 Audio & Entertainment Questions



  • There's a reason that many people are looking for the 2 din adapter that is available in asia! The MP3 changer is available on both the GS and GT model, both listed in the literature and on the build it section of the Mazda site. but I think you're better in the long run to either get and AuxMode for the standard radio or the face plate and an aftermarket mp3 capable stereo! you just loose the wheel controls until you get an adaptor from crutchfield.
  • kcekce Posts: 2
    I just wanted to let people know I also purchase an Audio Link ipod adapter and installed it myself in about 30 min. It works really well and was easy to install. I bought it from for $139.00. You can choose what type of connection you want- I got one with both an ipod connector and a regular headphone outlet connector- so if I ever have something other than an ipod I can connect that too. I followed the steps outlined at this site-
    The instructions are not in english but the pics tell the whole story. I have a 2006 5 touring with nav- it really was no problem and I have no experience installing car stereo stuff. I saved a bunch of money because Al & Ed's a car stereo company in So Cal quoted me at over $300 for a unit and installation. This was definitely a great buy!
  • mazdalvrmazdalvr Posts: 16
    dont they make adapters that allow the ipod to work off of an unused radio frequency? I would think that would be alot easier.
  • THe problem is the FM modulators generally sound awful!! A line level connection is far superior
  • Looking for a way to use my ipod in my 5 without having to use the fm modulator.
    Any suggestions please email me
  • I just ordered my audio link for the ipod and can't wait to install it.

    I hope it works like quoted cause I hate listening to the radio in my 5 when I know I have 20Gb of music I like on my ipod.
    I will post a description of what it is like once it is installed
  • Has anybody installed the DVD Entertainment system themselves? I understand that you need to buy the dvd unit itself plus an installation kit either for with moonroof or without. My question is how easy is it to install? Does it come with everything you need? Are the the necessary cables/wires preinstalled in the vehicle, or do you have to run wiring through the vehicle. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
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  • I'm interested in the time and effort you put into this process. I too want to do this, but from the photos on the step by step, it looks like this would take longer then 30 minutes. Can you clarify where the main Audio line unit goes in installation? Does it fit behind the stereo or do you need to use the glove box to mount?

    Appreciate your input.
  • szetoszeto Posts: 4
    Has anyone purchased a tape cassette player to fit in the empty slot beneath the radio/CD changer unit? The Mazda OEM machine costs over $140 with the face plate costing another $65. Seems quite expensive. What about a third party unit? Would it fit nicely? Any advice? Is the face plate really that beneficial?
  • I just purchased a Mazda 5 Sport with Popular Package that includes the 6 CD radio. Also AT and Homelink mirror. Love the car. The only thing I'd love to have that isn't available as an option for the Sport, is the six speaker system than comes with the Touring model. Has anyone looked in to adding tweeter speakers to the front pillars - Is it feasible?
  • kw_dakw_da Posts: 73

    Check these links for a cheaper price for cassette player. or

  • kcekce Posts: 2
    The main audio line plugs into the back of the stereo, and it is easily fed behind the stereo through an existing opening on the right side of the stereo to the glove box where you plug it into your ipod. It did take me only 30 minutes- the hardest part was getting my navigation joystick unplugged on the panel that fits over the shifter. I have unfortunately have had problems with the system since installation, where it suddenly stops playing while driving. I am probably going to make sure everything is plugged in well, but wanted to let you know I have had some problems. Hope that helps!
  • I'm getting a lot of blinking from all the lights in the center dash (radio, ac controls). The power to the radio itself does not flicker off just the lights. it doesn't seam to be related to hitting bumps while driving, but it seams to only happen if the engine is running.

    Has anyoe seen this? Any ideas?
  • Hey, all!

    Just want to let you know that I got the Mazda Genuine Parts iPod integration kit hooked up in my 5. It cost a total of $249.00. They put the cable in the glove compartment and that is where the iPod stays during use. You don't control the music through the iPod itself. You control everything through the stereo.

    To access the iPod when it's connected, you have to depress the CD button until "EX" (for external) is displayed. Then, it has menu options you go through numbered 1 through 6. Each number represents something different, i.e., 1 representes Artists, 2 represents Albums, etc. You scroll through these numbers until you get the option you want and it will start playing. Then you make your selections using the stereo buttons.

    I have to admit that it's pretty tricky getting used to it and using it. I just got it last night, and still have to play with it more to get used to it. But, it has its advantages. #1 - The iPod is charged while it's playing, so there's no need for an additional charger and it will play continuously; #2 - the fact that you only control it through the stereo makes it a lot safer to use while driving as opposed to looking for your iPod, looking at the screen and making your selections all while driving; #3 - the sound is great and it sounds just like a CD; and #4 - it's a Mazda Genuine Accessory/Part, so it's part of the warranty and won't void any other part of the car's warranty.

    On the down side, though: #1 - it's tricky to use; #2 - it will take you a while to select whatever Artist or Album you want to hear, unless you select it beforehand on the iPod itself and THEN connect it to the system, but even then if you want to select the following track through the steering wheel controls, it will bring you to the FIRST song on your iPod listed alphabetically by Artist; and #3 - they left two gaping holes in the back of my glove compartment, which takes away from its storage capacity and utility since objects can fall through the holes and into the inside of the dashboard area.

    Overall, though, I LOVE my iPod hook up. I'm just sad that the two gaping holes are there inside the glove box and that my glove box door no longer opens in a dampened manner, but just PLOPS open with no resistance whatsoever. I should take it back for that, though I don't know if that can be fixed. What do you think?
  • $249 is really expensive for a "cable" In relation to the price of the iPod, it doesn't make sense. Can the cable be purchased without installation?

    In regards to the two gaping holes and the damped glove box, I would take it back, make them replace the glove box and have them install or make the hole up in the shelf area. They basically broke your glove box. I'm sure the installation was not designed like that.

    i like the idea of controlling it through the car stereo and steering wheel! That's slick. Specially since I only use the shuffle mode in the car. (it give the whole family a random chance of listening to their music). I also love the idea that when you turn off the car, the iPod turns off. Right now I have a DIY solution in my Subaru, but I have to remember to turn off the iPod otherwise I'll burn out the drive prematurely.
  • I've had a couple of audio accessories installed. Dealer is just going to send it out and add their cut on top. Better if you take it to a reputable place and get anything professionally installed. I bought a dual 12" sub box and had the wiring professionally installed at Best Buy for only $60.00. Sounds amazing, considering I only paid $129.00 for the sub box. I also had an aux jack installed for $180.00. Genuine Mazda accessory which has a plug and play connector. I can now get CD quality music with my MP3 player thru the CD EX mode. As for video, you can find a descent quality unit at, and have installed for around $50 (Best Buy). This will still be much cheaper than what the dealer would charge.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I think $294 was for the part ($149) AND installation.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I also had an aux jack installed for $180.00. Genuine Mazda accessory which has a plug and play connector.

    I haven't heard about this one. Do you have any details?
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